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How to Use the Skynet Hosting Coupon?

Now  that you’ve got our exclusive coupons and promo codes for Skynet Hosting, let me provide you with a guide on how to redeem them all:

Step 1: Select the coupon you want to use from the above list and click on Get Code.

Skynet Hosting Coupon Codes

Step 2: Copy the code shown in the new tab and visit Skynet Hosting’s official website.

Skynet Hosting Code

Step 3: Choose the hosting type and pricing plan. Then proceed to its purchase right away.

Skynet Hosting Pricing

Step 4: Apply the code from Step 2 into its designated box. Lastly, complete the remaining checkout!

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That is all it takes to redeem one of the promo codes listed above and get a 40% discount on Skynet Hosting!

Skynet Hosting: A Detailed Overview

So you have got an idea about Skynet Hosting and discount codes for it. But what is it that makes the company worth looking at? Let’s find out!

Skynet Hosting was established in 2023 to achieve specific goals. For instance, providing quality services without solely focusing on profits. The company aims to build lasting relationships with its clients instead of one-time purchases.

To achieve its goals, Skynet Hosting sells VPS, VDS, and VPN services. You can also purchase SSL certificates and register new domain names. In short, Skynet Hosting keeps its products simple and valuable.

They are determined when it comes to performance and availability. The company has a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure the highest uptime possible. Moreover, you are provided with 24/7 instant customer support. To summarise, the amazing performance and valuable features of Skynet Hosting make it worth a try!

Skynet Hosting Pricing Plans

You already have many reasons to try out Skynet Hosting and I haven’t even told you about their awesome prices. It offers six different purchase options for its VPS and VDS services. You can register a new domain for as low as 6.38 Euros. Its VPN is available at 36 EUR annually with a handy 15% discount.

Let’s look at the pricing plans for these services in more detail:

VPS and VDS Services

VPS services start from a small price of 4.99 EUR a month. You can choose from two locations: Moldova and the Netherlands (Soon). Each plan comes with four different billing terms. The most popular is annual billing because of its additional discounts. Here is a look at the Skynet Hosting VPS plans:

SN-20: The SN-20 plan will cost you 4.99 EUR per month. You will get a 1 vCore CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 20 GB Storage with his plan. The port speed for this plan is a sold 100 Mbps.

SN-40: For $11.99 a month, you get a 2 vCore CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and 40 GB NVMe storage. This plan comes with unlimited traffic and both IPv4 and IPv6.

SN-60: Skynet Hosting has priced this plan at 14.99 EUR a month. They offer you 60 GB NVMe, 4 GB of RAM, and a 4 vCore CPU. The remaining features are the same as the other plans.

SN-80: The next VPS/VDS plan will give you a 4 vCore CPU and 8 GB RAM for 17.99 monthly. You also get 80 GB NVMe and a 100 Mbps port in this plan.

SN-120: You can purchase this plan by paying a handsome monthly price of 24.99 EUR! This price will get you an 8 vCore CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 120 GB of NVMe.

SN-140: The plan in the VPS lineup will set you back $34.99 every month. They include the same 8 vCore CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and 140 GB NVMe storage.

SSL Certificates

Skynet Hosting provides a diverse range of SSL certificates. You can select from 14 different SSLs. The prices for these range from 11.25 EUR to 800 EUR annually. Let’s look at a few popular options below:

Comodo Positive SSL (DV): The SSL will cost you only 11.25 EUR annually.

Rapid SSL: The Rapid SSL costs only $17.93 per year.

Thawte SSL123: You will have to pay 50 EUR annually to get this one.

Sectigo SSL Certificate (DV): This one is priced at 80 EUR for 1 year.

DigiCert Standard SSL: This one will cost you a huge 300 Euros per year.

DigiCert WildCard SSL: The price for this SSL is a whopping 800 EUR annually!

Domain Registration

Skynet Hosting will register your domain name for a reasonable price. It has a wide range of TLDs available including .com and .net. Let me tell you the prices for some of these:

.com: Skynet Hosting charges you 15.66 EUR to register a .com domain name.

.us: Registering a .us domain is a little cheaper, costing 10.46 EUR.

.eu: The cheapest TLD is the .eu one. You can register a domain name with this one for only 6.38 Euros!

VPN Services

The Skynet VPN offers you a wide range of location options. With a no-log policy and a bunch of other useful features, this VPN is not at all a bad choice for the casual internet user.

Pricing: Skynet will charge you a flat annual fee of 36 Euros. Using our exclusive coupon, you get an automatic 15% discount on it.

Features: Skynet Hosting makes sure to provide you full digital privacy when you use this VPN. You can choose a location from 41 countries and 47 different cities. This VPN is fast, reliable, and more importantly, secure.

Here is a table summarising the pricing plans offered by Skynet Hosting.

Service Plan Price (EUR) Additional Features
VPS and VDS Services SN-20 4.99 1 vCore CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB Storage
Cheapest VPS SN-20 4.99 1 vCore CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB Storage
Cheapest SSL Comodo Positive SSL (DV) 11.25 Basic SSL Certificate
Cheapest Domain .eu 6.38 Registration of a .eu domain
SSL Certificates Rapid SSL 17.93 Standard SSL Certificate
Domain Registration .com 15.66 Registration of a .com domain
VPN Services Annual Plan 36 (with 15% off) VPN with locations in 41 countries

Skynet Hosting Key Features

The features offered by a hosting company are often the deciding factor. The features actually give value to the hosting and make it worth the money you pay. Here are 5 key features of Skynet Hosting:

24/7 Dedicated Support

Skynet Hosting offers round-the-clock customer support through various channels. These include live chat and a built-in ticket system. This ensures that customers can have access to swift and transparent assistance whenever they encounter any issues with their hosting.

High-Performance NVMe Disks

Skynet Hosting exclusively utilizes NVMe disks for their VPS servers. This technology is employed to guarantee exceptional performance. Hence, providing customers with reliable and fast hosting for their websites.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The latest virtualization technologies enable Skynet Hosting to form a cloud-based infrastructure. This cloud-based infrastructure is distributed across a large array of servers. This guarantees optimal performance and uptime for VPS servers.

Full Control & Flexibility

Customers have complete control over their virtual servers, with full root access that allows customization of the server environment. Whether hosting a single large website or multiple smaller sites, you can manage resource allocation according to your specific needs.

Free Migration

They also offer free and effortless migration services. Their team of hosting experts will move all websites to a new server at a time and date convenient for the customer. You will get all the technical assistance that you need from Skynet Hosting!

Final Words

Skynet Hosting is a relatively newer player in the web hosting landscape. It offers VPS and VDS services that are based on a well-maintained cloud-infrsturcture. The hosting plans of Skynet Hosting come with valuable resources and useful features.

Performance, affordability, and resourcefulness are some of the key factors of their rapid growth. Add the Skynet Hosting coupon to that, and the demand will skyrocket. With these promo codes, you can save up to 40% on your favorite Skynet Hosting service instantly!