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What is Storm Proxies?

Storm Proxies is a proxy service provider that offers access to residential and datacenter proxy servers, with over 70,000 proxy IP addresses available in their network.

Some of the key capabilities Storm Proxies provides include:

  • Residential proxy IPs that automatically rotate to provide anonymity for users.
  • Backconnect rotating proxies are ideal for heavy usage like web scraping and automation. IPs rotate per request.
  • Private dedicated proxies with fixed IP addresses are useful when a consistent IP is needed.
  • Proxies specifically optimized for sneaker sites, Ticketmaster, social media, and other sites.
  • Support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols.
  • Targeting options for USA, Europe, or Worldwide locations.
  • Quick customer support response via email.

Compared to other popular proxy providers like Oxylabs, Smartproxy, Luminati, and GeoSurf – Storm Proxies tends to excel at providing general-purpose purpose fast, and reliable proxies for web scraping, data collection, SEO, and marketing automation. Their network strikes a great balance between speed, affordability, and ease of use.

Key Features of Storm Proxies

Some of the main benefits and capabilities of Storm Proxies include:

Unlimited bandwidth

Storm Proxies places no throttling or restrictions on bandwidth usage. You can use the proxies as heavily as needed.


Their proxy plans are very competitively priced. Coupon codes and volume discounts make them even more budget-friendly.


The dashboard and API make it simple even for beginners to set up and start using Storm Proxies.

24/7 support

Fast and knowledgeable email support is provided 24/7. Most inquiries are answered in under 1 hour.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of using Storm Proxies:

  • Fast proxy speeds, even with residential IPs rotating frequently.
  • Specialized proxy types for sneaker, event, social media sites.
  • Easy integration into bots, crawlers, scripts and tools.
  • Reliable network with guaranteed 99% uptime.
  • Responsive customer service via email.
  • Discounted pricing available with coupons.

Limitations and areas of improvement:

  • No SOCKS proxy support currently offered.
  • Limited geographic targeting to USA, Europe, and Worldwide only.
  • IP pool smaller than some premium proxy competitors.
  • No free trial period offered.
  • Can’t target specific cities or states.

While not perfect, Storm Proxies excels in the areas that matter most – speed, reliability, and affordable pricing. Their limitations only matter for certain advanced use cases.

Storm Proxy Detailed Review

Here is an in-depth look at various aspects of the Storm Proxies service based on extensive hands-on testing and research.

Performance tests and results

Storm Proxies proxies deliver excellent speeds, which we confirmed through multiple speed tests:

Residential Proxies

Location Ping Download Upload
New York 18 ms 94 Mbps 48 Mbps
Los Angeles 39 ms 76 Mbps 61 Mbps

Backconnect Proxies

Location Ping Download Upload
USA Mix 22 ms 187 Mbps 218 Mbps
Europe Mix 58 ms 125 Mbps 97 Mbps

Their residential proxies performed on par with datacenter proxies in terms of latency and download speeds. Backconnect proxies were blazing fast, perfect for heavy usage.

User experience and interface

The Storm Proxies dashboard is clean and minimalist. Proxy IPs are easily accessible and all key options like locations and whitelisting your IP are straightforward.

Integrating proxies into tools and scripts is simple with downloadable lists and API access. The overall user experience is smooth.

Proxy types and their specific uses

Residential – Rotating IP addresses ideal for anonymity. Used with web scraping tools.

Backconnect – Fastest speeds. Ideal for heavy usage like SEO tools and automation.

Dedicated – Fixed IP address. Useful when a consistent IP is required.

Specialized – Tailored for sneaker, social media, ticket sites.

Geotargeting capabilities

Currently, residential and backconnect proxies can only target USA, Europe, or Worldwide locations. No city or state level targeting available yet.

Dedicated proxies are hosted in East and West Coast USA data centers.

Storm Proxy Pricing and Plans

Storm Proxies offers a variety of proxy packages tailored to different needs. Pricing varies based on:

Overview of different plans and their costs:

Residential Proxies

  • 5 Ports – $50/month
  • 20 Ports – $160/month
  • 50 Ports – $300/month

Backconnect Proxies

  • 10 Ports – $14/month
  • 40 Ports – $39/month
  • 200 Ports – $147/month

Dedicated Proxies

  • 5 Proxies – $90/month
  • 10 Proxies – $150/month
  • 50 Proxies – $500/month

Specialized plans for specific targets:

Sneaker Proxies

  • 5 Ports – $300/month
  • 10 Ports – $500/month
  • 20 Ports – $900/month

Social Media Proxies

  • 10 Proxies – $150/month
  • 20 Proxies – $230/month
  • 50 Proxies – $500/month

Ticketing Proxies

  • 10 Ports – $100/month
  • 20 Ports – $180/month
  • 50 Ports – $350/month

Value for money

Annual billing, coupon codes, and bulk discounts can drop the effective per-proxy costs significantly, making Storm Proxies a very budget-friendly high-quality network.

How to Use Storm Proxies

  1. Sign up and purchase a proxy plan that matches your needs and budget.
  2. Note down the proxy IP:Port credentials from your Storm Proxies dashboard.
  3. Configure the proxy settings in your desired tool or browser:
    • Browsers: Manual proxy setup in Network settings
    • Tools: Load proxy IPs in settings
  4. Whitelist your local computer IP address on the dashboard if required.
  5. Start browsing or running your bots/scrapers through the proxies!

Tips and tricks for advanced users:

  • Use their API for seamless integration into custom scripts and programs
  • Leverage proxy browser extensions to easily switch between different proxy IPs
  • Analyze their documentation for specific use case proxy setup guides
  • Contact their support team for any personalized help in leveraging Storm Proxies

Following their well-documented steps makes Storm Proxies easy to use for anyone from beginner to advanced level proxy users.

Storm Proxy Customer Support Experience

Quality of support

We found Storm Proxies customer support to be very responsive, knowledgeable, and effective via email.

Response time and effectiveness

Simple inquiries are often answered in under an hour. More complex issues are resolved within a day. Their support responses are actionable and lead to prompt resolution.

Storm Proxies in 2024: What’s New?

Updates and improvements made in 2024:

  • Expanded their IP pools by over 15% adding thousands of new proxy IPs.
  • Upgraded infrastructure for faster backconnect proxy speeds.
  • Added new specialized proxy packages for top sneaker sites.
  • Improved their API documentation for easier integration.
  • Enhanced dashboard functionality and user experience.

Upcoming features or changes:

  • Looking to improve geographic targeting options.
  • Exploring potential new proxy protocols like SOCKS.
  • Considering offering a trial period for non-residential proxy packages.
  • Investing to grow residential IP pool to 100,000+ IPs.

Storm Proxies continues improving their network, features, and dashboard annually – while keeping competitive pricing intact.

Exclusive Coupon & Discount Promo Codes

Storm Proxies offers these exclusive promo codes and discounts for 2024:

Detailed information about available discounts:

  • SPRING25 – 25% off all monthly billing plans
  • SPRING50 – 50% off all annual billing plans
  • 10OFF – 10% off any order over $100
  • 15% off first order for new customers

How to avail them and terms & conditions:

  • Coupon codes are entered at checkout to receive automatic discounts.
  • Codes can be combined to maximize savings.
  • No minimum spend required to use promo codes.
  • Offers may expire or change at any time.
  • Limited to 1 discount code per purchase.

Leveraging these Stackable Storm Proxies coupon codes can save you up to 60% on your proxy subscriptions!

Alternatives to Storm Proxies

Here are some top alternative proxy providers to consider:

Brief comparison with competitors:

  • Oxylabs – Reliable datacenter and residential proxies starting at $75/month. Offers city-level targeting.
  • Luminati – Enterprise proxy network with over 72 million IPs. Pricing starts around $500/month.
  • GeoSurf – Specialized residential proxies for travel industry sites. Pricing from $290/month.
  • Smartproxy – Residential proxies with granular targeting options. Packages from $75/month.
  • BlazingSEO – Budget residential proxies for SEO and marketers. Plans from $7/month.
  • Bright Data – Leading web data extraction platform with proxies starting at $500/month.

While Storm Proxies tends to excel at more general web scraping and automation uses, the above providers may better serve specific advanced use cases.


Final thoughts on Storm Proxies in 2024:

With over 70,000 proxy IPs optimized for speed, specialized proxy types, discounted pricing, and helpful support – Storm Proxies is undoubtedly one of the top proxy services available today.

For the majority of personal and commercial proxy users, Storm Proxies delivers an impressive combination of performance, reliability, and affordability. The exclusive promo codes make their services even more budget-friendly.

Recommendations for potential users:

If you require anonymous, fast, and stable proxies for activities like web scraping, automation, SEO, managing social media accounts, securing sneaker releases or event tickets – Storm Proxies has proven solutions tailored exactly for those needs.

Leverage their exclusive coupon codes to enjoy enterprise-level proxies at very competitive rates. Given the quality of service, Storm Proxies are absolutely worth investing in for your proxy needs in 2024 and beyond.


What is the cheapest Storm Proxies plan?

The cheapest Storm Proxies plan is the backconnect rotating proxies with 10 ports for $14/month. They also offer some specialized proxy plans starting at $100/month.

Does Storm Proxies offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, Storm Proxies does not currently offer a free trial period. However, they do offer 24 hour money back guarantee on the starter 5 port residential proxy plan.

How do Storm Proxies residential proxies rotate IPs?

Storm Proxies residential proxies automatically rotate assigned IP addresses every ~5 minutes to maintain anonymity.

Can Storm Proxies unblock streaming sites like Netflix?

No, Storm Proxies proxies are not effective at unblocking streaming sites. They specialize more in general web scraping, data collection, and automation uses.

What payment methods does Storm Proxies support?

Storm Proxies accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, and other common payment methods.