Get 2 Months Of Optimole for FREE
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This Optimole coupon will give you two months of access to Optimole for free. This deal is only for annually-billed...More

This Optimole coupon will give you two months of access to Optimole for free. This deal is only for annually-billed Optimole plans. Less

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Get a 17% Discount On The Annual Optimole Business Plan
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You can get up to 17% in savings using this Optimole coupon code when purchasing the annually-billed Optimole Business plan.
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Get 13% Off Optimole’s Annual Starter Plan
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Use this coupon code to get a special 13% discount off the Starter plan offered by Optimole. The discount can...More

Use this coupon code to get a special 13% discount off the Starter plan offered by Optimole. The discount can only be availed on the Annual plan. Less

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How to Use the Optimole Coupon?

Using the Optimole is pretty simple. The most important thing is to have a working and active coupon code. In this case, we have already provided you with a bunch of coupons and promo codes above. These codes are all active and up-to-date so no worries on that side. Optimole makes it very easy for new customers to get a discount on their pricing plans. To use their coupon code for a discount, follow the simple steps listed below:

Step 1: Choose a coupon that aligns with the requirements of your selected Optimole plan. Then click on the Get Code/Deal button of the coupon that you select so the code hidden inside is revealed.

Optimole Coupons

Step 2: This will open a new tab where you will find the coupon code and a discount link. Copy the code and click on the discount link button which will take you to the official website of Optimole. The screenshot below displays which button to click.

Optimole Deal Activated

Step 3: Optimole will display the discounted pricing plans for you. Just select a plan that meets your requirements and proceed to purchase it. Make sure to check for the discount values of the selected plan.

Optimole Pricing Plans

Step 4: Complete the signup and checkout procedures on the Optimole website. On the final page, you can apply the Optimole code at its designated box. Do that for a discount and then complete the rest of the steps.

Optimole Coupon Box

These are all the steps required to redeem the Optimole code and get yourself a discount on one of their plans or better, get free access to Optimole for up to months!

Top Optimole Coupons in 2023

Though Optimole’s primary job is reducing the storage taken up by images on your website, it can also help your website load faster. And it does all this while offering you some awesome deals on its pricing plans. For example, you get a flat 17% discount when purchasing it annually through our exclusive coupon. Similarly, there are other scenarios in which the prices of the Optimole prices are brought down significantly. We did thorough research and collected some of the best coupons and discounts for Optimole that were available out there.

On this page, we will be discussing the top coupons that give you irresistible discounts on the Optimole plans. You can even get some months of Optimole free of charge using one of the codes that we have found. Without making you wait any further, let’s get to the discussion of the top Optimole coupons in 2023!

Get 13% Off Optimole’s Starter Plan

This coupon will give you a nice 13% discount when purchasing the Starter plan offered by Optimole. The discount applies only to those purchases that choose the Annual billing option on their website. To get this deal, you have to use the discount link found above in the coupons to get to their website. There, look for the Starter plan and enable the Annual billing option. You will now see that a 13% drop in price has been in effect. Now it is up to you to proceed with the purchase at the discounted price.

Get 17% Off The Optimole Business Plan (~$100 in Savings)

If you want to save nearly $100 on the Optimole Business plan, this is the coupon to use. You can get a sweet 17% discount when purchasing this plan through the coupon provided here. This 17% accounts for approximately $100 on a single purchase. To get this deal, use the discount link to visit Optimole’s website. Then select Optimole’s Business plan and go with Annual billing for it. That is all you are required to do if you want to save up to 17% on the Business plan offered by Optimole.

Get Optimole for 2 Months for FREE!

This coupon can be used more generally as it gives you discounts on both their plans along with the custom one. You can select the right Optimole plan for yourself and get 2 months for free using this coupon without even having to have a coupon code. All you have to do is use our discount link to get to their website and then select your desired Optimole plan. Choose to pay annually for your selected plan and they will only ask you to pay an amount that equals 10 Months of Optimole but you get the annual subscription. Hence, 2 months of Optimole is completely free!

About Optimole: A Detailed Introduction

Optimole is a real-time image processing plugin that helps you optimize the content and images on your website automatically. Once you install Optimole, it will get to work instantly and start resizing/compressing all the images on your website to a certain level prescribed by you. In this way, Optimole saves you a ton of valuable storage while also making your web pages lighter and faster. Light web pages tend to load up quickly hence improving the end-use experience a lot. Additionally, Optimole also keeps the resolution and quality of your website’s images consistent and neat. So, the visitors will face no problems viewing the content in your images.

It is easy to install and simple to use and it costs a very reasonable amount. With Optimole’s pricing plans, you get a lot of useful features that include auto-scaling, compression through Machine Learning, and unmetered bandwidth. Optimole is a does-it-all tool that improves the overall performance of your website and optimizes it in many different ways!

Optimole Pricing Plans

Optimole is offering three pricing plans including a custom plan with varying resources and features. The smallest of these plans is called Starter and it has a monthly price of $22. Although you get it for $19 using the coupon provided above. The different Optimole pricing plans seem to be priced quite reasonably as they come with a lot of valuable resources and useful features. Let’s discuss the three Optimole pricing plans in detail.


The smallest of the lot, Starter is a plan designed for beginners and website owners with limited requirements. It includes unlimited sites, unlimited images, and 50,000 monthly visits. Moreover, this plan gives you auto-scaling, ML compression, and AVIF support. The monthly price of Starter is only $19 if you use our coupon for Optimole.


This is the most popular Optimole plan with monthly prices starting from $39. This plan gives you 100K visits to start with, allowing you to scale it up to 3 Million a month but with great hikes in the price as well. The features that come with this plan include Smart Lazy-Loading, Cloudfront CDN (450+ locations), Unmetered Bandwidth, and Email and Chat Support with a 12-hour response limit. This plan also has all the features of the Starter plan.


Optimole’s custom plan is designed for larger websites and businesses. Its monthly visit limit starts from 10 Million visits and from there, it only rises. The Custom plan is packed with the features of both the Starter and Business plans combinedly. With significant increases in resource allocation, the Custom plan is the ultimate choice for agencies and large corporations. Optimole will determine the price of this plan once you select certain resource allocations. This plan has a response time of only 4 hours or less for Email and Chat support.

Top Use Cases for Optimole

Here are some common use cases for Optimole:

Image Compression: Optimole reduces the file size of images on your website without compromising their quality.

WebP Format Conversion: The plugin converts your site’s images to WebP format, leading to faster load times and better compression possibilities.

Automatic Image Scaling: It can automatically scale and resize images based on the user’s screen resolution.

Browser And Device Compatibility: Optimole ensures that images are compatible with various browsers and devices.

Optimole Coupon FAQs

We will now answer some common questions related to the Optimole discount codes.

What is The Optimole Coupon?

It is a word or phrase that you can apply at the checkout for special savings on your purchase.

Does The Optimole Discount Expire?

Yes, this discount will expire at some point. The expiry date is unknown at the moment but we recommend you use the coupon as soon as you can.

Where to Find The Latest Offers And Discounts?

We update our website regularly so your best chance of finding the greatest and latest discounts for Optimole is with us at GrabHosts.