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Save $158 on the Podia Shaker Plan by clicking our special deal button & switching to the Annual Billing. If you sign up & subscribe to the Shaker Monthly Billing, you’ll be charged $79/month whereas you can get up to $158 discount when you switch to the Annual Billing and will cost you $65.83/month instead of regular $79/month.

The Podia Shaker Plan includes the following features:

  • Selling & Creating Online Courses
  • Lets you Sell Digital Downloads
  • Email Marketing
  • Lets you Sell Memberships & other Subscriptions
  • Embedded Checkout
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Free Migration
  • Third-Party Code


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Sign up for the Podia Mover plan for just $32.50/month instead of its regular price tag of $39/month. For this, you’ll have to click our deal link & switch to the Annual Billing to avail this exclusive discount on the Podia Mover Plan.

This Mover Plan includes the following features:

  • Allows you to create & sell your own Online Courses & digital products that can be downloaded.
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Discounted Price


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With so many courses offered in different disciplines, anyone wanting to continue their education from home or trying to learn something can find what they are trying to learn.

Many online platforms allow you to make quality courses and provide quality education to everyone. Among which, Podia is a prevalent choice that helps you to get into the world of e-learning. If you have a skill or have knowledge on a course you want to teach others or want to create some educational content and sell it as an e-learning course; Podia is a very lucrative option. In this article, we will take a brief look at the platform and also see if there are any Podia Coupon Code available.


There has been a significant rise in digital-learning or e-learning platforms in recent times, owing to the latest development and easy accessibility of the internet. Education is not limited in the tightly scheduled, and often rigidly made curriculums of the educational institutes. With the help of digital learning platforms, anyone wanting to learn a new skill or improve their existing one can learn at their own pace in the comfort of their home.

Any person wanting to learn any skill or get an education can opt for any of the different free and paid courses offered by the learning platforms. Especially in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when all educational institutes are closed, and we have to maintain social distancing, using an e-learning platform is one of the crucial ways to get your education.

What Basically an e-Learning Platform is?

The relevancy of e-learning platforms suddenly came under a big spot-light after the COVID-19 pandemic. Now everybody has to maintain social distancing, which makes the operation of educational institutions impossible. The ability to continue courses from home, or trying to learn a new skill to use the extra time productively, is one of the many new changes in the current times.

Podia e-Learning

Even without the current special restrictions placed on daily life under the current situations, we cannot deny the usefulness of e-learning platforms. Whether it’s a student wanting to learn a topic that is not included in their course or trying to learn more about the already pursuing courses, online courses play a vital role in the education system.

Besides traditional courses, there are many courses specifically designed to nurture the extra-curricular skills a student may possess or want to have. Most e-learning courses provide courses on Science, technology, Arts, Commerce, Music, Games, and many more. They also are platforms where one can start a business by sharing their skill with other people. If you want to be a creator of educational content, you can use their services to offer your courses. And you can earn money using by monetizing the courses. You can also hold webinars, have blog posts, and many other services to promote your courses.

There are many online learning platforms on the market. Just to name a few, there are SkillShare, podia, Udemy, Shaw Academy, Unacademy, etc.

What is Podia?

Being in business since 2014, Podia has made itself a big giant in the e-learning community. Many aspiring entrepreneurs trying to get their online courses off the grounds take the help of the various services provided by them. Podia has made the job of making your educational content and selling them online more accessible than ever with their simplistic packages and all the supporting materials needed.

What is Podia

They provide all the tools necessary to sell your courses online under one package, so it is easier for the novice and convenient for the experts. Besides the services, they are also providing demos, articles, case studies, step by step guides, and additional tools to learn, create, and manage your business. Podia also gives you a demo on how to use their services for free every week. They offer amazing discounts on their annual subscriptions and top it all off, a 14-day free trial without the need for any credit card.

Podia Features

Let’s take a look at Podia’s some features:

1. Free Migrations

If you are an existing user of e-learning platforms and have your content on any other service, Podia offers you to transfer all of your content on their service free of cost.

2. Custom URL

You can make your store truly your own with a custom URL under the subdomain of

3. Integrations

Podia has a bunch of integration with big companies to help your business grow to new heights. You can connect to Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, or whatever service you use for your business.

4. The Versatility of Languages & Currency

Offering 11 languages and 22 currencies, Podia has made it very easy to produce content targeted to a specific region or demographic.

5. Live Customer Support

With 24/7 customer care service and the option to chat in real-time with an expert, Podia makes sure their consumers get the best and most professional service out there

6. Customizable Branding

You can add your customized logo and customize the colors of your store to suit your taste.

7. Live Previews

You can check how everything will look in real-time while you are making the changes.

8. Unlimited Everything

They are here to help your store grow, not put limits on it. Keeping that in mind, they provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited products, and unlimited customers, so you don’t have to worry about the availability of the resources.

What Makes Podia a Unique Platform?

Podia possesses many exceptional characteristics to make it a fantastic choice for selling your online courses, memberships, and digital downloads. Let’s look at a few of those understand what makes Podia unique amongst other e-learning platforms even after not offering any Coupon Codes:

  • Affordable and fair pricing offered to everyone.
  • Providing customer support from real experts, any day of the week.
  • They have simple, Intuitive, straightforward design, which helps beginners start without having to have prior knowledge or skills to learn how to operate an online course selling business.
  • They have everything you need under one umbrella. Podia offers packs that, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you get all the tools you need to create and manage your e-course selling business.

Podia Coupon Code 2024

Although Podia doesn’t have a Coupon Code per se, it does provide amazing offers otherwise. Being so many years in the industry, they already made their product streamlined and easy to use. The prices of the products offered are very affordable as well.

Podia Coupon Code

If you opt for their annual subscription, you can save a ton of money on their products. A yearly subscription will help you save $78 on their ‘Mover’ pack and $158 on their upgraded ‘Shaker’ package. They are giving a free trial of 14 days for their ‘Shaker’ plan to get a taste of their services. They give you all the tools included in the package to use for free. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can opt-out of the program anytime you want.

Having all these fantastic offers and fantastic customer service helps them get a good number of customers, even without a Coupon Code.

How To Get Discount on Podia plans?

Follow these steps to get an exclusive discount on both Podia plans.

Step #1: Click the Get Deal on this page to visit Podia.

Step #2: Click Start your 14-days free trial & sign up for the account to create a Podia Free Trial account for 14-days.

Podia Free Trial

Step #3: After creating Podia free trial account, log into your account & click the Upgrade button to go to the Billing page.

Upgrade Podia Subscription

Step #4: Now switch to the Annual Billing and choose either of the subscription plans i.e Mover or Shaker.

Choose Podia Annual Billing

Step #5: Once you choose any of the plans, you’ll get the form where you can pay for the subscription through a Credit Card and can sign up with the Podia subscription without Coupon Code as you have already switched to the Annual Billing.

Paying for Podia

Services Offered by Podia

They have over half a decade of expertise in the e-learning scenario. Podia provides many services in addition to its e-learning platform making services. They give the platform to create good e-learning subdomains, but they are also helping the entrepreneurs learn the business and grow with their guides, demos, and other programs. Sadly, there is no Coupon Code, but they offer the services at very affordable prices and over discounts and trials.

1. The Two Plans offered by Them

Podia offers two all-in-one plans, one for the business novice and one for a bit experienced e-learning content creator. They offer all the tools necessary to make your e-learning platform and offer courses and other programs to your audience.

2. Articles

Podia offers you many free articles on entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and sale, and many more. They also provide you with various case studies and ‘How to posts’ to help you learn the business and answer any questions you might have as a starting out of a company.

3. Guides

They also provide step by step guides on different topics to help someone who is just starting in the e-learning business. Some of their popular guides are on ‘creating amazing membership websites,’ ‘how to create, sell and profit from an online course,’ ‘how to sell digital downloads and online products for passive income,’ etc.

4. Tools

Wanting to make their user experience as easy as possible, Podia is also offering free tools to help out in the e-course making business. They are offering a free sales copy generator to quickly and efficiently set up your sales page. Another tool provided is a Digital download generator, which lets you create a digital download of your content that you can give away or sell.

5. Demos

For the entrepreneurs who are just starting as creators, the company hosts free live demos on how to use their services. You can just sign up on their website and get access to the webinar hosted by them to explain the working of their services and familiarize them with the online course-selling business.

Podia Plans & Pricing

Podia has taken out the hassle to choose a suitable plan amongst tens of existing programs, which helps first-time users of the e-learning course making platforms. Podia offers one pack that they claim has more than five tools for course creation integrated into it, for someone who’s just starting with their online courses. And there is an upgrade to this plan for existing businesses offering online courses that want to grow their business. The upgraded program offers additional features on top of the already existing all-in-one plan needed for basic e-learning course creation. Let’s look at some of the critical elements of the programs:

1. Mover Plan

The base plan offered by Podia, called Mover, is a plan made for the entrepreneurs who want to get their feet wet in the online learning business. The program is said to have more than five tools integrated into it to make it an all-in-one solution for the convenience of the online learning business novice. The base plan, ‘Mover,’ starts at $39 per month. Even though there is no Podia Coupon Code, the subscriptions are still one of the best because of their ease of usability and resourcefulness. The program includes features like:

1. Online Course

Podia helps you build, sell, and manage your online course very quickly, providing all the necessary tools. You don’t need any third-party software or plugins.

2. Webinars

Included in the plan is the ability to host a webinar for your subscribers. You can either monetize the webinars or offer them free of cost to build up your customer numbers. This plan also includes the YouTube Live integration. Podia gives you the ability to schedule the webinars beforehand, host them live and later share the replays, all under one umbrella.

3. Your Storefront

You can use your custom domain or use the Podia subdomain (included in the pack) to host your storefront. Your storefront, simply put, is your presence on the internet. Your subscribers get to know about your business, subscribe to the services, buy products, and sign up for additional assistance.

4. Messaging

Podia also offers you a built-in chat tool, which helps to connect with your audience in real-time that much easier.

5. Digital Downloads

Podia manages all the technical side of your business, barring you from the stress of management of your storefront. From building a sales page to delivering content to your audience, Podia takes care of everything so you can just focus on creating good educational content.

6. Unlimited Resources

The company offers its users, unlimited customers, sales and files hosted, products, e-mail sent, so they can grow their business without worrying about exhausting the limits on their available resources.

7. Free Migration

If you are already on an e-learning platform and want to move over your content to Podia, they offer free migration with every annual plan. You only need to give the necessary details about your content, and they will move all of it on their servers. Even though there is no availability of the Podia Coupon Code, these additional features make the annual plan more attractive.

2. Shaker Plan

The upgradation on their base package is called the’ Shaker.’ This plan specially made package is for the somewhat experienced people familiar with the whole e-learning content selling business. The price of this pack is $79 per month. This plan offers all the benefits of the ‘Mover’ program and additional perks and features. Let’s look at the other features included in this package-

1. Memberships

Like membership services offered on YouTube channels, Podia lets you provide membership services for your customers. You can either make a paid monthly or yearly membership program for steady income or create a free membership program to get traffic on your site.

2. Blog

The plan also gives you the ability to post blogs. Posting blogs on the internet helps people all over the internet to get a taste of the content. Also, posting blogs on other websites sometimes drives people to the leading site and eventually to the courses.

3. Zoom Integration

You can offer free or paid coaching sessions, one-on-one consultations, presentations over Zoom meetings or webinars, using Podia’s seamless Zoom integration.

4. Offsite Buy Buttons

‘Shaker’ package also gives you the ability to embed a buy button for your products on any website, page, or blog on the internet. This feature allows users of those websites and your users to buy your product without actually needing to visit your page.

5. Third-Party Code

You can use third party code snippets like Pixel, Facebook, Olark, and many more with this plan, which is not available on the base pack.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Building your own sales team is easier than ever using the affiliate marketing program included in this package. Your affiliates get a unique promo code to promote, and they get paid according to their success at rates set by you.

Podia Refund & Other Frequently Asked Questions

Here we talk about the Podia refund & other most asked queries.

1. Cancellation

Podia is giving you full control of your e-learning platform. You can cancel their service and de-activate your account any time you choose. To cancel your account, go to settings and click on ‘cancel account.’ They don’t charge you any additional fees or don’t hold you to any terms and conditions.

2. Refund

Although they don’t give you any traditional money-back guarantee, Podia does provide you with a 14-day free trial to try out their services for free. And if you want to de-activate your subscription but forgot to do so before the next invoice date, they give you a 72-hour window to contact them and avail of a refund on your last payment. But this policy is not available on their annual subscriptions.

3. Switching Between Plans

Podia gives you the freedom to switch between plans without any penalties. You can easily upgrade or downgrade an existing package if you want. You have the liberty to change between monthly to annual billing, too, freely.

4. Getting the Earned Money

To get the money you earned through selling your online courses, all you need to do is connect your PayPal or (and) Stripe account with your Podia account. After doing that, Podia will transfer anything you earn selling the courses to your online wallets.

5. Demo

Podia gives not only e-learning platform services but also tools to help you get started in this business. If you are relatively new in this business, they are offering a weekly demo every Thursday at 4 PM ET in the form of a webinar. Anyone can sign up for the demo for free and start learning how to use their services.

6. The Requirement of Credit Card for a Free Trial

The trial pack offered doesn’t need credit cards to avail of the 14-day trial. You can just sign up with Podia and get a two weeks trial period with their top service no strings attached.

7. Choosing Packages for the Trial

You don’t have to choose any plans for your free trial. The free trial comes with all of their best features, i.e., the Shaker package. You need to select a policy after your trial period expires.

8. Further Questions

If you have any further queries, you can contact customer support 24/7 to help you make the experience better. They also have a fantastic live chat feature, which lets you instantly connect with the company.

Final Words

In modern times, online learning platforms have seen a massive rise in popularity. Learning at your own pace and your convenient hours is a huge advantage to have. It is never too late to learn a new skill or continue your education. It is especially true in the current social distancing scenario where all the educational institutes have closed down. These platforms also allow you to learn many courses that the education system traditionally does not offer together. You are free to choose topics from different disciplines together.

On the other hand, if you want to teach or share your skills as courses online, these platforms help you out on those too. They help you to offer your courses on their subdomains, in essence, help you start your e-learning platform. They help you out with subscriptions, memberships, sales charts, managing your products online, and many more services needed for a good e-learning platform. One of the best service providers in business is Podia.

Podia Gives excellent and easy to use solutions to all the e-learning platform needs. They offer very lucrative prices and discounts on their annual subscriptions. They also let you have a 14-day free trial period to get started with their service. All these combined with their responsive customer care service makes it easy to look away from the fact that they don’t have any Podia Coupon Code.

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