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Jaaxy is the dream tool for many early-era bloggers. Instead of doing hours of manual research and still not finding the right keyword is disappointing. But with Jaaxy around, those days are over. You can find the perfect keywords for your blog using this useful tool. These keywords have very low competition and hence your website can be ranked easily. They offer 3 types of plans.

The Jaaxy Starter plan is free to sign up but you get only 3o searches. Then there is Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise. These plans are not free but worry not, we have provided you with a discount deal that will save you a huge $89 on your sign-up. It has some other tools including SiteRank which will tell you the ranking of any website anywhere. Here, we will provide you with complete details about this awesome tool. You will also find the guide on how to save a hefty amount of money by availing of our exclusive discount.

Jaaxy: Tools and Features

As mentioned above, Jaaxy will find the ideal keyword for you. Using the straightforward. The tool was found by a group of affiliate marketers, which means it knows how to meet the needs of any affiliate marketer. No matter what your niche is, Jaaxy will find the perfect keyword with a low completion for you. Over 500 million brand-new ideas are searched on Jaaxy every day. And it delivers the respective keywords for people in any niche. You can also find innovative domains on Jaaxy. Below are some of the prominent features of the amazing tool:

Domain Names:

Jaaxy offers unique and innovative domain names. A domain is necessary for a unique presentation of your business online. Once owned a domain, your business will be known by that name for the rest of its life. They have .com, .org, and .net domains that have high demand. All of those can be availed from Jaaxy including other tools. Not all Jaaxy tools are free but you can save a pretty hefty amount by availing of our Jaaxy Discount deal.

Insightful Traffic Statistics:

It uses advanced technologies to provide you with the most insightful statistics on your website. You will get information about the traffic regularly along with other useful things. They will provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly analyses of a website. This is helpful to track the ups and downs of the website. And also helps you learn more about how to rank it and what kind of keywords to use next.

Consistent Keywords:

Jaaxy has a vast network of finding you the correct keyword. It uses AI-based technologies to skim through the internet and then give you the perfect keyword with low competition. No matter what niche your website is, Jaaxy has got your back in all areas.

Ranking Insights:

Jaaxy gives you information about a website’s ranking on Google. It will tell you how far your website is from hitting the first page of Google. This is helpful because you can make a strategy after having this information. Which eventually helps you rank easily on Google. You can also get insights about the website’s ranking on Binge and Yahoo!

Niche Density:

Jaaxy will provide keywords in any niche. This service is not free but our Jaaxy discount will help you get it for a cheaper price and you will save quite a lot of money. They cover almost every niche in the world. Business, marketing, customer services, you name it, Jaaxy will have to find you the keywords to land you on the first page of Google.

Spying on Competitors:

They have this special tool that lets you see your competitors’ analysis. You can see what they are doing and get ahead of the game.

Pricing Plans of Jaaxy

This prolific tool has three options to serve you with some high-class keywords and other dream tools. First is the free sign-up for starters which will allow you to do up to 30 searches on Jaaxy for free. Then comes the Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise plans. These will cost you some money but if you use our Jaaxy coupons and deals, you can save an attractive sum of money. Jaaxy’s plans are listed below in detail:

Jaaxy Starter:

This one is for beginners who are just starting to use tools like Jaaxy. You get 30 free searches by signing up. These searches will give you an idea of how it works and what they have to offer. If satisfied, you can move to the premium plans that we mention next.

Jaaxy Pro:

This is for users who are exploring these keyword-finding tools. It’s a pretty attractive deal with many services included in the flat monthly fee. You will have to pay $49 for this plan. But you can save some money by using our Jaaxy discount offers. This plan has additional features, some of which are listed below:

  • A tool to spy on your competitors
  • SEO and Site Ranking Analysis
  • A domain free of any price
  • Research time is 3 times faster than the free tool
  • Unlimited searches to find the ideal keyword
  • 2 search tabs for easy workflow

Jaaxy Enterprise:

The ultimate Jaaxy plan is this one which includes all of their services. This one is also a little costly but trust me, it’s worth the money. Jaaxy charges $99 per month for this plan. With all the exciting features that come with it, Jaaxy Enterprise’s price seems reasonable. You can also save up to $89 by having a look at the Jaaxy deals above. Some of the extravagant features that are included exclusively in this plan are listed below:

  • 5 different search tabs at a single time
  • You are allowed to arrange all your data as you want
  • You get additional information about the domain