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How to Use the BetterLinks Coupon?

Follow these simple steps to save up to 20% on BetterLinks.

Step 1: Scroll to the top of this page and find the BetterLinks coupon. Click on the Get Code/Deal button.

BetterLinks Coupon Codes

Step 2: Copy the coupon code if you see one. You will see a button leading to the BetterLinks website.

BetterLinks Code

Step 3: The pricing plans will most probably display the discounted prices. You can select your plan

BetterLinks Plans

Step 4:  Proceed to purchase that plan. Before paying, paste the coupon code in the box as shown below.

BetterLinks Coupon Guide

And that is how you can apply various discount codes to get special offers.

BetterLinks is a WordPress platform designed to help you with link management. You can do things like link shortening, link customization, and other management functions related to links, all using this tool only. It also helps you with understanding the performance of your marketing campaigns. This can be done by sharing links on social media, and then tracking them. You can also track email campaigns with BetterLinks.

It is useful to marketers and affiliate program owners. 2 of their 4 pricing plans are for a lifetime. The cheapest plan using the coupon will cost you only $79. This coupon lets you save up to 20% on these plans.

BetterLinks Features

BetterLinks is a highly useful plugin for WordPress sites that enables them to deal with links easily. It also has useful features to customize the length and taxonomy of these links. Some of the main features are listed below.

Link Shortening

This feature allows you to make your links so they look better to your client and have a good impression. You can make your links easy to share and read with this feature.

Customizable Link Branding

With this lucrative feature of BetterLinks, you can create links that include your own domain name and custom alias.

Link Redirects

These allow users to redirect a shortened link to a different webpage or website. This feature plays a key role in short links on a website.

Link Analytics

This provides detailed data on link clicks, such as the number of clicks, the location of the clicks, and the referrers. You can keep track of all this using BetterLinks.

Link Retargeting

BetterLinks also provides a Link Retargeting option, using this you can retarget visitors who have clicked on a link using a Facebook Pixel or Google Adwords Tag.

Link Expiration

You can also set a specific expiration date for a link after which it will no longer redirect to its target URL. This is super helpful for links that are created for premium products and those that have a subscription.

BetterLinks Pricing Plans

BetterLinks offers some incredible services for affiliate marketers and similar business website owners. Their services can be availed through the 4 pricing plans that they offer. Two of these plans are a lifetime deal.

You can use the coupons given above to save incredible amounts of money on these plans. For example, you can get their basic plan at only $79 with these promo codes instead of the regular price of $99. Read below for more information about these pricing plans and the usage of the coupon.

BetterLinks Pricing

You can look at the table below to see a comparison of all the pricing plans offered by BetterLinks.

[easy-pricing-table id=”2861″]

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