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FrogeHost: An In-depth Review

FrogeHost is a small-scale web hosting provider that offers a variety of hosting plans. It covers almost anything from simple shared hosting to advanced virtual private servers. The key feature of its web hosting is fast NVMe SSD disks. Along with that, its customer support has been praised widely.

Its other features include automated backups, secure servers, and a solid 100% uptime guarantee. It provides a diverse range of flexible pricing plans for its hosting services. The cheapest hosting is its shared hosting. These plans start from only $2.26 a month. And also, you get a 30% discount with our coupon.

Keep reading to learn more about its services and pricing.

FrogeHost Services and Pricing

In this section, I will look at the main hosting services and their pricing plans offered by FrogeHost.

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans are common among beginners and small websites. These plans have enough resources to sustain a small website, but there is always the option to scale up. Here are the shared hosting plans of FrogeHost.

Web – 15G: The first plan is called Web – 15G and it comes with 15 GB of SSD storage. It includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, and unlimited domains. The monthly price for this plan is $2.26 only.

Web – 45G: This plan comes with 45 GB of SSD storage, CloudLinux selector, and free SSL certificates. The rest of the features are also similar to the previous plan. They will charge you $5.19 a month for this plan.

Web Unlimited: You have to pay $7.08 per month to purchase the Unlimited shared hosting plan. Its features are the same as the rest of the FrogeHost shared hosting plans. However, it provides unlimited storage, unlike the other two plans.

Reseller Hosting

Next up is reseller hosting. FrogeHost offers three reseller hosting plans. All of these plans have a 20% discount when you use our exclusive coupon code. Let’s look at the details of each of these reseller hosting pricing plans here.

50G: The 50G plan will give you up to 50 GB of high-quality SSD storage. It also includes the DirectAdmin control panel. You are allowed unlimited user accounts and emails. The price for this plan is only $11.30 a month.

100G: The second plan comes with 100 GB of SSD storage and a bunch of other features. It gives you unlimited user accounts along with unlimited bandwidth, emails, and databases. The monthly price for this plan is $22.60.

200G: The last reseller hosting plan will cost you $45.20 a month. They provide you 100 GB of storage with it. You also get the same features as the other reseller hosting plans.

Storage Hosting

You can also purchase various types of storage hosting plans from FrogeHost. They offer four storage pricing plans. The smallest plan will cost you $2.40 a month for 250 GB of cloud storage. Let me tell you more details about these plans.

250 GB: The first plan comes with sufficient cloud storage of 250 GB. If you are looking to make backups of personal work, then this is the plan to choose. Its monthly price is only $2.40.

1 TB: The next plan will give you a vast amount of 1 TB in cloud storage. You can use this for multiple purposes including business. This plan has 2 TB bandwidth and a maximum of 3 domains. You will pay $5.60 a month for this plan.

2 TB: Along with the DirectAdmin control panel, you will get up to 2 TB storage with this plan. It allows up to 5 domains and unlimited subdomains. The bandwidth limit for this plan is 5 TB. The 2 TB plan costs $8 per month.

5 TB: The largest storage hosting plan will cost you $14.40 a month. It includes 5 domains, 10 TB bandwidth, and unlimited subdomains. This plan is designed to meet the requirements of most business professionals and resellers.

 VPS Services

You can purchase many different VPS types from FrogeHost. These include managed and unmanaged VPS along with high-frequency VPS plans. Let me provide a general overview of all of these VPS plans.

Managed VPS: You can select from three pricing plans. The smallest plan will cost you $45.60 a month. This plan comes with 3 CPU cores, 70 GB storage, 2 GB RAM, and up to 2 TB bandwidth. The next two managed VPS plans will cost you $68 and $96 respectively. These two plans have a proportionally higher amount of resources.

Unmanaged VPS: FrogeHost provides 5 different unmanaged VPS hosting plans. The smallest of these plans will cost you $4.80 a month. Its specifications include 35GB NVMe SSD Storage, 1 CPU Core, 1GB RAM, 1TB Bandwidth, and 1 IPv4 /96 IPv6. The largest plan will cost you a monthly price of $76.80.

High-Frequency VPS: Similar to unmanaged VPS, FrogeHost sells 5 different high-frequency VPS plans. The smallest plan is named 1G and it will cost you $6 per month. The next two plans have a monthly price of $12 and $24 respectively. As per the last two high-frequency plans, you will have to pay $48 and $96 respectively.

FrogeHost Key Features

When it comes to offering the latest features, FrogeHost doesn’t hold back at all. You can see the latest SSD disks included with all their hosting services. Additionally, they employ the latest technology and equipment to ensure awesome server performance.

Here is a general overview of its features:

Fast NVMe SSD Storage

FrogeHost ensures high-speed performance by utilizing enterprise-grade NVMe solid-state drives for storage. The absence of traditional mechanical hard drives ensures quick read and write speeds. Hence, contributing to an overall fast and responsive hosting experience for users.

100% Uptime Guarantee

You get a 100% uptime guarantee with FrogeHost. In the event of any downtime caused by a fault in their service, the company offers account credits to compensate users for the inconvenience, but that is rare. Their team takes every possible measure to ensure the highest uptime.

Secure Servers

Security is a top priority for FrogeHost. They implement anti-malware measures, account isolation, and proactive security monitoring at the server level. This comprehensive approach aims to protect user data and ensure the integrity of the hosting environment.

Automated Backups

FrogeHost provides peace of mind through automated nightly backups. By generating full account backups regularly and storing them offsite, they prioritize data security and recovery. These backups enhance performance and ensure optimal restoration capabilities in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Free Site Migrations

Anyone can switch to FrogeHost thanks to their free site migration policy. Whether migrating from another DirectAdmin or cPanel host, you can benefit from the hassle-free transfer of their entire accounts at no extra charge. This service aims to streamline the onboarding process and minimize downtime during the transition.

Reliability and Affordability

FrogeHost positions itself as a well-funded small business with a stable foundation and optimized operational costs. Despite being a small corporation, they emphasize providing reliable hosting services at affordable rates. Additionally, they offer regular discount offers to make sure more people can afford their services.

Final Thoughts

In this in-depth review of FrogeHost, I discussed the hosting provider’s services and pricing. Toward the end, I provided a general overview of its key features. The diverse hosting services can serve a large part of internet users. Their welcoming features and valuable resources make them an attractive choice among website owners. Affordability is also a key factor in attracting people to buy their services.

In short, anyone who wants to buy a reliable hosting service can check our FrogeHost. You can use the coupon codes available on this page for exclusive discount offers on FrogeHost!