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SpinupWP is a hosting platform that makes it easy to spin up and manage WordPress websites on DigitalOcean, Vultr, and...More

SpinupWP is a hosting platform that makes it easy to spin up and manage WordPress websites on DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode. This deal will give you a discount and $50 in credit for SpinupWP. Less

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Having a tension-free server and an almost always-running website is a dream for many website owners and businesses. Many times, when there’s huge traffic on your website, the server crashes, or the website goes down. There can also be issues like “500” errors.

SpinupWP is a WordPress plugin that will help you in avoiding these issues. And if you already have these, SpinupWP will solve them for you. And your website will be live and running in no time. They will also ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future.

They offer 2 types of licensing plans, one is for a single server and the other is for managing up to 3 servers. The personal license costs $12 per month and you can avail of the free tile and additional $50 credit using the SpinupWP discount. Additionally, you get $100 in Ocean Digital credits.

The total of all these SpinupWP discount codes and credits is quite big. You get your website safe and secure and with all these discounts, it’s not a bad deal. Apart from this, SpinupWP has some amazing features like Robust caching and Cloud Backup. And you can move sites with a few clicks. Read below to get an insight into what SpinupWP is and what it offers.

SpinupWP Features and Pricing Overview

SpinupWP is the perfect WordPress plugin that will help keep your server up and running all the time. This prevents all the websites on your server from any potential crashes and downtime. They have new and advanced features all included in the simple monthly price. And this is also worth noting that the renewal price is the same as the first-time purchase.

Their features are all WordPress-focused and effective. They have robust and solid security for your server. You can get the SpinupWP discount using the coupon codes. The details are given below.

SpinupWP Main Features

SpinupWP plugin has lots of features that will ensure your server’s security. This also means your website is protected from attackers indirectly. A secure server means a live and healthy website. The two plans that SpinupWP offers have little difference in features. You can look and choose the one that suits your needs. And don’t forget to get the SpinupWP discount using our discount code. Below are some of SpinupWP’s features.

Staging Sites

Staging sites is like site cloning. SpinupWP lets you deploy new staging sites very easily. All you need to do is just make a few simple clicks, and your site will be deployed within minutes.

WordPress Focused

SpinupWP is focused mainly on WordPress sites. It improves the security and safety of websites that are hosted on WordPress better than any other thing. Your server’s safety will be ensured in the first place.

Robust Caching

SpinupWP allows 3 levels of caching. Caching is one of the essential factors in a website’s performance. The 3 levels of caching that SpinupWP offers include, Browser Caching, Page Caching, and Object Caching. They will guide you about all these and what you need to make them more effective.

Cloud Backups

Their cloud backup system is very effective and efficient. There are generally 3 options regarding backups. You can schedule them, recycle them, and back them up on-demand whenever you want to.

Excellent Security

SpinupWP gives your security the most importance. They use advanced methods and only allow access to your server when required by them. And their software is also up to date which keeps their loopholes covered if there are any.

Lightening-Fast Customer Support

Their customer support is truly mind-blowing. They offer two types of support, one is priority email support. This email will get responded to within 2 hours. This customer support is inclusive of the price of the license.

Free Trial

SpinupWP also has a 7-day free trial. You can use our SpinupWP discount code to avail yourself of this free trial. They provide all the features included in the paid plan in the free trial. It’s a great way to check out what they have to offer and how their services work. You test and check the results too.

SpinupWP Pricing Plans

SpinupWP has two simple pricing plans. One is for a single server and the other can manage up to 3 servers. The single website license costs $12 a month. While the other plan that allows 3 servers will cost you up to $39 per month.

The SpinupWP discount can be availed using our coupon from above. Both plans have lush features and much more to offer. Both of these will provide server stability and better performance. The details of these plans are given below.

SpinupWP Discount


The first plan is called Personal and it will manage just 1 server. But it will ensure that this 1 server is maintained properly and there is no downtime. They give you lavish features and other amazing stuff with this plan. You get a whole bundle of features within the SpinupWP WordPress plugin. All of this will cost you a mere $12 a month. Some of the prominent features of this plan are given below.

  • Only 1 server is allowed at the basic price, an additional server will cost $5
  • Unlimited websites are allowed on the server
  • You get Standard Email support
  • A $100 in Ocean Digital Credits is also provided


As the name already reveals, this license allows the management of up to 3 servers. All of these servers will allow unlimited websites on them. You can also have unlimited team members on this SpinupWP plugin. They will also monitor your website normally at the basic price.

The monthly price of this license is $39 a month. If you want to make it cheaper, our SpinupWP discount code will help you. This also gives you a free trial and additional $50 credit on the SpinupWP plugin. The standout features of the Team plan are below.

  • Up to 3 servers can be managed
  • Priority Email Support (2-Hour Response)
  • Unlimited websites on each server
  • Your websites will be monitored for any problems

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