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How To Use GoViralHost Promo Code?

GoViralHost Offers

Being a reputed and professional hosting company GOViralHost provides various offers and discounts through various Promo Codes. They have an entire dedicated ‘offer’ section on their website, which you can check to find out the latest GOViralHost Promo Code they are providing. Currently, they are providing a 20% discount on all their services.

GoViralHost Promo Codes

To get the promo code, you need to visit the coupons above and choose the right one. Follow these steps on how to redeem any of these codes for special discounts:

Promo CodeDiscountProduct
Y6T1MVOSQ720% OffWordPress Hosting PRO Plan
Y6T1MVWSQ720% OffGoViralHost Power Starter Plan
Y6T5MVOSQ720% OffGoViralHost Plus Hosting Plan
G6T1MVWSQ620% OffGoViralHost Advanced Hosting Plan
X6T1MVWSQ5$16.63 OffGoViralHost Reseller Hosting Plus Plan

Once you know your coupon, click on the Get Code/Deal button.

GoViralHost Coupons

This will open a new window and take you to their website. Copy the code from the new window as shown below.

Copy GoViralHost Coupon

On their website, choose your appropriate plan. And then customize that plan according to your preferred renewal duration (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)

GoViralHost Plans

Apply the promo code at the checkout page. Checkout after giving proper billing details.

GoViralHost Discount Applied

And Congrats, this is how easy it is to save money on GoViralHost!

Now you know how to use the coupon let me tell you more about the hosting company. Stick till the end of this article to learn my insights and opininions about GoViralHost.


What is GoViralHost Hosting?

GoViralHost is an Indian company that offers web hosting services. It joined the industry back in 2016. They quickly reached global markets, and are currently providing web hosting solutions to over 1.23 million users in 178 different countries.

They provide excellent quality web hosting services and servers at very affordable prices. The starting goal of the company was to let their customers create websites for the smallest amount possible, with no limits on features and no ads. To help their customer achieve their goals, they also provide fantastic 24/7 tech support with WhatsApp chat, direct calling, and email services.

GoViralHost Hosting Services

GOViralHost offers many web hosting services as well as server solutions to help companies make their website accessible on the internet. The popular features like the cPanel control panel and 1-click installations make its plans quite attractive for all website owners. Additionally, it uses premium hardware such as SSD storage and offers free SSL certificates. GoViralHost also has a fantastic team of customer support that is available 24/7. Here’s what its web hosting solutions include:

  • Affordable Basic web hosting
  • Powerful and innovate Business Webhosting
  • Resourceful Reseller hosting
  • Friendly Power Hosting
  • Advanced WordPress Hosting for the pros

Similarly, they provide many server solutions to help you host your website on lightning-fast servers. Their servers are fully managed to have stellar performance. You get multiple OS options, many locations to choose from, and other features with its servers. And on top of that, it gives you free website backups and a free site builder.  Not to forget that you also get full root access to your server. Here’s a list of the servers that GoViralHost allows you to choose from:

  • Linux VPS for tech-savvy people
  • Windows VPS for the classic folks
  • Linux dedicated servers for advanced users
  • Windows dedicated servers for those wanting stellar performance

What Makes GoViralHost Standout?

With customer satisfaction in mind, GoViralHost ensures all of its clients get the best out of their services. This is why it is one fastest-growing companies in the web hosting industry. The following are the features that make GoViralHost a favorite of all the tech gurus:

  • Full Root access to all your servers
  • Best tools for web development for non-techies
  • Practically no downtime
  • Free drag-and-drop site builder
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Fantastic 24/7 user support
Total Deals5
Coupon Codes5
Maximum Discount20% OFF
Minimum Discount20% OFF

GoViralHosting Hosting Packages & Plans

GOViralHost offers various packages tailored to the specific needs of the customer. They provide multiple tiers of plans for their different services. There are mainly three types of services web hosting services, VPS services, and Dedicated server services. Under these main classifications, there are different types of services for diverse consumer markets. Let’s take a look at what the base plans for all these services look like:

Web Hosting Services

The company provides top-quality web hosting services at very affordable rates. Using the coupons given above, you can get these packages at even lower prices. They offer our type of web hosting services, basic web hosting, business web hosting, WordPress web hosting, power Webhosting, and Reseller web hosting services. The starting packages in all those categories look like this:

1. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting starts with the ‘starter’ pack at a price of ₹45.00 per month. This plan includes five website management, 25GB SSD space, Unlimited EmailEmail accounts, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited subdomain, free cPanel, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and all the other features associated with their web hosting plans.

2. Basic Web Hosting

The web hosting ‘starter’ pack starts at ₹20.00 per month. You can unlock many offers on this plan by applying special promo codes on it. This pack includes one website management, 2GB SSD space, 5 EmailEmail accounts, 2TB Bandwidth, 5 MySQL databases, Free cPanel, 5 Subdomains, a free SSL certificate, and all the other web hosting features.

3. Business Web Hosting

The Business web hosting ‘starter’ pack starts at ₹99.00 per month. This plan has one website management, 100 GB SSD space, a free SSL certificate, unlimited EmailEmail accounts, free cPanel, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited Subdomains, and all the other web hosting features.

4. Power Web Hosting

The starting package for power web hosting ‘starter’ pack starts at ₹149.00 per month. This pack includes one website management, 200 GB SSD space, free cPanel, free SSL certificate, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited EmailEmail accounts, unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited Subdomains, and all the other web hosting features.

5. Reseller Hosting

GoViral Host charges  ₹299.00 per month for the smallest Reseller hosting plan. This amount gets you 30 GB storage and 50 cPanel accounts. Some additional features that you get include a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and a Website builder. And to add to the list, you get free website backups with all the plans. There are advanced security and privacy features provided with the reseller hosting, making it a fantastic choice for someone taking security seriously.

Server Hosting Services

GoViralHost mainly offers two types of servers, VPS and dedicated servers. It provides Windows and Linux with these plans to fit the needs of tech-savvy website owners. These give you full access along with other attractive features. Let’s look at the starting price of the servers:

1. Linux VPS Hosting

The starter plan for the Linux VPS service is called VPS-C2, and it starts at ₹749.00 per month. This pack includes 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 300 GB SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, and all the other features they offer with their servers.

2. Windows VPS Hosting

The starting price for the program is ₹1549 per month. Although this is not available yet, the company promises 4GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth with this plan. This plan is identical to its Linux counterpart, the only difference being the operating system used here is Windows.

3. Linux Dedicated Server

The announced starting price for the Linux dedicated server is ₹8449.00 per month. They promise the pack will come with 12 GB of RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, an Uplink Speed of 1Gbit per second, and many more powerful features.

4. Windows Dedicated Server

GoViralHost has announced that the starting price for the dedicated server will be ₹13449.00 per month. For this price, you get up to 12 gigabytes of storage. Additionally, the server’s performance is quite impressive with lightning-fast speeds. And not to forget the valuable features that make this plan one of the attractive options among tech-savvy individuals.

GoViralHost Refund Policy & FAQs

1. Money-Back Guarantee

GOViralHost provides a money-back guarantee for all the services except for the WordPress hosting service. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of the service.

2. Free Website Transfer

To get your website transferred to their servers, for free, you need to get in touch with their support team within one month of your purchase. You can only migrate cPanel servers.

3. Full Root Access

You have complete root access to your server. This means you can freely install other software and manage your server on your terms as long as it does not violate the Acceptable Usage Policy.

4. Upgradability of Plans

You are free to upgrade or downgrade your existing plan to suit your current needs. So, you can start with the basic pack and make your way to the top programs if you deem it necessary.

Other than these general queries, if you have any doubts or problems, you can contact the company directly through WhatsApp chatting, or you can directly call the company. They have a fantastic 24/7 customer care service that will take care of all your problems.


Nowadays having a successful business is not only dependent on ethical business practices but also on having an excellent online presence. GOViralHost is providing various web hosting services and servers to help companies who don’t own their servers get online. Additionally, they are also giving reasonable offers with their GOViralHost Promo Code. So, if you want to get a website and make your business grow to newer markets, get yourself a GOViralHost subscription.