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When checking out BudgetVM VPS Server plans, make sure to apply this code to redeem a flat 25% immediate discount....More

When checking out BudgetVM VPS Server plans, make sure to apply this code to redeem a flat 25% immediate discount. In order to avail the discount, you will need to choose a 36-month billing cycle. Less

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Interested to learn more? This blog discusses everything you need to know about BudgetVM, its features, discount codes, and a lot more.

BudgetVM Coupon Codes

Latest Verified BudgetVM Coupon Codes 2024

50% off BudgetVM Dedicated Servers

If your application requires lots of memory or processing power, with optimum IO performance, then what you need is dedicated server hosting. At BudgetVM, dedicated server services start at $84 (for E5-2630L), going up to as much as $499 (for Dual Scalable Gold 6152, with 44/88 cores/threads). To get 50% off all this, simply enter the BudgetVM coupon code “072050”.

$3.5 off per month on BudgetVM Cloud Servers and VPS

Cloud servers and VPS servers allow you to get the power and performance of a dedicated server at a lower cost (and with less hassle). They are ideal when the budget is tight, yet you still need dynamic and reliable hosting.

BudgetVM’s charges for cloud hosting and VPS range from $34 to $84 per month. To get $3.5 off this every month, all you have to do is enter Budget VM coupon code “ARIANNA350”. Then you save $3.5 per month – which can add up to a substantial amount in a year.

50% off on BudgetVM cloud servers

If you have an application that needs hosting with high accessibility and scalability, then the BudgetVM cloud server packages are ideal. Here, your site gets dedicated resources at reasonable pricing. The cost for that service ranges from $34 to $84 per month. And to get 50% off this, you simply use the BudgetVM coupon code “SlickCloud”.

Top BudgetVM Products and Services

The key products and services offered by BudgetVM include:

Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated server hosting offered by BudgetVM is fully customizable. It works on the rapid deployment model: such that you can deploy within minutes after signing up! With BudgetVM dedicated server hosting, you get access to a remarkably fast (4,000 Gbps) network. And to cater to security concerns, there is gold standard DDOS protection.

Cloud Server Hosting

What you stand to get from BudgetVM is enterprise-class cloud server hosting. The service is instantly scalable, to cater to the needs that come with growth. It is backed by the latest hardware from Intel. This service is available in 3 packages: Basic, Advanced, And Premium.

With the basic package, you get 8GB memory, with storage of 125GB and bandwidth of 1Gbps + 5TB. All that for only $34 per month. Turning to the Advanced package, what you get is 16 GB memory and 250 GB storage (SSD). As for bandwidth, that is at 1Gbps+10TB.

The cost for this package is only $54 per month. The Premium package comes with 32GB memory. Storage is at 500 GB (SSD), with bandwidth at 1Gbps+20TB. This premium package costs $84 per month only.

VPS Server Hosting

BudgetVM’s VPS server hosting service is dynamic, powerful, fast deploying, and fully secure. The enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA) you get into upon signing up offers you many great guarantees.

Those include 100% network uptime and 0% packet loss. Also available in the SLA for BudgetVM’s VPS server hosting is a guarantee for 24/7/365 support, with a ticket response time of 15 minutes.

DDOS Protection

DDOS protection is available as an add-on to all hosting services offered by BudgetVM. The way it works is simple – yet also foolproof. At all times, there is a DDOS mitigation system monitoring all traffic.

In case traffic that is suspected to be malicious is detected, it is instantly diverted to a filtering appliance. Meanwhile, the traffic that is not malicious is allowed to go through unhindered, ensuring a hitch-free experience for the end users of the services.

With all BudgetVM hosting services comes 1800 Gbps DDOS protection: which is more than capable of withstanding even the biggest attempted DDOS attacks.

Best BudgetVM Alternatives


Hostgator has most of the services offered by BudgetVM. Those include dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting. Where Hostgator seems to beat BudgetVM is in pricing. For instance, the cheapest VPS hosting package at BudgetVM (which they refer to as the ‘Basic’ package) starts at $34 per month.

Yet at Hostgator, the cheapest VPS hosting package (known as ‘Snappy2000’ starts at $23.95 per month). We also see that Hostgator has more site management resources – including a website builder. And registering domains at Hostgator seems to be a somewhat more straightforward affair as well.


Just like BudgetVM, Dreamhost also offers dedicated servers, cloud servers, and VPS hosting. Granted, dedicated server hosting at Dreamhost starts at a higher price ($140 per month), compared to $84 for BudgetVM.

However, for other services like cloud servers and VPS hosting, Dreamhost seems to offer better rates. Cloud servers at Dreamhost start at $4.5 per month only: yet at BudgetVM, the same starts at $34. As for VPS hosting, at Dreamhost, it starts at $10 per month. Yet at BudgetVM the same starts at $34 per month.

A2 Hosting

Pretty much all the services offered by BudgetVM are also available at A2 Hosting. While A2 hosting pricing rates may be somewhat higher than those for BudgetVM, its service packages seem to be simpler and easier to make sense of.

And whether you opt for dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or anything else along that line, at A2 hosting, you get to choose between a ‘managed’ and an ‘unmanaged’ option.

Final Words

The performance of a website or web-based application depends to a great extent on how well it is hosted. When choosing a hosting service, considerations like network speed, network uptime guarantee, security, and cost are vital.

And as we have seen, BudgetVM is quite well-rated concerning most of these aspects. So why continue struggling with the decision of where to host your website or web-based application any longer?

You can simply get started with BudgetVM hosting today: and, while at it, also get to save some money using any of the BudgetVM coupon codes above.

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