Save 20% On All IPRoyal Proxies
Code No Expires
Get 20% In Collective Savings when you use this coupon code to purchase the annual plan (Gives you a 10%...More

Get 20% In Collective Savings when you use this coupon code to purchase the annual plan (Gives you a 10% discount on that as well) of any IPRoyal proxies. Less

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Get 10% Off IPRoyal Proxy Plans
Code No Expires
This exclusive IPRoyal coupon will give you a nice 10% discount when you apply it at checkout while buying IPRoyal...More

This exclusive IPRoyal coupon will give you a nice 10% discount when you apply it at checkout while buying IPRoyal proxies. Less

10EXTRA Get Code
100% Success
Save 5% Off Any IPRoyal Proxy Plan
Code No Expires
Here is an IPRoyal promo code for you to get you a 5% discount when purchasing their proxy plans.
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Get 3% Off IPRoyal Proxies
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Use this IPRoyal coupon code to get yourself a handsome 3% discount off the proxies you purchase from IPRoyal.
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How to Use the IPRoyal Coupon?

The IPRoyal proxy plans are all priced very reasonably and they have quite a few price differentiators. The different coupons provided above will reduce the prices of any proxy that you buy from IPRoyal. When you have found the right coupon for yourself, you will have to redeem it properly to ensure that you get the discount attached to it. We are here to help you learn how to apply any coupon properly. You just need to follow the simple steps listed below to get your discount through the above coupon.

Step 1: First, select the right coupon from the list above that you want to use for a discount. Next, click on the Get Code/Deal button of your selected coupon to reveal the code hidden inside of it.

IPRoyal Coupon Codes

Step 2: A new tab will open after you click on that button. This tab will display the code inside the coupon and a button taking you to the IPRoyal website. Just copy the code by hitting the huge “COPY” button and then click on the button to visit their website. The arrows in the screenshot are pointing toward the buttons you need to click.

IPRoyal Code

Step 3: Once you have copied your IPRoyal coupon code and visited their website, you now need to select a proxy plan of your choice. Choose the plan that meets your requirements and proceed to its purchase by signing up on the IPRoyal website.

IPRoyal Pricing Plans

Step 4: Once you are done with signing up, log in to your account and then go to the proxy plan that you want to buy. The different proxy plans should be available on the left side of your screen. Then customize your IPRoyal proxy plan as you require it, and move with the purchase. On the final page, you have to enter the code in the designated discount box.

IPRoyal Coupon Applied

Once the payment has been made, you will have saved yourself 10% or more on your selected IPRoyal proxies. These are the only steps required to redeem the IPRoyal promo codes for a discount!

Top IPRoyal Coupons And Promo Codes in 2024

The people who are looking for discounts and promos on the IPRoyal website should read this section of our article. We have gathered some amazing discounts on the IPRoyal proxy plans. IPRoyal is pretty generous when it comes to giving discounts on their proxy plans. We have done our research and collected the best of these coupons from the internet to help you save the most amount of money on the IPRoyal plans.

The coupons we have will save you up to 20% in some cases while you can save 10% on some plans with one of the codes. These coupons also have sitewide offers to help you save on any proxy type that you choose. Without taking any further of your time, let’s get straight into the discussion of the top coupons for IPRoyal in 2024.

Get 10% Off Any IPRoyal Proxy Plan

This coupon will save you a handy 10% when you use it while purchasing one of the proxy products from IPRoyal. This discount works on all their proxy types and is going to be active for a long time. To get the 10% discount off your selected IPRoyal proxies, use the code 10EXTRA” when completing the checkout process on IPRoyal’s website. This code will automatically give you a 10% discount on your purchase.

Collective 20% Discount Off IPRoyal Proxies

To get 20% off, you have to first select the annual pricing of IPRoyal to get a 10% discount. Once you do that, you need to complete the rest of the steps and move to the final checkout stage. There, apply the code 10EXTRA” and you will get yourself a collective discount of 20%. We tried this method and it worked so you should have no issues when doing it.

5% Discount On IPRoyal Proxies

A 5% discount is better than paying in full so here is another coupon code to give you a 5% discount on their proxy plans. To get this discount, you have to use the code “ROYALSTART5” during your checkout on IPRoyal proxies. It doesn’t matter how many proxies you are buying and whether they are residential or some other type, when you use this code, you get 5% off.

Handy 3% Off IPRoyal Promo Code

This is another IPRoyal promo code that will give you a small discount when you use it. Saving 3% might not seem a lot but it is definitely something when you are buying a lot of proxies and that too for the long term. Use code “ROYAL3” for a handy 3% discount off the IPRoyal proxies that you have selected and added to your checkout. Just like the rest of the IPRoyal discount codes, you have to copy this code and apply it at the designated discount code box during checkout on their website.

About IPRoyal: A Detailed Overview

IPRoyal started selling proxies with just one aim and that was customer satisfaction through the best proxies. This led to them becoming one of the most popular companies that are selling quality proxies out there. IPRoyal offers 5 different types of proxy plans that include Residential and Data Center proxies among others. Each one of these proxies will have lightning-quick speeds, unlimited traffic (mostly), and a ton of other awesome features. IPRoyal does not hesitate to put some cheap options in their proxy plans either.

They also provide you with a pay-as-you-go option so you never have to buy extra proxies or be short of your proxies. IPRoyal’s features like an exclusive proxy pool, 24/7 customer support, and no-expiry proxies make it one of the best options out there. They also have an option to let you choose proxies from over 195 countries around the globe. Overall, IPRoyal is a great option if you are looking for stable and reliable proxies that are cheap and actually serve their purpose.

IPRoyal Pricing Plans

IPRoyal is offering 6 types of proxies but they only have 5 plans when it comes to proxies. The most popular are the residential proxy and data center proxy plans. They will give you cheap proxies that have reliable performance and zero downtime. You can read more about the different IPRoyal proxy plans below.

Rotating Residential: Their rotating residential proxies start from just $1.75/GB. With coverage in 195 countries, never-expiring traffic, SOCKS5 support, and flexible rotation options, it’s a great choice for regular web activities.

Static Residential: IPRoyal’s static residential proxies start at $2.40 per proxy. You’ll have unlimited traffic, 99.9% uptime, premium ISP providers, and exclusive usage, all with SOCKS5 support.

Datacenter: You can get Datacenter proxies from IPRoyal starting at only $1.39 a proxy. This will include unlimited traffic, 99.9% uptime, careful selection, and SOCKS5 support.

Sneaker: The Sneaker proxies start from $1.00 each with a remarkable 99.8% success rate. These proxies work well on most websites, are bot-friendly, and cover popular countries. And they support SOCKS5 as well.

Mobile: Mobile proxies are available on the IPRoyal website from $81/month. You get unlimited bandwidth, over 1 million residential IPs, auto-rotate, API access, and support for 5G/4G/3G networks for this price.

IPRoyal Coupon FAQs

A lot of people ask us questions related to the IPRoyal discounts so here are our answers to some of the common questions among these.

What is The IPRoyal Coupon?

It is a code that you can apply at the checkout to receive a special discount on your purchase from IPRoyal.

When Does The IPRoyal Discount Code Expire?

The IPRoyal is not expiring any time soon but it might last only till the end of this year. We recommend you try this coupon out as soon as you can to have a higher chance of getting the discount.

Where to Find The Latest IPRoyal Deals and Promo Codes?

When you need the latest discount offers, GrabHosts is the right place to be. We update our website and coupons store regularly to bring you the best coupons and help you save the most on their proxies.

If you have any more doubts, you can ask us and we will be happy to get back to you with the answers. Good luck saving money with our exclusive coupon for IPRoyal!