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Save $39 Off Annual VPN Plan
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The VPN is a no-brainer deal if you look at its cheap price. You can save an additional $39...More

The VPN is a no-brainer deal if you look at its cheap price. You can save an additional $39 off their annual VPN plan by using this coupon code. Less

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How to Use the Coupons? allows you to choose between 2 types of proxy plans. You can either buy their private proxies or settle for a shared proxy plan. No matter which type of plan you want to buy, you must look at the prices beforehand. Our exclusive coupons are here to get you these proxies for cheaper. Follow the simple steps provided below to save money when buying a plan.

Step 1: First, you need to look at the discount codes available above and select the one that suits your purchase requirements. Next, click on the Get Deal/Coupon button to reveal the coupon code or the discount link. Coupons

Step 2: Once you complete step 1, a new tab will open where you will see either a coupon code or a link to the discounted plans. If there’s a code, just copy it and head to their website. Otherwise, you can hit the Go to Store button as shown below to land on their discounted pricing plans. Discount Deal

Step 3: Now you will see the discounted pricing plans. Take a good look at all the options you have and then choose the one that meets your requirements. Once you select a plan, click on the Buy button right below it. Pricing Plans

Step 4: The last step is to proceed with the purchase and sign up on the website. If you copied a code from earlier, you can apply it in the coupon box during checkout to redeem it for your special discount.

As you finish all these steps, you will have saved yourself a ton of money on proxies from one of the most respectable companies in the market.

Top Coupon Codes has some of the most stable and fast proxies in the market. Not only do they give you their best servers, but their customer support team is always there to help you resolve any issues you are facing. If for some reason a proxy is down, you can ask them for a replacement and they will happily give you one in a flash. is also really cheap, we are talking $1 a month here. Here, we have brought you a few coupon codes that will save you a lot of money on your favorite plans.

The different coupons will save you anywhere between 10% to 50% on some of their pricing plans. Let us dive deeper into the pricing plans that you can save money on using the above discount offers.

Sitewide 10% Off Coupon

A handy 10% discount can be availed using the latest promo code provided on top of this page. If you are in a hurry, just use the code “ProxyCoupons” during checkout to get yourself a handy 10% discount on the plans. Follow our coupon guide available just below the discount codes on this page to effectively redeem the coupon and save some money.

Save $39 Off Annual VPN Package

The VPN plans already provide you with a good deal considering their features like instant setup and unlimited bandwidth. With our coupon, you can save up to $39 on the annual package of the VPN plans.

Semi-dedicated Proxies At $1 ONLY!

This is simple, you use our exclusive link to get to the website. There, you will see the discounted pricing plans and you can grab one of these plans for only $1. Our coupon makes it possible for you to get proxies from an industry-leading provider at only $1 a month. Dedicated Proxies At $2/Month ONLY!

Dedicated proxies work well if you are looking for steady performance. The Dedicated proxies plan can be availed at only $2 a month. Here’s how to do it, use our exclusive link to visit the website and then look for the dedicated proxies plan. You will see the plan being displayed at only $2. Just grab the plan and add it to your cart for checkout.

More About A Detailed Overview is simply a proxy-providing company established back in 2011. Since then, it has served over 100,000 people from around the world. The experience that has gained over the past 12 years helps it provide the best services to its customers. Along with fast and stable proxies, they provide VPN services as well. is well known for its steady performance and quick-to-respond customer support.

When it comes to offering features and flexibility, is the leader of the pack in the proxy market. For instance, you get UNLIMITED bandwidth with each of their proxy plans, HTTP and SOCKS options, and multiple server locations across the globe. Overall, is a popular company that is committed to offering fast and efficient proxy servers, that too at a competitive and cheap price. Proxy and VPN Pricing Plans gives you a simple option to choose between shared (semi-dedicated) and private proxies. Along with this, they have a third plan for TicketMaster proxies. If you use one of our coupons, the prices of their plans are reduced to as low as $1 a month. Let us look at each of the three proxy plans offered by

Semi-dedicated Proxies – $1 a Month

These proxies are called semi-dedicated because of their shared yet limited nature. To clarify, these processes are not private but can only be shared with 3 users at most. This plan includes all the standard features and other resources. You have to pay $1 a month to get this plan.

Dedicated Proxies – $2 a Month

The dedicated proxies plan is designed for people who want an even faster performance and stability that is unmatched by any other type of server. doesn’t hold back when it comes to ensuring that their servers are stable and secure. The plans include Unlimited Bandwidth and you only have to pay $2 a month for the whole plan.

TicketMaster Proxies – $3 a Month

If it weren’t for the coupons and discount codes, the prices of all these plans might have been much higher. The TicketMaster proxies have the option to let you choose server locations in the US and Europe. This plan has pretty much all the features of the other two proxy plans. You just get a wider range of customization options for the extra dollar that you pay. The price of this plan is only $3 a month using the coupon. VPN Plans also happens to sell VPN services along with their traditional proxy services. You can expect a good performance from their VPNs based on the record set by their proxies. Keep reading to know more about their 3 VPN pricing plans.

Monthly – $9: The Monthly VPN plan will cost you a total of $9 per month. It has unlimited bandwidth, OpenVPN, and an instant setup option.

Semi-Annually – $39: You can use this VPN on up to 3 devices at the same time and pay only $39 every six months. The rest of the features are similar to the first plan.

Annually – $69: The annual plan allows you to use 5 devices but it costs you $69 per year. This is the best deal if you are looking to use the VPN in the long term. Coupon FAQs

As their services are focused on a specific type of audience, a lot of people ask questions regarding their discounts and coupons. Here is our effort to answer some of the most common questions related to these discount offers.

Do These Discounts Expire?

Not any soon. These discount offers will last quite a long time but no one is certain about the date of their expiration. You can try using them as soon as possible to ensure your chances of getting the relevant discounts.

Where to Find New  Discount Offers?

When it comes to the latest discount offers, GrabHosts is a reliable website to look at. We regularly update our coupons store to provide you with the best deals and discounts on