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How to Use the KeyCDN Coupon Code?

Using the above coupon code is quite a simple task. There is no need to wander around elsewhere to find the correct method to maximize your discount with the KeyCDN promo code. Simply follow the four easy steps given below and you will get yourself a nice discount through these coupons!

Step 1: First, select the correct coupon from the list of coupon codes above. Then click on the Get Code/Deal button of the same coupon.

KeyCDN Coupon Codes

Step 2: Next, a new tab opens where you will find the code and a discount link. Copy the code and click on the Go to Store button to visit the official KeyCDN website.

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Step 3: KeyCDN will now show you the three different pricing options. Select the one that meets your requirements the best and proceed to its purchase.

KeyCDN Pricing

Step 4: Sign up on the KeyCDN website and proceed to plan an upgrade. You can then put the coupon code from earlier into its designated box so that the discount is activated.

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And that is all it takes to use the KeyCDN promo code for a special discount on their pricing plans!

Top KeyCDN Coupon Codes in 2024

KeyCDN is one of the most effective ways to deliver content across the globe. They offer some high-quality services and their prices are quite competitive and reasonable. Given that their prices are already quite reasonable, you will still need our coupon to save additional money.

We will now present you with a list of the top coupons for KeyCDN in 2024 that save you the most money.

250 GB FREE Traffic: Use one of the coupons above to visit their website with our special link. After that, sign up for an account on the KeyCDN website. You will then automatically get up to 250 GB in free traffic, all thanks to our special KeyCDN discount link!

KeyCDN for Only $4 A Month: This coupon is quite similar to the last one. You have to use our discount link to visit the KeyCDN website. There, you need to sign up and then select a premium plan. Once you have that, simply go to purchasing and you will get the special price of only $4 a month automatically.

You can read our coupon guide from above to find a more detailed guide on how to use either of these coupon codes.

Discount Details Discount Percentage Expiry Date
Get Started With KeyCDN As low as $4 Per Month Not Specified

About KeyCDN: An Overview

KeyCDN is a content delivery network currently operating across 6 continents. They have one of the fastest delivery networks and their track record speaks volumes of how effective their strategies have been up until now. KeyCDN has a 98% hit ratio and over 123,000 deployments around the world. Not only this, but they also have a ton of other cool features that make KeyCDN such a worthy tool for everyone. For instance, optimized hardware allows for faster upload and download speeds.

They offer three different plans for different regions around the globe. The cheapest plan is the one for North America and Europe, which only costs $4 a month at the base level. You can take a better look at these plans on the KeyCDN website.

For now, we will provide you with a brief overview of the KeyCDN pricing plans.

KeyCDN Pricing

KeyCDN has earned a huge reputation for being the fastest CDN out there. It offers diverse pricing solutions with three different regions and varying prices for all of them. Let’s get straight into the discussion of the KeyCDN pricing plans.

North America/Europe – $0.04/GB

The first pricing option is their North American and European content delivery networks. It will cost you around $0.004 for 1 GB a month. This price stays the same for 10 TB of traffic but it reduces more when you get additional traffic. Any traffic over 100 TB in a month will cost you $0.01 per GB.

Asia/Oceania – $0.08/GB

The second option includes all the same features but slightly different pricing options. You have to pay double the price as the previous one. The starting 10 TB will cost you $0.08/GB a month and it reduces to $0.04/GB and $0.02/GB as the traffic is increased.

Africa/Latin America – $0.10/GB

The last plan of KeyCDN gives you content delivery services in Africa and Latin America. The prices are slightly higher here as well. They charge you around $0.10 a month for 1 GB used. Similarly, the price is reduced to $0.08, and so on as you consume more and more terabytes.

The below table is a thorough summary of the different pricing options for the available KeyCDN regions.

Region First 10 TB/month Next 40 TB/month Next 50 TB/month Over 100 TB/month
North America/Europe $0.04/GB $0.03/GB $0.02/GB $0.01/GB
Asia/Oceania $0.08/GB $0.06/GB $0.04/GB $0.02/GB
Africa/Latin America $0.10/GB $0.08/GB $0.06/GB $0.04/GB

KeyCDN Pros and Cons

Sure, KeyCDN is one of the best delivery tools but it can have some negatives as well. Turns out there are not many negatives but a lot of positives to look at.

KeyCDN Pros:

Fast Content Delivery

Global Network Coverage

Easy Integration with CMS and Platforms

Real-time Performance Analytics

KeyCDN Cons:

Pricing Complexity

Limited Advanced Features

KeyCDN Coupon FAQs

As you know many people get confused about the top KeyCDN discount codes in 2024. We are here to answer some common coupon questions to help you save more through our exclusive coupon codes!

What is The KeyCDN Discount Value?

The common discount gives you up to 250 GB of CDN for free. You can find this coupon at the top of this page along with a straightforward guide as well.

When Do The KeyCDN Discounts Expire?

These offers will expire at the end of the year but you can still give it a shot after that. We will also bring new coupons for you so don’t worry!

Where to Find The Latest KeyCDN Deals and Offers?

The best place for you to find the latest and greatest coupons and discount offers is the GrabHosts website. We update our coupon stores regularly to give you the best discounts possible on KeyCDN.

Top 5 KeyCDN Alternatives

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a caching plugin for WordPress that helps to improve the performance of your website. It does this by caching static files, such as images and CSS, so that they don’t have to be loaded from the server each time a visitor requests a page. WP Rocket also minifies and combines CSS and JavaScript files, which can further improve performance.

2. FlyingPress

FlyingPress is another caching plugin for WordPress that is known for its speed and efficiency. It uses a variety of techniques to improve performance, including caching, minification, and lazy loading. FlyingPress also offers several features that are not available in other caching plugins, such as the ability to preload pages and delay JavaScript execution.

3. FlyingCDN

FlyingCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) that can be used to improve the performance of your website by delivering static files from servers that are closer to your visitors. FlyingCDN offers a variety of features, including caching, compression, and security.

4. NitroPack

NitroPack is an all-in-one performance optimization service that can be used to improve the speed and performance of your website. NitroPack offers a variety of features, including caching, minification, image optimization, and CDN.

5. WP-Optimize

WP Optimize is a WordPress plugin that helps to optimize your website for speed and performance. It does this by removing unused files and data, minifying and compressing files, and optimizing images. WP Optimize also offers a number of other features, such as database optimization and lazy loading.