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Hypotenuse AI is a content generating website that helps with writing long form articles. This coupon deal provides up to...More

Hypotenuse AI is a content generating website that helps with writing long form articles. This coupon deal provides up to 2 months for free. Less

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How to Avail the Hypotenuse AI Discount?

By following the below steps, you get up to 2 months of Hypotenuse AI for free.

Locate the Hypotenuse AI discount deal above and click on Get Code/Deal.

Hypotenuse AI Coupons

Now a new tab opens, copy the code from there if you see one. Or go straight to the Hypotenuse website from there by clicking on the button.

Hypotenuse AI Deal

Once you are on their website, click on the button highlighted.


Hypotenuse AI Website

Then sign up for Hypotenuse AI so you can try out their services.

Hypotenuse AI Sign Up

Now, you can choose your favorite Hypotenuse AI plan.

Hypotenuse AI Plans

Proceed to checkout with that plan and enter the coupon code in the box highlighted.

Hypotenuse AI Discount

In this way, you can avail of up to 2 months’ subscription to Hypotenuse AI for free.

Hypotnenuse AI is created to help you write content fastly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you are in writer’s block or you need lots of articles in a short time. Hypotnenuse AI can provide you with good-quality articles and much more. It is not just a writing tool but a whole bunch of tools combined together. They have different features like Image Generation and Ad Creation for Google and Facebook.

You can also integrate Shopify and other APIs to Hypotenuse AI. They have 3 different pricing plans that include their services. The basic plan called Starter costs only $24 monthly if you use the Hypotnenuse AI discount code.

Hypotnenuse AI Features

Hypotnenuse AI is lush with awesome features that are related to marketing and copywriting. Mainly, it offers content writing services but it’s not reduced to that only. Apart from Blog SEO Articles, they also provide support for Google and Facebook Ads, Product Descriptions, and Instagram Captions. Some of the main features of Hypotnenuse AI are listed below.

Blog Articles

Hypotnenuse AI uses factual content in its AI-generated articles. All you have to do to get a publish-ready article is give them the details. And your article will be finished from the start in less than 5 minutes.

Hypo Art

They are not limited to writing content, but you can also generate awesome images using their Hypo Art tool. It asks you for a description of the image and gives you a high-quality image that will be generated through AI.


This is another feature of Hypotenuse AI that will work best for you if you need large articles. You can rewrite the existing content in new words and valuable synonyms using this feature.


Hypotnenuse AI also offers the summarization of your content. You can make shorter versions of large texts while the original idea will still be conveyed through the summarized text.

Other Features

The other features of Hypotnenuse AI include Google Ads and Facebook Ads support, Instagram Captions, Headlines and Slogans, Product Description, and API integrations.

Hypotnenuse AI Pricing Plans

They offer 3 pricing plans including a custom plan. For the custom plan, you will have to talk to their team and decide on mutual terms what you should get and at what price. The other two plans cost $24 and $49 per month respectively. These low prices are ensured by the use of the Hypotnenuse AI discount code. If you get their Annual plan, you can get up to 2 months for free. You can find more details about the pricing plans below.

Hypotenuse Pricing

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