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That’s how you redeem the above Leonardo AI coupons to save up to 20% on your pricing plans! – An Introduction

Leonardo AI is one of the leading AI tools in creative image generation. More recently, it has started offering video generation and other services as well. The platform is easy to use and affordable in price, and the customer support is really helpful.

Its key services include creative images, AI-generated videos, and AI-powered PNG generation. The platform has custom solutions for professionals like marketers and designers. These plans come with additional features and resources.

Leonardo AI offers three pre-built pricing plans, a free plan, and one custom option for larger enterprises. The smallest of its premium plans costs $12 a month. The above Leonardo AI coupons help you get extra discounts on these plans! Services

This AI-powred image generator offers three types of services. Here is a simple overview of all three:

1. AI Art Generator

If you are interested in AI-generated artwork, this service of Leonardo AI should help you best. It can generate stunning images and creatives within minutes if not quicker. This feature can also help you create pictures to put on social media or your blogs and articles.

2. AI Video Generator

As the tool is evolving constantly, users are now able to generate videos with it. The video generator takes a bit longer than art and pictures, but the extra time is worth the results. Leonardo AI’s video generator is perfect for new creators or other similar purposes.

3. PNG Generator

PNG images are mostly used in logos, graphic design, and professional posters. The Leonardo AI transparent image generator helps you create PNG images and design the perfect logo for your project. It saves you time, effort, and money.

Leonardo AI Pricing Plans

Leonardo AI offers several pricing options that cater to users with unique requirements. The free plans are awesome for new users who want to get familiar with the tool and its results. Then the three flexible plans offer different options to professionals. The soon-to-come enterprise plan offers custom solutions to larger businesses.

Let’s go through the Leonardo AI pricing plans and their details below:


The Apprentice plan is for anyone starting to use AI tools professionally. It helps you generate multiple kinds of creative images with much less effort. This pricing plan costs $12 a month to get started.

The Apprentice pricing plan includes access to all of Leonardo AI’s basic premium features. It has 8,500 fast tokens with monthly limit resets. You can work on 5 jobs simultaneously with this plan. Additionally, it lets you train 10 models per month and create up to 5 collections.

Artisan Unlimited

The Artisan Unlimited pricing plan gets you a lot more resources than the first plan. For example, you get 25,000 fast tokens every month, unlimited relaxed image generations, and up to 10 pending jobs at once.

The plan will cost you $30 per month if you go with a simple subscription. Some key features of Artisan Unlimited include private generations, the ability to create 15 collections, and 20 model training a month.

Maestro Unlimited

The largest of the fixed Leonardo AI pricing plans is Maestro Unlimited. They have priced this plan at $60 a month. However, this price gets reduced to $48/mo once you apply the above Leonardo AI coupon.

It gives you ALL of the platform’s features and 60,000 fast tokens for image generation. The plan allows training of 50 models and 50 collections. You can have 20 pending jobs and work on up to 6 concurrent projects with the Maestro pricing plan!

Leonardo AI Pros & Cons

Leonardo AI has several positive and negative features. Some of its pros include better images, faster generations, and cheaper plans. The pros include limited image customization and custom plans.

Let’s look at some of its pros and cons:


  • High-quality Images
  • Easy to Use
  • Generous Free Trial
  • Good Support Team


  • Limited Credits on FREE Plan
  • Limited Custom Options

Wrap Up

Leonardo AI is one of the best examples of how AI is helping us do something new, better, and unique. The tool saves you both time and effort when creating images. Additionally, it is cost-efficient for large and repetitive projects.

You can use Leonardo AI to generate creative artwork, great-quality video content, and some awesome PNG images. The tool offers multiple pricing options starting from $12 a month.

This article covered its pricing, services, and pros & cons. If you want additional information, please ask in the comments below. And as always, do not forget to use the Leonardo AI coupon for a 20% discount!