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Having their own managed VPS server is a dream for many blogging geeks. You can have yours at 33% off...More

Having their own managed VPS server is a dream for many blogging geeks. You can have yours at 33% off if you use this AlexHost Promo Code. Less

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Recently Expired 33% Off AlexHost Coupon and Promo Code - March 2024

Get AlexHost Basic Hosting For 365 Days (1 Year) For FREE – For REPUBLIC of MOLDOVA Clients Only
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Now you can get the Basic Hosting plan of AlexHost completely for free. This is a limited-time hosting deal starting...More

Now you can get the Basic Hosting plan of AlexHost completely for free. This is a limited-time hosting deal starting from April 1st until April 30th and is applicable for clients & customers of AlexHost from the Republic of Moldova only.

With this AlexHost Basic Plan 1-Year Free Hosting Deal, a user from the Republic of Moldova can get the following benefits with the hosting plan:

  • 5 websites
  • 5 Mysql databases
  • 1GB SSD Disk
  • 5FTP Accounts
  • cPanel Include
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Anti-DDoS Protection


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How To Use The 33% Off AlexHost Promo Codes?

AlexHost Coupons

You will find plenty of great coupons in our coupons store that will save you money on AlextHost. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can use the AlexHost Promo Code.

Step 1: First, choose a relevant AlexHost promo code from above. Then click on the Get Code button as shown in the image.

AlexHost Coupon Codes

Step 2: Now copy the coupon code and go to their website.

AlexHost Code

Step 3: You now have to choose a pricing plan for AlexHost.

AlexHost Pricing Plans

Step 4: Finally, enter the promo code as shown in the image below.

AlexHost Coupon Guide

AlexHost is Europe’s leading web hosting provider. Their price for Shared Hosting can be hardly matched by any other company in the industry. AlexHost charges a mind-blowingly small amount of 10 EUR per year for it. They also have a unique quality that almost no other hosting provider has. AlexHost offers a special VPS server that ignores the DMCA. This means some of the content on your website will avoid the laws that it would have to face elsewhere.

This makes AlexHost an absolute favorite in the hosting market. You get above-average features for below-average prices. And your website has top security like SSL and DDoS protection. They have different ways of customer support including live chat and support tickets. Usually, their services include shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, but they also provide Windows VPS. The normal price of these services can be reduced by using the AlexHost promo code provided above.

AlexHost Hosting Features

A web hosting provider should not be judged only by what amount they charge. Features and performance also come into play in choosing the perfect hosting for you. AlexHost has many features that are not provided for free by other companies. All of their plans have SSD storage included, along with SSL security features. Some of their elusive features are listed below:


You will be surprised to know that AlexHost is one of the very few web hosting companies that have SSD-only hard drives. It means all of the hosting plans they offer have SSD storage included without any additional or hidden fee. Though, they allow you to choose between HDD and SSD in some specific plans.

Unique Data Center

AlexHost has its own data center in Moldova. It’s many meters under the ground in a formerly war territory. This is an interesting feat to add to the already elusive list they have. It also means they can avoid the DMCA which potentially saves you from several legal hurdles. It is also in the center of many countries, meaning fast website loading speed for all.

Payment Options

AlexHost accepts payments in 15 different ways, which is incredible. This includes Paypal, Visa, and other popular payment methods. 9 out of the 15 are cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin and Ethereum. Don’t forget to use our coupon when paying to sneak in an AlexHost discount.

Ideal Customer Support

They have the perfect customer support that is available 24/7 across the globe. Their live chat is there to answer all your queries at any time of the day or night. You can also use the support tickets which, according to them, takes 28 minutes on average for a response.

LightSpeed Performance

AlexHost has a really impressive performance. That’s the reason behind their satisfactory 40,000+ customers around the world. They have an average uptime of 99.99% which is remarkable. This allows your website to be accessible all the time to visitors from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Some of their plans include unlimited bandwidth. This is not very common in the web hosting industry. Usually, the most amount of bandwidth offered without an additional price is 1 TB, but AlexHost offers UNLIMITED bandwidth with some of their plans.

Offshore Hosting

This is an extremely elusive feature that many web hosting companies don’t have. AlexHost will host your website on servers located outside your own country. That means the content on your website is no longer under the law of your country. And it can save your website from automatic removal under the DMCA if there’s any content not allowed in your country. This is not one of the cheapest services they offer. But using our AlexHost promo code can do you a favor.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Who wouldn’t want to use web hosting for 30 days and get to know what it has to offer? And if you do not get what you expected, you can cancel your plan within 30 days of the purchase. All this without having to pay a single penny.

AlexHost Pricing Plans

AlexHost offers different services with separate deals for each service. They have got 3 deals for Shared Hosting, 3 VPS deals, and 12 Dedicated Server deals. These all should be enough to meet anyone’s requirements. And if that’s not enough, they have more than 15 deals of their DMCA-ignored hosting additionally. All these cost money, and we advise you to use our AlexHost promo code so it can be easy for you to get the best plan. Some details of their plans are given below:

Shared Hosting:

This is the most common and affordable plan. You have to pay 10 EUR a year to get shared hosting with permission to hot up to 5 websites, unlimited website visitors, and 1 GB SSD storage. All the same features for 30 EUR a year with an additional 20 websites to host and 5 GB SSD storage. The last deal will let you host unlimited websites and 20 GB SSD storage for 70 EUR per year.

VPS Plans:

The unmanaged VPS costs 4 EUR a month. They have four deals for this service. The cheapest one has 1536 MB of RAM and 10 GB of SSD storage. This increases as the price increases. Managed VPS will cost you 10 EUR a month with 1 GB RAM and the same storage. The increase in price increases storage and RAM. For example, 70 EUR a month will get you 8 GB of RAM and a whopping 150 GB of storage. That’s pretty expensive unless you use our AlexHost promo code. This special promo code is designed to give you a 33% AlexHost discount on their managed VPS plans.

Dedicated Server Plans:

They have several deals for dedicated servers. The main difference is the CPU. You can get a dedicated server with 4 GB RAM, and a Pentium Dual Core CPU for as low as 26.40 EUR a month. A high-end CPU like Ryzen 9 with 64 GB of RAM is going to cost you 199 EUR per month. There are other deals also which you can explore on their website. Don’t forget to use our AlexHost promo code when making any purchase.

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