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How to Use the ProxyLink Coupon?

You can follow these simple guidelines to redeem any of the above coupons for special discount offers on ProxyLink.

Step 1: Click on the Get Code button of your selected coupon from above.

ProxyLink Coupon Codes

Step 2: Copy the code given in the new tab and visit the official ProxyLink website from there.

ProxyLink Code Redeemed

Step 3: Now select the type of proxies you want to purchase. Then proceed to the purchase.

ProxyLink Pricing

Step 4: Lastly, apply the code from Step 2 into the designated box to complete the checkout.

ProxyLink Signup

That is how you can redeem the coupons listed above to get up to 33% in savings on the ProxyLink proxy services.

ProxyLink Pricing

ProxyLink provides a bunch of different proxy services that include residential, rotating, and static IP addresses. Each type of proxy is suited for customers with unique requirements. For instance, customers requiring more privacy can purchase the High Trust IPs.

You can select from four different pricing plans with prices starting from 3 EUR a month. The specifications and resources of this plan are quite similar to higher-priced plans. The large difference between them all is the transfer limit. All the proxy plans available on the ProxyLink website come with unlimited threads.

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these four pricing plans.


The first plan provides you with a generous 1 GB transfer limit for all the IP addresses included. Mind you there are over 7 million IP addresses provided by ProxyLink. Customers who want to use proxies for light work can prefer this plan.

The monthly price for the Beginner plan of ProxyLink will cost you 3 EUR. It includes all of their residential IP addresses, rotating and sticky proxies, and unlimited threads. These features are included in addition to the high trust and privacy core of their proxies.


The next plan includes a higher amount of transfer limit. It is designed for those who want to use proxies for larger purposes. With a monthly transfer limit of 5 GB, this plan is quite affordable with a monthly price of only 5 EUR for such generous resources.

ProxyLink provides you access to all 7 million+ premium residential IPs and all of the other proxy types that it might be providing. Similar to the other plans, privacy, and trust are the core additional features included with the Advanced plan.


Expert is the third proxy pricing plan provided by ProxyLink. As the name states, expert internet users and browsing professionals can purchase this plan. You get up to 20 GB of data transfer/bandwidth limit for the Expert pricing plan.

ProxyLink will charge you 60 EUR every month for the purchase of this plan. It includes all the features and resources that come with the other ProxyLink pricing plans.


As the name suggests, this plan is aimed at businesses and enterprises who want to go far and beyond with their proxy usage. It comes with a whopping 150 GB of transfer limit for a month. This means you can keep using its resources without any issue of running out.

You will have to pay 150 EUR per month to get the ProxyLink Enterprise proxy plan. But, do not worry about this price. The coupons provided above on this page will save you up to 33% on your desired proxy plans.

ProxyLink Key Features

The ProxyLink solutions and services come with some of the highest-quality features out there. In this section, I will take a look at some key features that come with the ProxyLink proxies.

Versatile Proxy Solutions: ProxyLink offers a versatile range of proxy solutions to meet various needs. These include AD verification, SEO monitoring, web scraping, penetration testing, and more.

Top Locations: ProxyLink provides access to a vast pool of over 7 million real residential IPs across 150+ countries. The service has secured top locations, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. This global coverage allows users to bypass geo-restrictions and access worldwide web data.

Reliability and Guarantees: It emphasizes fast and reliable service with automatic and instant delivery of proxy solutions. The platform guarantees 99% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for customers. Additionally, ProxyLink offers guarantees for quality and satisfaction, including a 3-day risk-free trial with a 200% money-back guarantee.

Transparent Pricing Plans: The pricing structure of ProxyLink is quite simplified with straightforward plans catering to different user needs. The plans include features like rotating and sticky IPs, high-trust IPs, and unlimited threads, providing flexibility for users with different budget considerations.

Privacy and Security Features: ProxyLink prioritizes user privacy and security with a no-logs policy. The platform promotes high-trust IPs to enhance website trust and minimize ban risks. This commitment to privacy and security aligns with the broader goal of helping users overcome blocking, geo-restrictions, and CAPTCHA challenges.

Final Words

ProxyLink provides a diverse range of proxies at budget-friendly prices. Security and privacy are at the center of the proxy provider. It aims to help you explore the web on your terms without any restrictions. For this, you are offered a robust collection of proxies and IP addresses in four pricing plans. These plans are priced quite reasonably to make it easier for everyone to use their services.

The ProxyLink prices start from 3 EUR a month only. To help you save additional amounts on these proxy plans, I have provided exclusive coupons and promo codes from ProxyLink on this page. You can use these coupon codes to get up to 33% discount instantly!