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With this deal, you can grab the IOZoom WordPress Hosting for free for the next 3-days totally for free. This trial is applicable to all WordPress hosting plans on Less

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How to Apply IO Zoom Promo Codes

Applying these promo codes to get extravagant discounts is very straightforward. You might also be confused by the same promo codes for different offers, don’t worry. Let’s elaborate; The discount offers that have the same promo code are totally in different categories.

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IO Zoom Coupons

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IO Zoom Website

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IO Zoom Plans

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IO Zoom Discount

And Boom! You will get an attractive discount on IO Zoom using our promo code once you are done completing the aforementioned steps.

IO Zoom is a registered web hosting provider which was established in 2015. They offer VPS hosting for both Windows and Linux. Apart from this, they offer several other services including managed cloud hosting and WordPress hosting.

These services come with affordable prices and lavish features. But these services may still be expensive for some users and they might want to have a discount. That is where we are going to help you; we have gathered a beautiful collection of discount offers that will enable you to have significant discounts on all of IO Zoom’s services. These codes are verified and still working in 2024.

IO Zoom Promo Codes

We have done incredible research and gathered the best promo codes that are still working and can save you up to a magnificent 70%.

50% OFF IO Zoom Discount Code

This Promo Code which went live in Nov 2022 will give you 50% off on IO Zoom’s deals.

Promo Code: blogger50

IO Zoom Cloud Hosting 50% OFF Promo Code

Here is the coupon for 50% off on cloud hosting for the first month.

Promo Code: CLOUD50

Another 50% OFF IO Zoom Coupon

Get 50% off exclusively on your first month at IO Zoom.


SSD Server on Just $5 Promo Code

With this coupon, you can get an SSD server just for $5.

Promo Code: NO CODE

$8/Mo KVM Plan Promo Code

Get a KVM plan with 2 GB of RAM for just $8/me with this IO Zoom promo code.

Promo Code: NO CODE

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IO Zoom Hosting Overview

IO Zoom has been providing web hosting services since its establishment in 2015. Its headquarters are in Houston, Texas. They are well-known for their feature-rich hosting services in the industry. We are always hanging around on different sites to find out who’s the best and we were not surprised to see that IO Zoom is on the list of the top performers. They are particularly acknowledged for their VPS hosting services.

IO Zoom Web Hosting Services

IO Zoom delivers many services some of which are included in the list below:

Cloud VPS Hosting

IO Zoom offers five plans in the cloud VPS hosting category. These plans include a varied capacity of SSD, Bandwidth, and RAM. You can own a VPS hosting for as low as $5 a month. SSD storage comes with all the plans. IO Zoom’s VPS hosting also has strong security including DDoS protection.

Linux VPS Hosting

IO Zoom offers a Linux-based hosting service with SSD storage. You can always choose to get additional features for a small fee. They offer free migration assistance in case you need any help regarding migration from your site from your previous host.

Windows VPS Hosting

There is not a huge difference between Cloud VPS and Windows VPS hosting except for the prices, which are slightly higher on Windows VPS hosting. The features are almost the same on both services. There might be a bit of a difference in the performance as well.

Shared WordPress Hosting

IO Zoom also offers specific deals for WordPress websites. Their shared cloud hosting for WordPress is the quintessence of shared hosting. It has strong protection, high uptime, free migration, free daily backups, and other dashing features.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Do you think that’s enough? Wait, IO Zoom has more for you. If you are a WordPress website owner and want to get rid of your current host because of its limited features, then IO Zoom is your next host. IO Zoom will provide you a fully optimized WordPress VPS hosting with a rocket-speed SSD and several other features. And to add to the joy, their expert management team will also help in managing your site.

IO Zoom Hosting Features

Who doesn’t have a plethora of features in the hosting community these days? But wait, most of them are charged for. IO Zoom many profligate features for free that are most often charged for by other providers. Some of the features that IO Zoom offers are listed below:

100% Uptime Guarantee

IO Zoom guarantees 100% uptime of your site. Besides that, they will issue you credit under their SLA agreement if you experience any downtime. That’s probably more than you need to trust them.

SSD Server

An SSD storage is a common thing nowadays, right? Well, IO Zoom offers 10-GB SSD storage with all of their plans, and that too completely for free. SSD storage increases the speed of your site and visitors get a pleasant experience on your site.

Free Backups

IO Zoom provides free automated backups of your site’s data on a daily and weekly basis. You can always opt to choose which one to go with.

Multiple Datacenters

IO Zoom has 5 data centers that are installed in different locations. You can choose to select any of the data centers to store the data of your website.

Free DDoS Protection

Your website is always at risk of being attacked. With IO Zoom as your host, you shouldn’t be worried because they offer free DDoS protection that’ll guarantee its security. Other providers may charge for such protection.

Free Migration Assistance

IO Zoom offers free support to their customers in the migration of their site from other hosting services. If you don’t know how to transfer your site, they will tell you how to.

Free Trial

IO Zoom offers a 3-day free trial to check some of their services. This allows you to have an idea of their services. If you are content with their services, then the deal is a go.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not pleased with IO Zoom’s services, then you will have the option to get your money back if you cancel the deal within 30 days.

24/7 Support

IO Zoom is always out there to help you with their expert technicians in the field. You can easily access IO Zoom’s support team on their website.

IO Zoom Hosting Pricing & Plans

Utilizing any of IO Zoom’s services will not cost you a lot. Their prices are very flexible and affordable. You can have their cloud VPS hosting for just a handful of $5. The Linux VPS hosting will cost you only a mere $8 a month.

Windows VPS is a bit more expensive than Linux’s price, which will cost you $10. And the last one, WordPress VPS hosting, has a price of at least $23 per month. All of the lavish features always have worth to it, and that is what the price of IO Zoom’s features would be.

We aren’t providing the full pricing details here, but you can always view them on their official website. The tables below compare the pricing plans that IO Zoom offers.

IO Zoom WordPress Hosting

[easy-pricing-table id=”2464″]

IO Zoom Linux VPS

[easy-pricing-table id=”2466″]

IO Zoom Windows VPS

[easy-pricing-table id=”2469″]

Our Opinion on Choosing IO Zoom Hosting

IO Zoom has the potential to fascinate its customers with the profligate features that its services have. They jumped into the industry recently but don’t let that misguide you, because they have done their homework and have already prepared themselves for the competition that they are facing.

They are doing well than many of their competitors. IO Zoom provides better services at a very inexpensive price. If you still cannot easily afford their services, use the IO Zoom promo codes that we have provided you above and benefit from their extraordinary services.

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