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How to Use The ClickCease Coupon Code?

ClickCease offers you three pricing plans that you can customize in many ways. The aim is to enable any type of customer to find the right pricing option. To achieve this, ClickCease has priced its plans quite moderately. The above coupon codes can reduce their prices by an additional 20%. Follow the simple steps given below to redeem it for a discount:

Step 1: First, select the right coupon code from the list we provided above. Then click on the Get Deal/Code button to reveal the discount code or link inside the coupon.

ClickCease Coupons

Step 2: Now that you have a coupon code and a link, copy the code to your clipboard. If there is no code, you will see a discount link that says “Go to Store“. Click on that button.

ClickCease Deal

Step 3: Now you will land on their website. There, look at the different pricing options and select one that suits your requirements. Don’t forget to toggle the “Yearly”  option to get the 20% discount on your plan.

ClickCease Pricing Plans

Step 4: In this step, you will proceed to the purchase of your selected pricing plan. And also complete the signup process on the website. If you have a code from earlier, apply it during checkout to save additional money on your purchase.

ClickCease Signup

Following these simple steps will get you a 20% discount off your favorite ClickCease pricing plan!

Top ClickCease Coupon Codes in 2024

ClickCease is here to protect your advertising campaign from spam and fraudulent bots. They monitor the traffic coming to your website using advanced software and block everything that seems spam or automated. This helps your ads perform well and almost all of the clicks will be done by real humans meaning the conversion rate will be higher. A 20% discount on this tool might seal the deal for many marketing experts.

Here, we have brought you some of the most popular coupons for ClickCease. You can use any of these promos to save anywhere between 10 to 20 percent on their plans. Let’s get right into the list of the top coupon codes in 2024:

Flat 20% Off Annual Pricing Plans

This discount is pretty simple and it can be availed of quite easily. You simply need to click on any coupon code above and then visit their website using our exclusive link. Once that is done, navigate to the pricing page. Now, you have to toggle on the Yearly option so they apply the discount to the pricing plans. Lastly, choose a pricing plan and proceed to purchase it with a sweet 20% ClickCease discount on it.

$264 Off Advanced Plan

ClickCease’s Advanced plan is designed for larger marketing agencies and companies that want to protect ads on a large scale. By using our link to visit the ClickCease website and then selecting annual payment, you can save yourself up to $264 off a single purchase. This discount is not expiring any soon so hurry up and purchase the ClickCease Advanced with a $264 discount every year.

7-Day Free Trial

ClickCease is quite a feature-rich tool and making a long-term decision can be hard at times. Worry not as we bring you a special ClickCease coupon code that gives you access to its software for a full week. Go to the ClickCease website using our special coupon link from above and you can see the option of a free trial when looking at the pricing plans. You can grab it on your favorite pricing plan.

More About ClickCease: An Overview

ClickCease offers you protection from harmful traffic that will either steal your data or waste your well-spent advertising money. You see, a lot of the time, bots will try to waste your clicks by spamming your ads with automated clicks in tens of thousands. This greatly affects the performance of the ads you run while also wasting your efforts and money by using up clicks before any real person gets your ad. To summarise, ClickCease filters the incoming traffic on your website and only allows real users to access it so your ad money is well spent.

Talking about their features, ClickCease offers protection for Google Ads and Facebook Ads along with cross-domain blocking. Moreover, you get bot protection for WordPress sites, competitor ad analysis, and a ClickCease AI detection algorithm. ClickCease certainly has everything that you would require to get your expected outcome from the ads you run. From improving your advertising strategies to bot protection, all of the ClickCease features lead to success for your ad campaign.

ClickCease Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing plans, ClickCease gives you a wide range of options to choose from. For instance, they let you pay both monthly and yearly while giving you 3 different pricing plans at the same time. Let’s discuss the ClickCease pricing plans in more detail.

ClickCease Standard Plan – $55/mo

The basic ClickCease plan is called Standard and it includes basic features that will help your ads be more effective. With this plan, you can cover up to 5k protected visits every month. The other features of this plan include protection for either Facebook Ads or Google Ads (You can choose only one), bot protection for website, up to 3 competitor analyses, and the ClickCease AI detection algorithm.

ClickCease Pro Plan – $71/mo

The Pro plan of ClickCease is designed for more experienced professionals who need a little extra resources. In addition to the features included in the previous plan, you get cross-domain blocking, account overview, and session recording. This plan lets you protect up to 10k visits for 5 websites, you can analyze up to 10 competitors’ ads. While protection is allowed for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, unlike the previous plan in which you could choose only one. The best thing about this plan is that you can customize the number of protected visits and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

ClickCease Advanced Plan – $87/mo

Quite similar to the previous plan in terms of protected visits, the Advanced plan includes many new features as well. These include Whitelable reports, Benchmark analysis, Multiple domain setup, and Account management. The number of protected visits starts from 10K and goes beyond 100K. Traffic for a total of 30 websites can be filtered for bots while you can analyze the advertising campaigns of up to 100 competitors.

The table below presents a summary of the ClickCease pricing plans.

Name Price Key Features
Standard Plan $55/mo Up to 5k protected visits, choose one between Facebook Ads or Google Ads, bot protection for 1 website, up to 3 competitor analyses, ClickCease AI detection algorithm.
Pro Plan Starts at $71/mo Up to 10k protected visits for 5 websites, analyze up to 10 competitors’ ads, cross-domain blocking, account overview, session recording, protection for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, customizable protected visits, and pricing.
Advanced Plan Starts at $87/mo Starts from 10k protected visits,  Whitelabel reports, Benchmark analysis, Multiple domain setup, Account management, filter traffic for up to 30 websites against bots, and analysis of 100 competitor advertising campaigns.

How Does ClickCease Work?

We have already discussed the way that ClickCease works and blocks traffic that might affect your website and ad campaigns. Here, we will take a look at what kind of traffic ClickCease blocks to help you better understand the way ClickCease works:

Bot Clicks: About 40% of internet traffic consists of non-human entities known as bots. These bots lack any intention of converting into actual customers and can significantly deplete your ad budget. ClickCrease filters your website’s traffic and blocks any bots from wasting your ad clicks.

Competitor Clicks: Sometimes, when your competition is determined to beat you, they might engage in the unethical practice of clicking on your ads. Which leads to draining your ad budget and potentially surpassing you in Google’s search rankings. Such clicks are blocked by ClickCease to prevent your competitor from unethically surpassing you in online growth.

Fake Clicks: Fake clicks are one of the biggest issues faced by marketing gurus around the world. It never leads to real conversions and only results in hindering the organic growth of your website. Blocking fake clicks improves the quality of your traffic, and ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Click Farms: Click farms are organized fraud operations that only aim to waste your website’s clicks. These operations are carried out on a very large scale which might permanently degrade your website’s traffic quality. ClickCease looks out for such activities and uses its software to protect your website.

Brand Haters: Some people hate a brand so much that they would do anything to see it fail. These ‘Brand Haters’ might be determined to waste your ad budget by wasting your website’s clicks or bringing unsafe traffic. If you have ClickCease protecting your website, there is no need to worry about such people.

ClickCease Discount FAQs

Here are our answers to some popular questions regarding the above discount offers:

What is The ClickCease Coupon Code?

It’s a code word that you can apply during checkout for a discount.

Does The Discount Offer Expire?

Not anytime soon. This discount will be here till the end of the year and we will instantly replace it with a new one if it stops working.

Where to Find The Latest ClickCease Deals And Offers?

GrabHosts is a reliable website where we update our coupons store to bring you the latest and greatest discounts!