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If you’re an Agency or a Freelancer who wants to have Social Snap set up on more than 3 sites then you’ll need to buy the Agency plan which supports up to 15 sites which means you can install & set up Social Snap on up to 15 sites. This plan usually costs $299 per year but thanks to the offer, the price is reduced to just $209.30 per year and you’ll save a whopping $89.70 on this plan.

The Agency plan comes with the following resources & features:

  • Supports up to 15 Sites
  • 1 Year of Support & Plugin Updates
  • All Addons are Included
  • URL Shortening via Bitly
  • Lost Share Count Recovery
  • 30 Days Money Back Policy
  • 30% Instant Discount
  • While Social Content Locker is coming soon


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If you want to have Social Snap access for 3 sites then the Pro Plan is the best for your requirement. It comes at a regular price tag of $99 per year but thanks to the Social Snap Coupon, the price is reduced to just $69.30 per year.

This includes the following:

  • License for 3 Sites
  • Updates & Support for up to 1 Year
  • All Addons are Included
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • And all other Premium Features & Resources are included


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Save 30% on the Social Snap Plus plan when you apply this offer at the checkout. This offer is only applicable if you choose a yearly plan. This plan usually costs around $39 per year but thanks to the code, the price is discounted to just $27.30 per year.

In this plan, you get the following:

  • Plugin for 1 site only
  • Up to 1 Year Updates & Customer Support
  • No Addon is Included in this plan
  • 40 Social Sites & Networks
  • URL Shortening via Bitly
  • Open Graphs for Social Media Sites
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


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In current years social networking sites have become an integral part of our life. Almost everyone with access to the internet uses one or more social media platforms. Whether you are an aspiring content creator just starting with your blog or already own well-established blog, you need the help of social media plugins to boost the number of viewers. In this article, we’ll take a look at one such social media plugin service, Social snap, and their Social Snap Coupon Code.

What is Social Snap?

Social Snap is a reliable and fast social media plugin that helps your websites to get a lot of traffic. Social Snap covers a vast number of social networking sites, some of the popular ones being Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Social Snap offers various plans depending on the need of the user ranging from being able to use social plugins on one website to up to 15 sites at a time. They have a wide array of features included in their packages and handy add-on on their higher packages.

Social Snap Plugin

Other than the plugins, the company also provides a lot of useful tools like guides, articles, blog posts to help you out with managing traffic on your blogs.

Social Snap Features & Add-ons

Social Snap has various useful features and tools included in their packs which make it one of the most reliable and easy to use social media plugins. Let’s take a brief look at some of the features:

1. Social Sharing

The plugin covers more than 30 most popular social media sites to give your website the proper exposure it deserves. With all of their programs, you get the ability to place share buttons anywhere on your web page, for example as floating sidebars, sticky bars, via widget, inline buttons, etc. Additionally, you can customize the buttons all you like fit the theme of your blog. There are also additional features like share counters to encourage your audience to share your content more.

2. Social Meta Tags

You can choose how your website looks when someone shares it on social media. Using custom image, custom description, custom title, better SEO, you have full control over how your website makes its first impression on the social networks.

3. Social Followers

The plugin also includes a social follow button that you can use on your website to increase the number of followers you have on social media. Having a higher number of followers naturally boosts the viewer count on your website. Having a dedicated follow button helps users to develop your brand across preferred social networks.

There are many other features offered by Social Snap, but other than that, they also provide handy add-ons with their higher plans. Some of the add-ons are:

4. Social Auto Poster

This tool automatically shares your new posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. The social auto poster helps you save a lot of time as you don’t have to post on these platforms manually.

5. Social Login

This add-on allows your users to log in to your site using their social media accounts. The add-on lets you sign in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google.

6. Boost Old Posts

You can quickly revive your past content and direct traffic to them using this add-on. It works by automatically posting your old posts on Twitter and LinkedIn and helps them reach new visitors.

Top Verified Social Snap Coupon Codes 2024

Social Snap is offering various offers and deals under their Social Snap Coupon Code. You can get discounts on their plans and many more if you avail of the Social Snap Coupon Code. Currently, they are offering a special 50% discount on the first purchase of any of their plans.

Social Snap Coupon Code

Additionally, they are offering a 30-day full refund if you choose to discontinue their services at any point. Although, after terminating the program, if you want a renewal, you will not get any discounts the second time.

How to use the Social Snap Coupon Code:

  1. Visit the Social Snap official website.
  2. Click on ‘Get Social Snap’.
  3. Choose your appropriate plan.
  4. Click the section asking for the discount code.
  5. Enter the Social Snap Coupon Code. For example: currently, if you use the code ‘GET30’ you’ll get 30% off on your first purchase.
  6. Fill out the necessary Billing details.
  7. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, click on ‘purchase’.
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Social Snap Plans & Pricing

The company offers three packages depending on the need of its consumers. You can get amazing offers on all their programs using the Social Snap Coupon Code. If you sign up for their solutions right now, you will get a 50% discount on all their programs.

Social Snap Pricing

All of the packages come with sharing features like 34 share providers, five-share locations, share content recovery, page view counter, analytics integration, URL shortening via Bitly, and many more. The social follow buttons include 40 social networking sites, follower counters. There are also many other social media features like Open graphs, Twitter cards, custom share images, URL shortening via Bitly for click to tweet quotes features.

Let’s take a closer look at the three plans offered by Social Snap:

1. Plus

The plus pack is the starter pack offered by the company. This pack starts at $39 per year at regular costs. Applying the Social Snap Coupon Code will fetch you various offers and discounts on the packages. Currently, there is a 50% discount going on, due to which this pack is available at $27.30 per year.

Under this program, you get social plugins on one site, update, and support for one year, and all the previously mentioned social media features. Since this is the basic plan, it does not include any add-ons. If you want to use add-ons like boosting of old posts, social login, etc. you need to avail of the next plan.

2. Pro

This pack is the upgraded version of the plus plan with some added add-ons and extended limits. Pro is the most popular plan according to their customers. The ‘pro’ plan is available at a regular price of $99 per year. But using the Social Snap Coupon Code can get you good deals and prices. This plan comes at $69.30 per year under their special offer.

With this package, you get social plugins for three sites, updates, and support for one year, and all the benefits included in the previous packages. This plan also consists of all of the add-ons that they are offering. Some included add-ons are Boosting of old posts, Social login, Social auto poster, and some upcoming add-ons like Facebook messenger chat and Social content locker.

3. Agency

The ‘Agency’ is the highest plan offered by the company. It mainly targets big organizations or experts who handle multiple web pages, blogs at once. The ‘Agency’ also boasts a significant price premium over the previous plan. The pack is generally available at $299 per year.

You can get amazing offers and deals on this pack as well when you claim the Social Snap Coupon Code. Under the current discount of 50%, they are offering this pack at $209.30 per year. If you avail of this package, you get social plugins for 15 web pages, 1-year free upgradations and support, and all the benefits included in the lower plans. This plan also covers all their add-ons like social auto posters, boosting of old posts, social login, and upcoming add-ons such as Facebook messenger chat and social content locker.

Social Snap Refund & Other Important Queries

With deep trust in their abilities and a promise to provide excellent customer satisfaction, the company is offering a money-back guarantee for all their plans. Here are some common queries answered:

1. Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the services or change your mind, you can easily claim a refund within the first 30 days of your usage. But the discounts won’t be available if you choose to renew the plans; it is for the first purchase only.

2. Upgradation of the Existing Plan

Depending on your requirement and usage, you can easily upgrade your current existing product to get all the additional benefits available in the higher plans.

3. The Slow Down Issue of Social Media Plugins

Although poorly optimized social media plugins tend to slow down your website that is not the case here. Social snap, sing the best practices and modern standards, has developed their plugins keeping utmost security and top performance in their mind.

4. Trial Offers

Unfortunately, the company is not currently offering any trial programs. But they promise a 100% money-back guarantee if you choose to discontinue their services, no questions asked.

5. Usability on Non-WordPress Sites

Being a WordPress plugin, you cannot use Socialsnap on non-WordPress sites. You can use Social Snap only on self-hosted WordPress installations.

Other than these basic queries, if you need help with anything else, there is an entire ‘Help’ section dedicated to helping you find solutions. It includes articles, guides, instructions, blog posts, and contact to their support to help you with any problem you might be having.


Any aspiring blogger wants their blog to reach a large number of viewers. With the boom of social media platforms in recent years, it is beneficial to incorporate social media plugins on your website.

There are many social media plugins available for you to choose from, but one name that has proven to deliver excellent and reliable performance is Social Snap. With their Social Snap Coupon Code, you can get amazing deals and offers on their services. So, choose Social Snap and get your website the social plugin; it needs to be one of the best.

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