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Shrimpy is a tool that makes trading easier for beginners. This deal is here to save you up to 20%...More

Shrimpy is a tool that makes trading easier for beginners. This deal is here to save you up to 20% on their plans. Less

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Shrimpy was created in 2018 by crypto enthusiasts who wanted to have a centralized tool for crypto trading and portfolio management. It does all the crypto work in one place as was the goal of creating this tool. The main features of Shrimpy include crypto automation and a healthy dashboard with all the required things visible.

In short, Shrimpy is a portfolio management tool that does crypto trading automation and other things. It has 2 premium subscriptions and a free plan. The Standard plan will cost you 0nly $19 per month if you use the Shrimpy coupon.

Shrimpy Main Features

Shrimpy has all the features a crypto trader would want in a single tool. It can manage your portfolio, automate your traders, give you trade history, and many other things. All these things are made possible with some amazing features. Some of Shrimpy’s features are discussed below.

Powerful Dashboard

Their powerful dashboard lets you manage and track your portfolio. You can connect to different wallets from there, transfer Funds, link Exchange accounts, and track changes to the hardware and software of the wallets.

Crypto Automation

Crypto automation requires experience and resources. Shrimpy has got both of them. You can easily automate your crypto trading with Shrimpy and it will make the best possible trade decisions for you. It does things like smart rebalancing, indexing the market, and Dollar-Cost averaging automatically.

Smart Trading Terminal

You can quickly do any trade and change your assets or their amounts of them easily. The smart terminal lets you view trade history, and exchange price comparisons. It also routes your transactions smartly to make them more effective.

 Other Features

Their other features include social trading and history viewership. With social trading, you can follow in the footsteps of the leading crypto experts. The history viewership contains all the dates of the changes you have made to your portfolio, rebalances, trade losses, and dollar-cost averages among other things.

Shrimpy Pricing Plans

Apart from the 2 premium plans, Shrimpy also has a free version. The free version lets you do unlimited spot trading, and it can be used for only 1 exchange. The premium plans do a lot of other things and have additional features. The cheaper plan costs $19 per month. The Shrimpy coupon can enable many discounts for you. More details about the plans are below.

Shrimpy Pricing Plans

Standard Pricing Plan

This plan is the basic one and has all the basic features like unlimited spot trading and multiple exchanges. Its monthly price is $19 with a discount. Its other features are listed below.

  • 5 Exchanges
  • 5 Portfolios
  • 5 Automations
  • 10 Min Balance Refresh Time
  • 25 Backtests Per Day
  • Follow up to 5 Alpha Traders

Plus Pricing Plan

The Plus pricing plan has everything that Shrimpy offers. All of its features are maximum capacity with a monthly price of only $49 per month. Which can be further reduced with the Shrimpy coupon code. It has all the above features and some new ones which are listed below.

  • 25 Exchanges
  • 10 Portfolios
  • 10 Automations
  • Up to 100 Backtests Everyday
  • 10-Minute Balance Refresh Time
  • API Access

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