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About Saleshandy

Saleshandy is one of the most incredible tools that can completely revolutionize the email outreach landscape. Whether someone wants to reach out to potential clients or wants to expand their network through cold emails, Saleshandy can help make any such process easier. The tool has many innovative features that make cold outreach simpler and more interesting.

With automation and other such features, Saleshandy presents itself as a revolutionary software. You can use it to find leads, automatically follow up with emails, sequence emails, and more. I have so much more to tell you about this amazing tool so stay till the end of this article with me!

Saleshandy Pricing Plans

There are many unique pricing options available for Saleshandy. You can select from four different pricing plans that cover the requirements of all types of customers. Each pricing plan has a monthly and annual subscription available.

The following is a detailed overview of the Saleshandy pricing plans available on its website.

Outreach Starter

The first plan is called Outreach Starter and it gets you started with the software. The monthly price for this plan is $36 only. But, you get a special 30% discount on the annual plan, reducing its price to $30 a month. The low price should not tell you that it might have fewer features.

You get UNLIMITED email accounts with this plan and a unified inbox for all your email accounts with this plan. It also comes with up to 5 email accounts for warm-up. The other features of the Starter plan include 2,000 total prospects, 6,000 emails a month, and 1,100 email verification credits.

Outreach Pro

The next plan includes everything that comes with the starter plan in addition to its unique features and resources. The monthly price of the Outreach Pro plan is only $99. With the annual discount applied, you will only have to pay $74 every month for this plan.

The resources of this plan include 20 email accounts for warm-up, 30,000 total prospects, 100,000 emails, and 4,000 email verification credits. Saleshandy’s Pro plan also has features such as unlimited team members, sender rotation pro, and numerous integrations.

Outreach Scale

The Outreach Scale pricing plan of Saleshandy includes all the features and resources that come with the Pro pricing plan. You have to pay a regular monthly price of $199 for this plan. After the annual discount is applied, the monthly price of the Scale plan becomes $149 only.

With a sender rotation scale, many integrations, and other features, the Scale plan leaves no requirement unfulfilled. It provides you with 50 email accounts for warm-up. The Saleshandy Scale pricing plan also comes with 60,000 total prospects, 25,000 emails, and 25,000 email verification credits.

Outreach Scale Plus 100K

This is the customizable pricing plan offered by Saleshandy. Its base version is priced at $299 monthly and includes all the features of the previous plans combined. The annual discount reduces its monthly price to $219 per month only. With 5 pre-built options and a custom plan option, this plan has unlimited flexibility.

The base version includes a dedicated success manager among other exclusive features. It comes with 100 email accounts for warm-up, 350,000 emails per month, and 45,000 email verification credits.

Key Features of Saleshandy

Saleshandy is one of the most advanced software of its kind. It has a diverse collection of innovative features. Here is a look at some of these amazing features.

Email Sequences: With this feature, you can manage and scale your cold email outreach with automated sequences. This will ensure timely and personalized communication to your target audience.

Auto Follow-up: You can boost reply rates through automated, personalized follow-ups. This feature is great for maximizing engagement and making sure your senders get a response.

Email Warm-up: This feature improves deliverability by rapidly increasing your email reputation. It also helps in making sure your message reaches the main inbox and does not end up in the spam folder.

Unified Inbox: The unified inbox streamlines communication by organizing all your email accounts in one unified inbox. This centralized platform is great for managing various forms of correspondence efficiently.

Lead Finder: Saleshandy lets you access a vast database of over 700 million B2B contacts which empowers you to discover potential leads and expand your network for business growth.

LinkedIn Email Finder: You can find email addresses associated with LinkedIn profiles through Saleshandy.

Final Words

Saleshandy is a great tool designed to make your email outreach more interesting and efficient. The software boasts a diverse range of features and other resources. All of its features make your outreach easier and simpler. Some key features of Saleshandy include auto follow-up, email sequences, and the unified inbox.

I discussed the key features and pricing plans of Saleshandy in this article to help you get to know the tool better. Make sure to use the exclusive Saleshandy coupons I have listed on this page to get a 30% discount on its plans in 2024!