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Who wouldn't like to see their website on top of Google's first page? SEOPress will let you rank your website....More

Who wouldn’t like to see their website on top of Google’s first page? SEOPress will let you rank your website. Use this coupon code to save up to 33% on this plugin during the ongoing Black Friday Deals. Less

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SEOPress is the leading WordPress SEO plugin. They provide quality SEO services and top-class features with their plugin. You have to pay a simple regular price. The thing that makes them stand out from the rest is that they don’t have any hidden charges.

Unlike other companies, that increase the price after one year, with SEOPress you have to pay the same price this year and then the next, and so on. SEOPress is currently used by more than 250,000 websites, and they offer a 100% money-back guarantee of 14 days. This lets you check and test their services in detail and you can then choose to whether stay with them or cancel the purchase.

They have 3 main plans and a free SEOPress plan. The cheapest of the 3 is offered at $49 per year. You can use this license on unlimited websites. The most expensive plan they have will cost you just $99 if you avail of our SEOPress coupons. SEOPress has amazing features that will make sure that your ranking on any search engine is improved. Don’t forget to get the discount using our coupon. Below is a detailed overview of SEOPress features and pricing plans.

SEOPress: The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

SEOPress is often referred to as the best WordPress plugin for SEO. This is because of their awesome features and their affordable pricing plans. They don’t cost any additional money when you renew your plan a year later. Features like these make SEOPress stand out from the rest. The features and pricing of SEOPress are discussed below.

SEOPress Key Features

Sometimes, it’s just the features that we need, and they cost extra money. With SEOPress you get all the necessary features included in the subscription, There are no additional charges for anything. Get a discount by using the above coupon. The main features of SEOPress are here.

Easy-to-use Installation Wizard

Their installation wizard is very simple and easy to use. It will guide you on how to install SEOPres and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to do that. It is available in all the plans that they offer.

Simple User Interface

You don’t have to spend hours to find anything on the SEOPress plugin. Their simple user interface makes everything available at your fingertips. YOu can do anything you need within minutes if not seconds.

Metadata Migration

If you are already using an SEO tool, and you want to switch to SEOPress. You can do so and SEOPress allows you to copy your metadata from the previous tool to the new one. Don’t forget to grab the SEOPress offer when making a purchase.

Free Ebooks

SEOPress provides you with free ebooks within the cost of the subscription. These books guide you about SEO techniques and by reading them and using the information they provide, you can rank your site much more easily.

Exclusive Facebook Group

SEOPress goes to the extent of customer care that they have set up a private group exclusively for their customers. This means you get real-time customer support from them and you can also get help from the already solved issues. Other SEOPress subscribers can also help you out there.

Real-Time Google Preview

You can preview your website on Google in real-time. This means you get an insight into how your website is performing SEO-wise.  And you can improve your tactics if your ranking is not up to your expectations.

Unlimited Target Keywords

You can analyze the relevance of your SEO with SEOPress. The good thing about this is that you can use unlimited target keywords. All of this is included in the plain price of the subscription. Our SEOPress discount coupon can help reduce that price.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

SEOPress provides a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can explore everything they have to offer. And if you don’t want to continue with them, you can always cancel your subscription within 14 days and get a 100% refund.

SEOPress Pricing Plans 2024

The price of a plugin is one of the most important factors when searching for new plugins. SEOPress has a simple and reasonable price and covers all the needs within it. You can get the SEOPress plugin for as low as $49 per year. And no, the price won’t change when you renew your subscription a year later.

They have 3 main plans and an additional free-of-cost plan. The most expensive plan will cost you $148 without our SEOPress discount. With the SEOPress coupon, the price is reduced to $99 annually. The details of their pricing plans are given below.

SEOPress Coupon

SEOPress Pro

The first and cheapest plan is called SEOPress Pro. It is usable on unlimited websites. You get access to all the premium features by paying just $49 per year. The standout feature of this plan is that you can use it for unlimited websites. It has all the basic features you would need to rank your website.

SEOPress Insights

With this plan, you get all the professional SEO tools that will rank your website better than anything else. You can have new and advanced SEO insights to get ahead of your competitors in the ranking race. This plan will cost you $99 per year without the SEOPress discount.

SEOPress Bundle

This is the extreme SEOPress subscription, you get all the SEOPress plans within a single subscription. You get SEOPress Free, SEOPress Pro, and SEOPress Insights all in one place. You can use SEOPress Pro for unlimited websites, however, SEOPress Insights allows 1 website per license.

How to Get SEOPress Discount

The SEOPress coupon provided will let you save up to 33% on the SEOPress Bundle plan. Follow the steps written below to get the discount using our coupon.

  1. First, click on the “Get Coupon”  button to reveal the coupon code.
  2. Then you will be led to the SEOPress website.
  3. There look for the SEOPress Bundle plan.
  4. Click on the “Get the Bundle” button
  5. Enter your details and then proceed by clicking “Purchase“.

And that’s how you get a 33% discount on SEOPress.

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