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Get 20% Off Instantly Ai “Growth” Yearly Plan
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When you add the Instantly AI Growth yearly plan to your cart and redeem our exclusive code, you will receive...More

When you add the Instantly AI Growth yearly plan to your cart and redeem our exclusive code, you will receive a flat 20% off your purchase. Less

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Get 20% Off Instantly AI “Hypergrowth” Yearly Plan
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Do you want to sign up for the Instantly AI HyperGrowth plan? Choose the yearly billing cycle and apply this...More

Do you want to sign up for the Instantly AI HyperGrowth plan? Choose the yearly billing cycle and apply this code to get flat 20% off. Less

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How to Get 20% Off Instantly AI?

Instantly.ai gives you special discounts that are worth up to 20% of the total price. Follow this guide below to learn how to grab 20% discount on Instantly ai:

Step 1: Click on the Get Code button of the coupon you want to redeem.

Instantly AI Promo Codes

Step 2: A new tab will open displaying a code that you will copy.

Instantly AI Deal Activated

Step 3: Next, go to the Instantly AI website and choose a yearly plan.

Instantly AI Pricing

Step 4: Instantly AI automatically applies the discount to your plan. Create your account with them and complete the payment with a fantastic discount.Instantly AI Signup

Congrats! That’s how easy it is to grab awesome discounts and save money on Instantly.ai.

Note:- Instantly.ai no longer offers discount codes. You can opt for their Yearly subscriptions to get 20% off any plan.

Instantly.ai Pricing Plans

Instantly AI provides simple pricing plans that fit the needs of different customers. It allows you to choose between monthly and yearly payment plans. I recommend you go for the annual plan, which you can get with up to 20% discount. It has three premium plans in total to help you set up a killer email campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at the pricing plans offered by Instantly AI:

Growth Plan

The first plan is named Growth and it is perfect for those who want to start growing their outreach goals. With this plan, you can create unlimited email accounts and send as many warmup emails. Its monthly price is only $30/mo after applying the 20% discount.

The number of active leads included in this plan is a solid 1000. Additionally, you can send up to 5,000 actual emails per month. It also comes with live chat and other mediums of customer support.

Hypergrowth Plan

Next, the Hypergrowth plan is best for those who want to take their email marketing to a new level. Instantly AI gives you unlimited emails and accounts to start with. And do not forget the prioritized customer support offered with this plan.

This plan has 25,000 leads and 125,000 monthly emails to offer. To get this plan, Intsnatly AI will charge you $77.6 every month. Starting is free like all other Instantly AI plans.


Lastly, we have the Lightspeed plan offered by Instantly. Any marketing agency or individual with heavy marketing outreach campaigns should choose this plan. It offers you everything included in the previous plans in addition to some of its unique resources.

For instance, you are provided with 500,000 monthly emails. And this plan also includes up to 100,000 uploaded contacts. The monthly price of the Lightspeed plan is only $283.6!

Here is a table that summarizes the pricing of Instantly AI’s plans:

Plan Price
Growth $30/mo
Hypergrowth $77.6/mo
Light Speed $286.3/mo

5 Instantly.ai Alternatives in 2024

Even though I like Instantly AI the out of the options available out there, you might still want to know about some of its alternatives. Which is why I have listed the top 5 tools that you can use in place of it:

1. Warmup Inbox

The first alternative is Warmup Inbox which is almost the same as Instantly AI if you ignore some features. This one will help you double the open rate of your emails within a short time. Warmup Inbox’s main task is to make sure the emails you send end up in the actual inbox of your targets. The information available on its website shows that your emails are 3 times more likely to end up in the main inbox of your customers.

In short, it is a great option to improve your email marketing. Its pricing starts from only $15 per inbox and it also has a 7-day free trial!

2. QuickMail

QuickMail is a popular email marketing tool that helps you solve all your problems. This means your emails will almost never be in the spam folder if you use their services. QuickMail is also a fantastic choice if you want to automate your emails. It lets you set up custom settings so your email marketing is done the way YOU want it!

Just to give you an idea of its prices, the cheapest plan will only cost you $49 a month. You can check out how the tool works by signing up for a free trial on its official website.

3. MailShake

Next up, we have got MailShake which makes the bold claim of doubling the reply rate of your emails. Like all email marketing tools, MailShake helps prevent your emails from landing in spam. This ultimately leads to an increased opening and replying to your emails. MailShake has a simple user interface that even the most non-tech-savvy person can use. Moreover, it has some of the best integrations and features that I saw an email marketing tool offer.

To sum up, MailShake improves the deliverability of your emails for the annual cost of $58 per user. However, some additional features might cost extra amounts.

4. Warmbox

Warmbox is another alternative to Instantly AI that you can use for email warmups. It has two key functions: preventing companies from blacklisting your domain and ensuring your emails do not end up in the spam folder. By increasing the deliverability of your emails, Warmbox enables you to increase the conversions from your email marketing campaign. The setup for the tool takes 2 minutes only and it is pretty simple to use after that.

Prices for the different Warmbox plans start from $15 a month. You can also purchase a Team plan that allows you to customize the number of users.

5. Mailwarm

At last, I want to tell you about Mailwarm which is a fantastic alternative to Instantly AI. This tool builds trust for your sender and helps your emails reach the right place. It ensures high deliverability and the perfect email activity for your marketing campaign. To start, you will sign up, link your email, and start warm-up of your email inboxes. Its dashboard is simple and functional as well.

Mailwarm offers three pricing plans with the cheapest one only costing $69 a month!