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A Detailed Overview of AlienVPS

AlienVPS started its journey as a small web hosting provider. Today, it has grown to be one of the most reliable and high-performing hosting providers in the industry. Its hosting is fast, stable, and filled with valuable features and resources.

It offers a wide range of web hosting services. These include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and other server hosting types. All these hosting plans come with flexible pricing plans. Moreover, there are diverse premium features included with each hosting plan.

You can keep reading to learn more about the services and pricing plans offered by AlienVPS.

AlienVPS Services

In this section, I will discuss the different services and products that AlienVPS offers. Without wasting any time, let’s get right into the details.

Shared Hosting

The first and most popular hosting type of AlienVPS is shared hosting. They offer three different pricing plans for this type of hosting. Its specifications include many unlimited resources. These include unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth.

A few features that stick out with the shared hosting include firewall & DDoS protection, faster page loading speeds, and free SSL certificates. With AlienVPS shared hosting, customers have the best security and performance features.

Reseller Hosting

AlienVPS offers three pricing plans for its reseller hosting service. With cPanel and WHM integrated naturally, the reseller hosting makes a good fit for most customers. You can create up to 100 accounts on the reseller hosting services.

From allowing you to manage customer accounts to giving you complete control over the product, the AlienVPS reseller hosting knows how to sell. In short, this hosting provides you with enough resources and features to become a successful reseller of web hosting.

VPS Services

The virtual private servers really step up the hosting game. With unlimited bandwidth for all servers, customers are given complete freedom. The KVM virtual private servers of AlienVPS come with premium SSD and the latest DDR4 memory.

You can choose from six different server configurations. The first comes with 1 vCore CPU, 40 GB NVMe storage, and unmetered bandwidth. These resources should give you an idea of how good the AlienVPS services are.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Gamers pay attention, AlienVPS also offers Minecraft server hosting services. It offers up to 12 different pricing plans with unique resource and feature configurations. The Minecraft servers are described as powerful, stable, and reliable.

What this means is that you can play the game for endless hours without hearing anything about speed or performance issues. The AlienVPS Minecraft hosting servers are quite affordable as well.

Dedicated Servers

The last and most expensive service offered by AlienVPS is the dedicated servers. You get 8 different configuration plans. All of which are equipped with the latest and most powerful specifications in the designated price range.

Apart from the first plan, all have the fast DDR4 memory standard. Their CPUs can be as fast as 4.00 GHZ at a time. And yes, the bandwidth is unmetered here as well. To conclude, AlienVPS dedicated servers are affordable and powerful.

AlienVPS Pricing Plans

You know the services offered by AlienVPS, let’s find out how much each of those costs. Here is an overview of the pricing plans for each hosting service.

Shared Pricing Plans

AlienVPS provides the following pricing plans for its shared hosting:

Shared – 50 GB: The 50 GB plan includes a 50 GB SSD disk and the latest cPanel control panel. It will cost you $2.50 every month.

Shared – 100 GB: This plan comes with a handsome 100 GB of SSD disk space. AlienVPS will charge you $5 a month for this one.

Shared – 250 GB: The last shared hosting plan has a monthly price of $10 only. You get a huge 250 GB of SSD disk space with this plan.

Reseller Pricing Plans

Reseller – 50 GB: For $5 per month, you get 50 GB disk space along with 25 cPanel accounts for the reseller hosting.

Reseller – 100 GB: This plan has a 100 GB SSD disk. You will have to pay $10 monthly to purchase this plan.

Reseller – 250 GB: The monthly price of $15 will get you the 250 GB reseller hosting plan. You guessed it right, it comes with a 250 GB SSD.

VPS Pricing

The following is the pricing system for the AlienVPS virtual private servers.

1 GB RAM: This plan will cost you $2.50 monthly for 40 GB of NVMe storage and a 1 vCore CPU.

2 GB RAM: The 2 GB plan comes with 80 GB of NVMe storage and a single vCore CPU. This plan costs $5 a month.

4 GB RAM: This VPS plan has a monthly price of $10. It comes with 150 GB of disk space and 2 vCore CPUs.

Minecraft Server Pricing

Pricing for the AlienVPS Minecraft server hosting goes as follows:

Dirt Plan: You will pay $2.50 per month for 1 GB of RAM and 8+ slots.

Sand Plan: The Sand Plan costs $5 monthly for 2 GB of RAM and 16+ slots.

Iron Plan: The price of the Iron plan is only $10, and it comes with 4 GB RAM and 40+ slots.

Titan Plan: The largest plan is the Titan plan for $40 a month. It includes 16 GB of RAM.

Dedicated Server Pricing

The following is an overview of some dedicated server pricing plans:

Server 1: This server comes with a 4-core E3-1230v2 CPU, 32 GB RAM, and 500 GB of SSD. Its monthly price is $45 only.

Server 2: You will have to pay $65 a month for a 4-core i7-6700K CPU, 32 GB or RAM, and 500 GB SSD.

Server 5: This server includes a handsome 128 GB RAM, an eight-core i9-9900K CPU, and 1 TB of NVMe storage for $179 monthly.

Server 8: The largest dedicated server comes at $209 a month. The specs include a 10-core Core i9 10900K/Xeon W1290P and 2 TB of NVMMe storage.

Key Features of AlienVPS

Now I will discuss the key features that make AlienVPS such an attractive choice for hosting enthusiasts.

Instant Deployment

AlienVPS ensures instant deployment of the services you purchase. Within hours of making the purchase, you will receive a notification saying your product is ready for deployment. They will also assist you with the rest of the procedures.

Security Features

Security is at the core of AlienVPS. With firewall and DDoS protection, it ensures your web hosting is safe and sound at all times. The latest tech and security measures are used to protect your websites from any attacks.

High Performance

Performance is another core feature of AlienVPS. The use of the latest technology and highest-quality resources ensures your website’s stellar performance. The recorded uptime of AlienVPS hosting is a huge 99.99%. SSD, NVMe, and DDR4 RAM enable your hosting to perform amazingly.

In addition to these features, AlienVPS provides a free SSL certificate, easy WordPress installs, and a free domain for a year. Global data centers ensure server locations worldwide to cater to different regions. In short, you get plenty of useful features at a reasonable price.

Final Words

AlienVPS has become a known figure in the web hosting industry courtesy of its incredible service. From offering a diverse range of services to having the latest technology in place, they know how to be the best. The features and resources you get with the hosting plans make the price justifiable. In simple words, they offer affordable web hosting that is fast and reliable.

To make things even more tempting, I have listed many AlienVPS coupons on this page for a 25% discount or more!