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Get a premium hosting plan from HostGator for a price of 1 cent only when you redeem our HostGator Coupon Code. Simply click the Get Code button, copy the code and paste it on the first month of HostGator hosting and the 1 cent discount will be applied automatically. Less

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HostGator Hosting Advantages

HostGator comes with lots of advantages. It has lots of web hosting packages. Moreover, most of these services come with a coupon advantage that could be as low as 1 cent and last for as many as 30 days. The service generally makes the web hosting process easy and without any hitches.

Besides the cost advantage, HostGator has excellent customer relations. This removes the trouble of time wasted in getting assistance in processing important queries. Many other benefits accompany the use of the web hosting service. You will get to know these as you familiarize yourself with the service.

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting

HostGator Hosting Plans

HostGator has a couple of shared hosting plans that are made available for different management categories. With 3 such shared hosting plans available, they all have unlimited bandwidth with enough memory capacity to operate any amount of website traffic. Moreover, the difference between the different packages is the number of websites that are hosted.

The features of the HostGator shared hosting are shown below.

  • It has an unlimited bandwidth
  • It has unlimited disk space
  • It comes with a free email account for the user
  • It has easy WordPress for quick website installation
  • It comes with a $50 Ads credit for use on Bing
  • It also comes with a $100 Ads credit for Google Adwords

The plans that are available in this package are explained below:

  1. The Hatchling Plan: This package is the simplest on the list. It is quite easy and most likely to allow you to get started on your web hosting journey. The plan allows you to host one website and can be gotten with the HostGator 1 cent coupon. You need not worry about cost if you are considering this plan. Just take advantage of the coupon and you are good to go.
  2. The Baby Plan: If you want to host more than one website with lots of discounts, you can use this plan. It allows you to make the most of your web hosting experience with as little as 1 cent if you are using the HostGator coupon codes.
  3. Business Plan: If you want to host multiple websites on a corporate level, this plan is your best bet. It offers the same benefits as the Baby plan with the added advantage of higher-level security. Given the present business terrain, this package is a very secure and ideal one to use.

How to use the HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code

HostGator 1 Cent Coupon

This HostGator bonus is one of the best gifts you could have to easily get your website live on the internet. Here are the steps to take to use the coupon code:

Step 1: Follow the discount link that is provided to visit HostGator. It will take you to the official site where you will be able to carry out your transaction. On the official page, you can choose which plan you want to use. Use the Hatching plan if you want to host only one website or either the Baby plan or Business plan if you want to host multiple websites.

Step 2: After selecting the preferred plan, you may manually enter your domain name or choose a new domain. Your choice depends on your journey and purpose. After choosing the domain name, choose the one-month billing cycle to have the coupon available to you.

Step 3: Having selected the plan that you want and the billing cycle, you will be directed to the payment portal. Here provide your payment details and proceed to pay.

Step 4: This is an important step to take if you want to make the most of your plan and payment. Uncheck all unnecessary features. By doing this, the cost of the subscription will be cut very low – to as low as 1 cent for a month. Here you have your advantage.

Step 5: Add your coupon code ACTIONPACKEDBUNDLE. This is the stage where you effectively take all the provisions of the coupon. With the coupon added, ensure you have unchecked all additional features. Also check the details of your input, including the domain name.

Step 6: Pay. Pushing the payment button will bring all hosting details to your email in no time. The process is quite simple and straight to the point.

Go and confirm your order in your email inbox.

This process comes for 1 cent per month and offers the basic advantages of HostGator, including excellent customer services, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and fast servers.

Why Choose HostGator Hosting?

  1. Coupons: With excellent service available, the coupons on HostGator are unbelievable. They greatly minimize the cost of business for many, without a difference in the quality of service provided.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space: Without much difference in cost, HostGator provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This ensures that with increased traffic and demand, you do not have to worry about lag and restrictions. Nonetheless, you can opt for the dedicated cloud hosting plan.
  3. Customer support: HostGator provides a friendly customer experience with 24/7 support availability and quick response.

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The HostGator 1-cent coupon code is your solution to premium web hosting service at almost no cost. This guide has it all.