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iHostART: An In-depth Review

Reliability and affordability are the two key factors in the foundation of iHostART. It focuses on honoring its customers by providing them with the best services. Additionally, the performance and features of its hosting plans make it one of the best options available.

iHostART provides three key hosting types including servers. You can purchase storage VPS hosting, KVM VPS servers, and dedicated servers from their website directly. All these hosting types come in multiple flexible pricing plans. This gives you an option to choose a plan that meets your requirements specifically.

Keep reading to learn more about this in this review.

iHostART Pricing Plans

iHostART provides at least three pricing plans for each of its services. The starter plan covers the basics while more features and resources are added as you go to higher plans. This leads to higher prices, which you don’t have to worry about because of the coupons already provided above.

Let me provide you with a general overview of the services and pricing plans of iHostART.


KVM VPS is the first of the three hosting services provided by iHostART. These are Kernel-based virtual machines with efficient performance and the latest specifications. Here are three pricing plans available for the KVM VPS services.

VM 1: The first virtual machine will cost you a monthly price of 9.07 EUR. For this price tag, you get 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, 4 cores of CPU, and 100 GB of SSD storage. This plan also comes with a 6 TB monthly bandwidth limit. Here are the rest of the features that come with this plan:

  • 1 Gbps speed
  • Port 25 open permanently
  • 99.97% Uptime
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Upload own ISO
  • Linux or Windows

VM 2: In terms of features, the second virtual machine is quite similar to the one we discussed above. However, the resources and specifications along with price vary greatly. For instance, 8 cores of dedicated CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and 200 GB of premium SSD are included with this plan. You have to pay 19.69 EUR for this plan. Some of its other features include:

  • 12 TB Bandwidth/month
  • Romania/Hunedoara/Orastie Location
  • 1 Gbps speed
  • Port 25 open permanently
  • 99.97% Uptime
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4
  • KVM Virtualization

VM 3: This VM will cost you up to 39.69 EUR per month. Its key specifications include a generous 16-core dedicated CPU, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, and 400 GB of premium SSD storage. They also give you a massive 32 TB bandwidth limit for this plan. The following are some key features you get with this plan:

  • 1 Gbps speed
  • Port 25 open permanently
  • 99.97% Uptime
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Upload own ISO

Storage VPS

If you need cloud storage for some reason, the iHostART Storage VPS service is just the right option for you. It includes 4 different pricing plans with reasonable prices. You can purchase storage VPS with a general price of 1 EUR per TB of storage. Let’s take a deeper look at these pricing plans.

Storage KVM 1: The first storage KVM will cost you a simple amount of 6.31 EUR every month. You get 20 GB SSD for the OS AND up to 4 TB of HDD for the storage. The other specifications of this plan include 1 dedicated CPU, 1 IP Address, 1 GB RAM, and full KVM virtualization features.

Storage KVM 2: The next KVM machine will cost you 9.10 EUR every month for a whopping 7 TB of storage facility. It also includes an exclusive 20 GB SSD for the operating system and boot-up. The key features of this plan include 2 Dedicated CPU e5-2630 v4, 1 Dedicated IPv4, and VNC Acces.

Storage KVM 3: iHostART provides another storage VM with up to 15 TB of HDD storage. It also includes a 20 GB SSD for the OS, a dedicated IP address along some other valuable features. There is a 3-core CPU and 4 GB of RAM included with this machine. This one will cost you 18 EUR per month.

Storage KVM 4: Lastly, you can purchase a storage VPS machine with up to 28 TB of premium HDD storage. This plan provides you full root access and a few other useful features. You get a 3-core dedicated CPU, 6 GB of RAM, and 1 IP address.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated servers provided by iHostART include some amazing specs. From the latest HDDs to astronomical amounts of RAM and CPUs, these servers have everything. These things lead to quite high prices as well. Here are the two iHostART dedicated servers.

Data Storage: The first dedicated server comes with 27x 14 TB HDD [378 TB Storage], 1x 960 GB SSD SATA 3, 2.5 Gbps dedicated port speed (possible usage 24/7), and up to 128 GB DDr4 RAM @ 2666 MHz. This server has a quarterly price of 1409.07 EUROS.

Data Storage 2: This server costs 2,818 Euros for a 6-month subscription. You will get 27x 18 TB HDD [378 TB Storage], 1x 960 GB SSD SATA, 2.5 GBPS port, and 128 GB of RAM with this plan. Both these servers are designed to meet the requirements of enterprises and businesses. The prices might seem high but the resources included are equally valuable.

Key Features of iHostART

When it comes to features, every customer wants to have the best of them. Thanks to the unique branding of iHostART, you can have access to some of the most valuable features that can be offered with VPS and other servers.

In this section, I will take a general look at the features of iHostART.

Diverse Configuration Options

The platform provides a variety of VPS configurations, allowing customers to choose from different combinations of RAM, CPU, storage, and bandwidth. A diverse range of pricing plans for each service also allows you to choose plans that meet your specific requirements.

Location and Speed

Their servers are strategically located in Romania, specifically in Hunedoara/Orastie. All their servers provide a solid 1 Gbps speed. Each VPS comes with a dedicated IPv4 address which is known to be speedy. The strategic server location allows for a faster traffic and data transfer experience.

Flexibility and Compatibility

Customers have the flexibility to upload their own ISO for operating system installation, supporting both Linux and Windows environments. iHostART allows the installation of applications such as SeedBox, Plex, and others. Public torrent usage, support for blockchain nodes, and hosting of adult content websites are also permitted.

Uptime and Reliability

The hosting service guarantees a high level of uptime, boasting 99.97% reliability. The use of SAS RAID 10 storage configuration enhances data protection and system reliability. A stable and reliable performance is one of the reasons for customer satisfaction.

Final Words

iHostART provides hosting services specifically comprising VPS and dedicated servers. It also offers storage hosting with extensive HDD and SSD facilities. Its key features include reliability, affordability, and flexibility. Customers have access to a bunch of useful customization options that allow unique servers to be built.

Overall, the pricing and other features of iHostART make it a great choice for those looking for resourceful VPS and dedicated servers. The iHostART coupon codes listed on this page will help you save money on their plans. You can save exclusive amounts on these coupons.