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Creaitor AI is a handy content-creating tool with several options. This limited-time coupon gives you a trial of 2 months...More

Creaitor AI is a handy content-creating tool with several options. This limited-time coupon gives you a trial of 2 months for free. Less

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How to Apply the Creaitor AI Coupon?

Follow these simple steps to apply the Creaitor AI coupon for a 2-month free trial.

Firstly, choose the right coupon code above. Then click on the Get Deal button.

Creaitor AI Coupons

This will show you a dialogue box. Go to Creaitor AI’s website from there.

Creaitor AI Deal

The prices showing will also have the Creaitor AI discount applied. Choose one of those plans of your choice.

Creaitor AI Plans

Now you can purchase your plan by signing up and you will get the first 2 months for free automatically. You can also paste a coupon if you have one in the box shown below.

Creaitor AI Sign Up

And this is how easy it is to get 2 months of Creaitor AI for free.

Creaitor AI Review

Creaitor AI is a content-generating tool that uses AI to automatically write and create all the content for your website. You can create blog intros, and blog bodies, and paraphrase any content using Creaitor AI. They offer headlines, stories, and much more. You can use Creaitor AI to write and rewrite content in several languages.

They offer 3 pricing plans with monthly and yearly renewal options. The Basic plan costs only $9 per month. While their most expensive plan has a monthly price of $59. Don’t forget to use the Creaitor AI coupon to get 2 months for free.

Creaitor AI Pricing

Creaitor AI Features

Creaitor AI is lush with useful features for all types of website owners and even marketers. Their main content-creating features are paraphrasing, improving the quality of the content, and rewriting your content. They will also help you with creating your Facebook and Google Ads.

Creaitor AI Features


This is the pioneering feature of Creaitor AI and is one of the most used. All you have to do for this to work is paste your text in the respective box. And they will start doing their job. Within a matter of seconds, you will get the paraphrased copy of your content.

Product Description

If you are in the affiliation industry or deal with lots of products. This is the perfect feature for you. They give you neat and insightful product descriptions from the very limited information that you have to provide.

Social Media Ads

Running Facebook and Instagram Ads can be quite fruitful for your business. Creaitot AI helps you create Facebook Ads and their content. They can also help you with Google Ads and YouTube Feed. You can also create useful headlines with Creaitor AI.

Blog Content

You can save a lot of time by generating blog content with Creaitor AI. The blog intro created by them is very easy to rank. Their blog content has plenty of details and synonyms. Another feature of this is that it lets you write content to use in the blog body.