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How to Use the TrafficGuard Coupon?

TrafficGuard’s coupons available on this page will get you lots of awesome discounts. Here is how you can use these coupons and discount codes to get exclusive offers:

Step 1: The first thing you should do is select a TrafficGuard coupon of your choice from the above list. Then click the Get Code/Deal button.

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Step 2: Copy the TrafficGuard coupon code from the new tab and then head to their official website from there.

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TrafficGuard: An Overview

Did you know that 30% of marketing ad revenue spent is lost to invalid traffic? This is a huge number and there needs to be a solution. Luckily for advertisers, TrafficGuard provides just the right solution to this problem. It filters your website’s traffic and only directs valid visitors to your website. This increases the chance for conversion and also justifies the ad money you spend.

It also provides a bunch of other features that improve the overall security of your website. TrafficGuard ensures your website’s traffic is filtered clean and secure. Hence, also reducing the chances of any attacks on your site. Keep reading to learn more about TrafficGuard!

TrafficGuard Pricing Plans

TrafficGuard offers a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing plan along with five enterprise pricing options. They also give you the option to purchase TrafficGuard separately for Google Search, Mobile, Affiliate, Social, and Here is a general overview of all their plans for Google Search.

PAYG: The Detect Plan for PAYG is completely free with our TrafficGuard coupon. You get 1 domain and up to a $2.5k ad spend limit with it. The Protect Plan is premium and gives you 5 domains and no ad spend limits. They will charge you 2% of ad spend for the month in this plan.

Enterprise: The TrafficGuard Enterprise plan 5 different credit options. The first one gives you a $50k ad spend limit for the price of $500 a month. The other plans cost more as the resources keep increasing. The rest of the features include unlimited clicks, unlimited properties, 12 months of data retention, and 50+ ad accounts.

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Key Features of TrafficGuard

TrafficGuard has won numerous awards for its comprehensive feature set. The tool is accompanied by plenty of valuable features that increase the functionality and stability of your website. Fraud protection is its core focus. Here is a look at some popular features of TrafficGuard.

Real-time Protection

When you run an ad and have TrafficGuard set up for your campaign, it will protect your campaign in real time. The traffic will be monitored and fakes or bots will be filtered out. The biggest benefit of real-time protection is that it helps in increasing the conversion rate of your ads.

Max Performance

With TrafficGuard’s Performance Max features, you can unlock the full potential of your ads by accessing Google Ads. This increases the revenue generated from ads and helps your voice to reach further than ever before.

Social Networks

The AI-powered tools and procedures of TrafficGuard help you explore the vast potential of social networks. The tool is optimized for multi-channel support. Traffic filtering from these social networks to your website significantly helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Affiliate Verification

You will also be able to verify your affiliate partners’ data and know which ones deserve your products and time. Hence, you will carefully handout these partnerships to trusted and verified people who have the full potential to increase your products’ reach.

Final Thoughts

TrafficGuard is a popular anti-fraud tool used by agencies and marketers to safeguard their ad campaigns. The tool works in a very simple manner. It filters the infoming traffic to your website and denies access to bots or fraudulent substances. This results in a better-performing ad-campaign and overall conversion growth. The tool also has plenty of other useful features to improve your website.

I have listed the latest TrafficGuard coupons and promo codes on this page. You can use these codes to save on your favorite plans in 2024!