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A Virtual Private Server, or a VPS, is a virtual mechanism offered by a web hosting company such as Time4VPS which we are going to talk about on this webpage. A VPS runs its operating system (OS) and provides admin rights and root access so that you can install any desired software you like.

Using a VPS is comparatively more preferred than using shared hosting or dedicated hosting because it uses virtualization technology to construct separate virtual servers for each user.

Also, with a virtual server, you have more control over your website.

When you use shared hosting, you share virtual server space with other users and have a certain amount of resources distributed to your system.

In dedicated hosting, a user or a company has a physical server entirely to themselves.

However, when you deal with a virtual private server, you will get a separate dedicated server. This server is virtual and comes with all the possible resources you may need.

These Time4VPS servers are situated in Europe, Lithuania, and Vilnius.

To pay for your own VPS server, you can use multiple resources such as PayPal, your credit card, Alipay, or cryptocurrency (bitcoins, etc.).

Use the numerous Time4VPS Promo Codes mentioned towards the end of the article to avail of amazing discounts before you buy your VPS Server.

The people that have and are using this VPS server have rated it an average of 4.7/5. Two thousand eight hundred and sixteen VPS customers have given their reviews for this result to be seen.

Time4VPS Server Uses

It is relatively cheap to use a VPS server as it allows you to change and use servers for multiple purposes. You can:

  • Host multiple websites;
  • Host a VPN;
  • Use it as cloud storage;
  • Run various databases;
  • Develop and test code;
  • Run manifold game servers, and a lot more.

How To Connect To the Time4VPS Server?

The server is usually managed through the terminal command line, but you can install a control panel that enables you to manage it through the Time4VPS site.

Once you install your preferred OS (Operating System), the creators of the VPS send you instructions on how to access the server through either SSH (Secure Shell) which is a network protocol for using unsecured services over a more secure network; or through the control panel which you will have selected, such as; cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, etc.

Become a Time4VPS Server Reseller

Join the VPS reseller program and avail all the necessary licenses, modules, software, tools, and other bonuses with an excellent discount depending on your reseller level.

You can create your exclusive brand, alter the packages, and sell their services as your own at your pricing structure. This way, you can also earn extra revenue for yourself.

Time4VPS provides you with two ways to boost your business:

  1. Reseller Program
  2. Affiliate Program

Now let’s talk in detail about these programs.

1. Time4VPS Reseller Program

Time4VPS provides massive discounts. This discount percentage depends on your reseller level. The reseller level is decided by the number of active VPS servers you run at Time4VPS.

You can get upgrades and downgrades in an instant. Quickly change your virtual private server plan at any time from the client area. There is absolutely no server reboots or OS (Operating System) re-installation required.

Use the free, built-in Time4VPS DNS manager to host unlimited domains. The fact it’s easily handled makes it even more trustworthy.

After a successful payment, use Time4VPS’s standard service delivery time, which is 5 minutes. It takes even less than that for most customers and resellers.

Reverse DNS management makes it easy for you to change your VPS hostname and reverse DNS from Time4VPS’s user-friendly VPS control panel.

Time4VPS offers daily and weekly backups for all of their existing Container and Linux/Windows VPS packages for as low as 1 EUR per month.

Use Software Licenses to activate Instant cPanel/WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. Achieve industry-standard control panels you already are aware of and familiar with and would love to use.

Time4VPS’s WHMCS module is designed efficiently that it incorporates the VPS alongside the Storage Server reseller environment functions into the WHMCS system.

You can upgrade your servers by inserting extra add-ons, such as an additional IP, software licenses, and 1 Gbps port speed. Everything is automated and deployed immediately right after the payment for the required VPS server that you will buy.

2. Time4VPS Affiliate Program

It costs nothing for you to be Time4VPS’s affiliate. Most importantly, it brings you the potential for massive commissions.

You can easily view all the statistics about your sales and earnings. Additionally, a dedicated team of affiliate specialists is available to assist you seven days per week if you need any queries.

Once you have your account, you’ll be given an affiliate link. Place this link on your website/blog or send it to your friends and watch your income grow in tremendous amounts.

Have easy access to plenty of useful marketing material; you are personally welcome by Time4VPS to add them to your website to attract new clients towards the site. You can use your own banner/poster design too.

Time4VPS’s website is built with a high conversion rate in mind. Affiliates of Time4VPS convert at amazingly higher rates in comparison to other similar traditional programs.

Time4VPS’s affiliate system uses a smart — 90-day tracking cookie — to track the referred visitor on the web after they click on your link. Any purchases made through your affiliate link will be recorded for you.

Time4VPS needs to be sure that a referred client has made a successful purchase before they grant you with the commission. Therefore, after thirty-one days of waiting, you will automatically receive your earnings.

Your earnings are as safe as they are in your account, so no worries as they will be reflected in your account. This allows you to easily spend your commission by ordering new or extending your current services on the website.

Time4VPS Features

1. Secure & Trouble-Free

You don’t have to stress about the back-end things of the physical server. The VPS has its own 24/7 onsite technical engineers that handle all network and hardware maintenance, security, and data backups.

2. Easy Billing

Select the service and the plan that you need and use VPS for however long you want to. It could be a long-term website that intends to expand or a short-term project; you are not required to sign any such contract for a specific time for your VPS server.

You can use the services for a month or more, and if it doesn’t satisfy you, they offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Self-Governance

With the low-cost VPS server, you achieve Full Root Access. This means that you can customize the ideal virtual environment for your website/project.

You can select and install add-ons, applications, programs, and software that best fulfill your demands and requirements.

4. Use cPanel & WHM for Easier Customization

cPanel is a control panel for the Linux OS (Operating System) that enables you to automate web hosting tasks through a simple graphical user interface.

By buying a cPanel license and using Panel and WHM, you will be able to steer clear of all the complications of creating advanced server configurations. Also, it comes equipped with automatic updates, built-in backups, and all the tools you would need to get into business and run your website smoothly.

cPanel essentially allows you to make managing servers easy for you and to use websites easily for your customers.

5. Create & Mechanize your Website

You can automate everything on the website. Be it upgrades, downgrades, SSL deployment, or any billing needs, you can control it how you want to using cPanel and its custom scripts and programs.

Moving on, you can also manage and control hundreds of features either from the panel or from some third-party add-ons to create unique bundles for your customers to choose from.

You can also allow any PHP version on your servers, accounts, or domains and manage them all seamlessly through the MultiPHP Manager.

As for your customers, you can generate sub-user accounts for people in a company or an association and grant limited or full access to FTP, Webmail, Web Disk, or databases.

Manage multiple domains on a single cPanel account, with an addon, parked, and subdomains to allow your website’s visitors to manage more than one site on your VPS server easily.

After getting yourself a cPanel license and exploring cPanel and WHM possibilities, you will be able to create forwarders, accounts, and autoresponders, including account-level filtering in Webmail and allow your customers to take full advantage of calendars and contacts provided by the cPanel business or personal needs.

Create and store MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and let your website’s visitors enjoy full administrative control over the sub-user accounts that can gain access to the relevant information.

6. cPanel For Protection & Security

You can easily back up all data and make a unified experience by transferring information between all cPanel-installed servers.

Be aware of all the activities on your VPS server at any time you want and gather more insights on the things affecting your machine with server monitoring tools.

Prevent suspicious and problematic software from breaching your security with cPHulk; an incredibly strong defense system that protects your users, your device, and your accounts. To learn more about cPHulk, read this article.

Prevent as much spam as you can from breaking into your mail server with Greylisting, a tool that temporarily refuses all unrecognized senders. Learn more about Greylisting here.

Make every endpoint on a server secure with a domain-validated (DV) SSL certificate in less than a minute to make your customer’s experience even smoother and safer than before.

Use Backup Wizard to refrain from losing information by getting a cPanel license and easy access to cPanel and WHM.

By using Backup Wizard, site owners can edit and restore files, and folders, and can partially or entirely alter the website while also having the ability to edit and monitor disk space usage.

7. Customize & Expand Your Website

Offer an altered experience to your target audience, visitors, and customers by including third-party applications or plugins in your service.

Easily transfer new customers and potential clients with the cPanel of the VPS creators to your cPanel migration tool. It can copy multiple accounts from a remote machine to your cPanel and WHM server.

Use cPanel’s White-label software to customize the look, design, and style of cPanel, Webmail, and choose notifications to give your customers complete access to an industry-standard, professional control panel with the exclusive feel of your brand.

Enable yourself to use several apps and take advantage of numerous third-party software for bulletin boards, blogs, eCommerce, and more to build a strong, vibrant, and vivacious site.

Choose from a vast range of content management systems like Joomla and WordPress or use cPanel’s Site Publisher, which is a quick and straightforward HTML website that is indexed by Google.

8. Secure Storage

Storage VPS is designed with robust data security in mind. Time4VPS only uses enterprise-class server hardware. Do not doubt the fact, for a second, that your data is safe with Time4VPS.

9. Located in Central Europe

The situation in the center of Europe, Time4VPS, maintains its TIER III DC. They offer maximum security, reliability, and extremely reasonable prices as they operate their own data center.

10. Enjoyable Tools Offered by Time4VPS

Time4VPS offers DNS manager, reverse DNS, OS installation, and server reboot and hostname management, emergency access console. This allows you to relish in supremely simple server management.

11. Freedom to Run your Website

Each Storage VPS has complete root access as a Container VPS so that you can set your entire website according to your preferences and requirements.

Allow yourself to connect and install whatever software or app you need; FTP, RSYNC, SAMBA, NFS, and innumerable more. It is wholly and totally up to you and what your website needs.

12. OpenVZ-based Virtualization

OpenVZ virtualization provides safe and isolated containers. Furthermore, it enables you to use on-the-spot package upgrades and also enables there to be less resource consumption.

This is what provides an immaculate balance between the price and performance of all the Time4VPS servers.

13. Infinite Scale for Resources

Need 0.25 TB data storage? Or do you need 8 TB of data storage? Fear not because Time4VPS has got you covered for all possible requirements.

You can easily upgrade your resources anytime from their resource pool. There is absolutely no need for any downtime or reboots; it is incredibly fast and straightforward to use.

Which Time4VPS Servers to Buy?

There are mainly 4 VPS servers you can buy. Once you choose one, you can view the variety of plans each of the servers offers.

Firstly, designed for Linux professionals, you have the Linux VPS. It will cost 1.04 EUR per month. The Linux VPS offers eight services: Linux 2, Linux 4, Linux 8, Linux 16, Linux 24, Linux 32, Linux 48, and Linux 64.

There is a 17% discount if you buy the annual package for this VPS server.

Secondly, Time4VPS has a Windows VPS server for Windows Professionals. It costs 7.15 EUR per month. The Windows VPS also has eight separate plans for you to choose from.

Windows 2, Windows 4, Windows 8, Windows 16, Windows 24, Windows 32, Windows 48, and Windows 64 are the service plans available to go with the Windows VPS server.

There is a -17% discount if you buy the annual package for this VPS server.

Thirdly, customized for Everyday Tasks, the Container VPS is provided, again, with eight plans. The C2 Plan, C4 Plan, C8 Plan, C16 Plan, C24 Plan, C32 Plan, C48 Plan, and C64 Plan. There is a -17% discount if you buy the annual package for this VPS server.

This Container VPS costs 2.99 EUR per month. Utilize the link to buy a plan for yourself and make your website flourish:

Last but not least, the Storage VPS server is ready for you to use. You must pay 2.60 EUR every month to avail of all the excellent amenities provided by the Storage VPS server.

Designed for big data storage, you have the 0.25 TB Plan, 0.5 TB Plan, 1 TB Plan, 2 TB Plan, 3 TB Plan, 4 TB Plan, 6 TB Plan, and 8 TB Plan to choose from.

There is a -17% discount if you buy the annual package for this VPS server as well.

SpamExperts Spam Filter

A spam filter will cost you only 0.99 EUR per month. It will protect your mailbox from all sorts of malicious entities.

This package includes the following:

  • Advanced SPAM production
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Quarantine
  • Advanced Configurations
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • 1 Domain Name

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10. Save 25% Off on Storage Servers

Get 25% Off on Storage Servers using Code: SUPERSTORAGE.

So now Without any further ado, let’s check out how you can redeem the Time4VPS promo code:

Step #1: Browse the Time4VPS website, and you will see the following screen on your browser:

Time4VPS Hosting Site Homepage

Step #2: Select any plan that you wish to go forward with. In this case, we have selected the Linux VPS plan.

Time4VPS Linux VPS Hosting

Step #3: On the same screen, you will find different hosting plans with different prices. Select any hosting plan of your choosing and hit the ORDER button located right below every plan. We have selected the Linux 16 hosting plan, which is worth 15.60 Euros/month.

Step #4: After hitting the ORDER button from the previous screen, you will find a screen where you will be shown the specifications of the plan that you intend to purchase.

Step #5: On the very same screen, you will see an option labeled “Use promotional code” located in the Cart Summary box. Simply click on it and paste our exclusive “Time4VPS Promo Code” shared with you above and hit the “Continue” button.

Step #6: Hitting the “Continue” button from the previous screen will bring you to the main payment area where, you can check out the order summary, update payment information, and verify the client information. Hitting the continue button again will lead you to the checkout page where you will see that the Time4VPS promo code has already done the magic.

Final Words

A simple downside that we’d like to mention over here is that the default storage medium is the HDD. No matter which hosting plan you wish to choose, you will have to pay 1 Euro on top of the overall price to avail of the SSD as your default storage medium.

The plus point is that even at this price, the Time4VPS hosting is worth every penny since it’s been delivering the best. Every month, you will find the updated Time4VPS promo codes on our blog. We are striving to bring you the best discount deals on any hosting plan across the globe. We welcome your feedback and would like you to contribute towards making this blog a one-stop shop for all kinds of hosting discounts.

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