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About Incogniton

Incogniton is a prominent anti-detect browser that allows you to go undetected when you use multiple accounts on a platform. Why would anyone use multiple accounts? This is a practice done by data scrappers and SEO professionals to gather key information for their projects. Incogniton will help this kind of internet users stay away from the limelight with their advanced privacy settings

The browser has many awesome features that strengthen the security of your connection and also make your work easier for you. Some of its popular features include online fingerprint protection, team collaboration, and multiple browser profiles. Keep reading to learn more about its pricing plans and features.

Incogniton Pricing Plans

A free version of Incogniton is provided to help you get to know the browser. You can try it out and see if the browser meets your expectations and then purchase one of the premium plans. All of its plans provide you the option to purchase a monthly or a 6-month subscription. It has three premium pricing plans, which I will discuss in detail below.


The first plan is rightly named entrepreneur as it has enough resources available for a single person. This plan allows you to save up to 50 browser profiles. Some of its prominent features include the cookie collector, API access, and premium customer support. You can also install popular integrations with this plan.

The monthly price for this plan is only $29.99. If you choose to buy the 6-month subscription, you will get a huge 30% discount on your plan. This makes the final price $20.99 only. The remaining features of this plan are similar to all the other Incogniton plans.


Next comes the Incogniton Professional pricing plan. This plan comes with a wide range of premium features that include up to 150 browser profiles, 3 member seats, premium customer support, and popular integrations. The other features of this plan are options to transfer profiles, collection of cookies, and API access.

To purchase the monthly subscription to the Professional plan, you will need to pay $79.99 every month. The 6-month plan comes with a 30% discount, reducing the per-month price to $55.99 only. The Professional plan is designed for agencies and groups who require more resources.


The last Incogniton pricing plan includes many more resources and premium features in addition to what you are offered with the first two plans. The monthly subscription price is only $149.99, which does not include the discount available. After you apply the 6-month subscription discount, the monthly price drops to $104.99 only.

Some key features of the Multinational plan include up to 10 member seats, 500 browser profiles at most, and premium support. You also get features such as API access, cookie collector, and the option to transfer profiles. Lastly, the syncroniser is also provided with Incogniton’s Multinational pricing plan!

Key Features of Incogniton

The Incogniton browser has some of the most advanced features available in the industry. Whether it is advanced security measures or having an extreme level of privacy, Incogniton has got it all covered. In this section, I will discuss some of its popular features.

Multiple Browser Profiles: The multi-profile feature enables users to set up various browser accounts. This is valuable for managing different online personas while trying to avoid getting your online fingerprint matched. It enhances your privacy and allows you to efficiently handle multiple tasks.

Online Fingerprint Protection: The Incogniton browser protects your digital fingerprints and enhances privacy and security. This feature allows Internet users to manage their online presence more effectively.

Team Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration, this feature supports teamwork by enabling multiple users to work seamlessly within the browser environment. It’s beneficial for projects requiring joint efforts and communication.

Automation via Selenium or REST API: Automation is key to getting more work done in less time. The integrations such as Selenium allow you to automate many tasks on Incogniton. This enhances efficiency, reduces manual effort, and ensures a smoother online experience.

Easy-to-use Interface: The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and operation, making the browser accessible to users of varying technical expertise. An intuitive design enhances overall usability and ensures a seamless experience for both new and experienced users alike.

Final Thoughts

Incogniton is a popular anti-detect browser that can be used to go undetected while doing multi-accounting browsing. The browser has many built-in security and privacy features that make your online browsing safer. Its key features include fingerprint protection, automation, multi-accounting, and team collaboration. In short, it is one of the most secure browsers out there in the multi-accounting landscape.

In this article, I discussed the Incogniton tool and its features and pricing plans in detail. I also provided the latest Incogniton coupon on this page to help you get exclusive discounts. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the 30% discount on your favorite Incogniton plans before it is too late!