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About LoopCV

LoopCV is a popular automation platform that helps you land 3 times more interviews than normal. How does this happen? It sends your CV to the type of jobs you have shown interest in. The process is completely automated and your CV is customized for every job.

This not only saves you a ton of effort but also increases the chances of your landing a job interview. To get started, you will select the type of jobs you are interested in, upload your CV, and that’s it. The rest of the work will be done by LoopCV.

It has tons of other useful features and configuration options. Its pricing is quite reasonable and easily affordable for a lot of people. Keep reading to learn more about LoopCV.

LoopCV Pricing

The pricing system of LoopCV provides flexible options for different types of job seekers. Its smaller plans have fewer job titles while the larger plans allow you to search for more jobs at once. Here is a closer look at its pricing plans:

Basic Looper

The first plan is designed for those who just want to try out the platform. It includes only one job title that you can automate your applications to. This can be any related job to your field. This plan is completely free of charge.

Some additional features of the Basic Looper plan include up to 10 applications or emails per month and up to 3 job boards. The applications you send will have low priority in the free plan though.

Standard Looper

Standard Looper is the first premium plan of LoopCV. It includes way more job titles and options for automation than the free plan. You can start an application loop for up to 20 job titles when you have the Standard Looper plan. This plan will cost you 4.99 EUR every month.

All the features of the Basic plan are included with the Standard as well. In addition, you get up to 100 applications or emails, a custom email address, and the LinkedIn application extension. The priority for applications sent with this plan will be medium.

Premium Looper

Lastly, we have the Premium Looper plan provided by LoopCV. You will have to pay 14.99 EUR a month to get a subscription to this plan. This plan allows you to pick up to 50 different job titles for the automated application loop.

You can send a maximum of 300 emails or applications per month with this subscription. Some of its additional features include 20 job boards, the LinkedIn Apply extension, and a custom email address. And the priority of your applications here is the highest!

The following table presents a summary of the prices of the LoopCV pricing plans!

Plan Name Price
Basic Looper Free
Standard Looper 4.99 EUR/month
Premium Looper 14.99 EUR/month

LoopCV Key Features

LoopCV has plenty of useful features that make your job search much more convenient. Here are some of its most valuable features:

Auto Apply

Auto Apply is the most useful feature of LoopCV. With Auto Apply, the job application process becomes completely automated and on a loop. It saves you time and effort in your job search.

Search Organization and Filtering

You can also organize your search to go with a more structured and organized approach to your job hunt. Similarly, you can use the filtering feature to exclude certain keywords, companies, or job titles from your search.

Job Matching Algorithms

Special algorithms are employed by LoopCV to match your skills, qualifications, and preferences with suitable job openings. This personalized approach helps you discover positions that align with your professional background and career goals.

Email Finder

The Email Finder tool helps you locate and connect with potential employers or contacts within a company. This feature enhances the process of reaching out to key individuals.

LinkedIn Apply Extension

The LinkedIn Apply Extension integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn. It enables you to apply for jobs directly from the LinkedIn platform. This approach simplifies the application process and exposes your LinkedIn profile to potential hiring managers.

Wrap Up

Job hunting has become a tough and testing task for many individuals. Especially after the big giants are doing routine layoffs and not many companies are hiring. Platforms like LoopCV come in very handy at such a time. It sets up an automated loop of sending your CV to potential employers/job listings selected by you.

LoopCV allows you to select certain job titles and configure other settings before it starts sending your application to open jobs. It also customizes your CV to meet the specific requirements of each job listing. Overall, it is a great tool to use if you are looking to get called to more interviews with less effort.

You can also use the LoopCV promo code available on this page to get discounted prices!