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How to Get The 99RDP Discount?

Now that you have found the 99RDP promo code, and learned about 99RDP, it’s time to tell you how to use it to save a decent amount of money. Follow the steps as given.

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99RDP Promo Codes

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99RDP Pricing Plans

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99RDP is one of the leading RDP and other service providers worldwide. They have affordable services that are also efficient and fast. 99RDP provides servers in about 10 countries around the world. All of those promises 1 GB/s internet speed and other top features. You get full admin access to the RDP you buy. They provide several types of RDP servers.

These include Private RDP, Dedicated RDP, Streaming RDP, and Residential RDP. All of these have state-of-the-art features like fast internet and the latest Windows. The quality that stands out amongst all is a private IP address. Unlike other RDP providers, 99RDP gives each user a dedicated IP. They also have SEO-friendly websites at reasonable prices. All of this costs money and who wouldn’t want to save some handsome amounts? Our 99RDP promo code has got you covered for that.

99RDP: An Overview

99RDP has a lot to offer. Go through this overview to find out the exciting services they provide. These are all a business needs to create an online presence. first up, we will have a look at their services, then the features, and lastly, their pricing plans. Don’t forget to grab a 99RDP discount by using our 99RDP promo code.

99RDP Services:

A business needs multiple things to survive online. And 99RDP provides just all of that. Some of their services are listed below:

  • Different types of RDP servers in 10 countries across the globe
  • Web Hosting included in some of their plans
  • SEO-friendly websites at affordable prices
  • Complete websites with domain and hosting included
  • Full support for your online business using the websites they provide

Some of these services cost quite a lot of money. You can get a 99RDP discount as guided above to save money.

99RDP Features:

In terms of features, 99RDP is by far the most advanced in the industry. They have the latest features including high internet speed, multiple server locations, powerful control panel.

  • 10 GB/s– They provide super fast internet with a speed as high as 10 GBPS on their Dedicated RDP.
  • Private IP– Each server gets a unique IP specific to that user. This is one of their stand-out features.
  • Pre-Installed Software– The shared RDP server has pre-installed software. These are usually common apps like browsers etc. Some of these are Chrome, Java, Mega, and others.
  • Advanced Protection– Your website has very high security, including DDoS protection. 99RDP ensures your website is fully protected. They also have SSL support which gives extra security
  • Optimal RDP Servers– Their RDP servers are optimized by cutting-edge GPU and other refined features.
  • Guaranteed Uptime– 99RDP provides guaranteed uptime of 99.99% of your server. This will prevent users from experiencing any downtime on your website
  • Variety– 99RDP offers a variety of options; you can choose between affordable and expensive RDP servers. Similarly, they provide high-end services as well as support medium-sized businesses.
  • Overloading Prevention– They ensure that the server is not overloaded. This is done by managing and organizing the load on each server.
  • 24-hour Money-Back– 99RDP lets you have a glance at what they have to offer. You can test their services within 24 hours, and if you are not satisfied with them, you can get your money back. This is only applicable if you cancel your plan within the first 24 hours of the purchase.
  • Multiple Platform Customer Support– They provide customer support on multiple platforms. These include Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, Support Tickets, and Live Chat. This is to guarantee their customer is satisfied and is served the right services on time.

99RDP Pricing Plans

99RDP offers many services at different prices with different specifications. Their plans have reasonable prices. You can get an RDP with full admin access for as low as $6.99 a month. But you can get an additional 99RDP discount. This can be availed by using our 99RDP promo code.

The prices of their plans vary by the specifications that come with them. You get some awesome deals with high specifications at a reasonably elevated price. They have different pricing plans that are basically differentiated by the price but also affected by the features included. Some of their services along with the prices are listed below.

Cheap Admin RDP:

So this is one of their cheapest plans. You get an RDP with full admin access and many elusive features at $6.99, which is the most affordable. The specifications of the cheapest deal are almost the same as the others. The price difference is due to the country of the RDP. France’s RDP costs you $6.99, and the USA and Canada’s RDP cost you $7.99 each. If that’s a bit high than your range, you can always avail of our 99RDP discount.

Dedicated RDP:

This one again has several deals to offer. 99RDP offers you a lot of deals at different prices and with different specifications that meet the requirements of all sorts of customers. There are two types of dedicated RDP. One is the cheap one and the other is the expensive one, where you get to choose a country of the RDP.

The cheapest dedicated RDP starts at $49.99 a month. You can choose between Europe, the US, and Germany for the expensive RDP. They all start at around $79/mo. All of them have high-end specifications with lots of storage and RAM. Head to their website for more details and purchasing. Also, use our 99RDP promo code while purchasing so you can get some awesome deals.


The price of each type of service they offer is as follows:

  • The cheapest admin simple RDP starts at $6.99 a month
  • The most affordable t dedicated RDP costs $49.99 a month
  • A fully functional website with a domain can be found for $250