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An In-depth Review of Hyper-V Mart

Hyper-V Mart began offering web hosting services many years ago. It has nearly 20 years of experience of being in the industry. It is mainly focused on providing Microsoft Windows Hosting and SQL Server Hosting. However, it has been adding more hosting services to its collection of late.

Whether it is web hosting to cloud-as-a-service hosting, Hyper-V Mart knows how to serve it best. With incredible performance and pure SSD disks, its hosting services provide you with value for your money. In simple words, anyone who wants to purchase quality hosting at an affordable rate should give it a try!

Keep reading as I head into the details of its services next in this detailed review.

Hyper-V Mart Hosting Plans & Services

Its three main hosting types include SSD cPanel Hosting, SSD VPS, and Dedicated Servers. You can select from many pricing plans for each hosting. Here is an overview of the pricing plans offered by Hyper-V Mart.

SSD cPanel Hosting Plans

SSD cPanel Hosting is one of its cheapest solutions. It starts from a small amount of $0.66/month. You can choose any of the following configuration options when buying it.

Stone: This configuration provides you with 5 GB Pure SSD, up to 2 domains, and unlimited bandwidth. You can save up to 10% by purchasing it annually. Its monthly price is $0.66 only!

Brass: The Brass plan gives you 7.5 GB of storage, up to 3 domains, and unlimited bandwidth for $1 a month. This plan also gives you a 10% discount on annual purchases.

Silver: You get unlimited emails, unlimited databases, and unlimited bandwidth with this plan. You will have to pay $1.67 a month for 10 GB storage.

Golden: This plan comes with 4 domains, unlimited databases and emails, and 15 GB of SSD storage. They will charge you $2.3 a month for the Golden plan.

Unlimited: Unlimited is the last cPanel hosting plan offered by Hyper-V Mart. It includes unlimited storage, unlimited emails, and unlimited domains among other features. The monthly price for this plan is $4.50. And yes, it has a 10% discount for annual purchases.

Virtual Private Server Plans

The SSD VPS offered by Hyper-V Mart comes in 5 different configurations and a customizable option. Let’s look at each one of these and find out which one is the best for you.

SSD B: The first VPS plan includes a 6-core CPU along with 5 GB of RAM and 150 GB SSD storage. The monthly price for this plan is a small amount of only $6.

SSD C: The next plan comes with a sophisticated 12-core CPU, 10 GB of RAM, and 300 GB of SSD storage. It also has 2 VPS machines. This plan will cost you $12 a month.

SSD X: For 3 VPS machines with a total of 24 vCores, 20 GB RAM, and 600 GB SSD storage, you will only pay $24 a month. All these servers are USA-based.

SSD XL: This plan provides you with a total of 48 vCores, 40 GB RAM, and 1200 GB SSD in 4 VPS machines. You will have to pay a monthly amount of $48 for this plan.

SSD XXL: This is the last configuration available on the Hyper-V Mart website. It includes a total of 5 machines, 96 vCores, 80 GB RAM, and 2,000 GB of SSD. This plan costs $96 a month, which is quite low for such generous resources.

Dedicated Server Plans

The Hyper-V Mart dedicated servers are really powerful with SSD and the latest hardware installed. Here are the few dedicated servers available on its website.

Sampler: The Sampler plan costs $65 per month. It includes a powerful Intel Xeon D-1531 6c-2.70GHz CPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, and a 480 GB SSD disk. The server is located in the US and it comes with a free OS!

Advanced: This plan has a monthly price of $85. It comes with an Xeon E5-2650Lv3 12c-2.5GHz CPU, 64 GB of RAM, and 2x 480 GB SSD disks. It also has a same-day setup included for free.

World Class: The monthly price for the World Class plan is $160. It comes with 2x Xeon E5-2650v2 16c-3.0GHz CPUs, 256 GB of RAM, and 2x 960 GB SSD disks. The generous resources make this plan truly world-class.

EPYC A: The EPYC A plan comes with a sophisticated 2x AMD EPYC 7502 64c / 128t Up to 3.35GHz CPUs. They offer you a massive 512 GB RAM, 2x 7.68 TB SSD disks, and worldwide location options. They will charge you a reasonable $620 per month for this plan.

Hyper-V Mart Key Features

A hosting provider is judged by its prices and features. The prices of Hyper-V Mart are quite affordable as I’ve just discussed that. It’s time to look at its features. The key features that usually come with the various Hyper-V Mart hosting are as follows.

Brilliant Uptime

The uptime that Hyper-V Mart guarantees with all its hosting plans is a huge 99.99%. This allows your website to be accessible to visitors at all times. Hence, increasing the chances of any potential conversions. High uptime also increases your website’s reputation among visitors. Additionally, it helps in your SEO ranking as well.

Excellent Support

Another important aspect of web hosting is the support it provides. In the case of Hyper-V Mart, you get 24/7 proactive customer support. The team helps assist you with any issues you might be facing. Moreover, they ensure instant deployment and same-day setup for all the servers you purchase.

Top Tier Security

Your web hosting needs to be secure to protect your website from attacks. The Hyper-V Mart hosting plans and servers are designed to sustain any potential attacks. With the latest equipment and security measures, you can rest assured of your website’s safety. DDoS protection and other advanced methods make your website with Hyper-V Mart secure.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Another green flag about Hyper-V Mart is its lengthy money-back guarantee. 60 days is ample time to try and figure out if Hyper-V Mart is worth your money. That is how long you can test its hosting and still get your money back if that’s what you want. If you do like their services and want to continue with them, then no need to claim your money back.

Affiliate Friendly

Hyper-V Mart is friendly to affiliate marketers. If you want to make a quick side income using their products, they are more than happy to assist you. With a massive 75% commission, it becomes a no-brainer of a deal. Having a small audience might be a requirement but it is still an easy way to make quick bucks using the Hyper-V Mart hosting services.

Final Thoughts

Hyper-V Mart offers a variety of hosting services including cPanel hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Customers from all backgrounds can find their required pricing plans. Even though you get a bunch of valuable features, the main highlight of Hyper-V Mart is its affordability. They provide you with a plethora of resources for pennies. And yes, the performance is also quite good.

To sweeten the deal further, I have listed the latest Hyper-V Mart coupon code above. You can redeem it for a huge 50% discount on their hosting services!