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How to Use the W3 Total Cache Coupons?

Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Locate the coupon provided above and click on the “Get Deal” button.

W3 Total Cache Coupons

Step 2: Upon clicking the button, you will be directed to a page where a coupon code or a button is displayed, leading you to the website of W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache Deal

Step 3: On the W3 Total Cache website, select the plan that best suits your requirements.

W3 Total Cache Plans

Step 4: After obtaining the coupon code, enter it into the designated box, provide the necessary information, and proceed with the checkout process.

W3 Total Cache Discount

This is how you can effectively save money using W3 Total Cache coupons.

Top W3 Total Cache Coupons

W3 Total Cache can be a game changer for you if your website does not load as quickly as it should. You can purchase its exclusive license for a simple price and then optimize your website for faster loading speeds. We have brought you a few W3 Total Cache coupons which reduce its prices significantly.

Use a coupon that suits you best and save yourself valuable amounts when you purchase one of their licenses. Here is the list of the top coupons in 2024:

W3 Total Cache License for $50 ONLY: This is a huge bargain on the premium W3 Total Cache licenses as their normal price is $99 per year. However, if you go to their website using our special link, you get a huge discount on the 10-site licenses.

W3 Total Cache License for $70 ONLY: This discount is for a little smaller W3 Total Cache license plan. You have to pay only $70 per license when you purchase the 5-site licenses from their website through our exclusive discount link.

The discount link mentioned in the above coupons is available in our coupon codes. For a better understanding, read the coupon guide provided just above.

About W3 Total Cache: An Overview

From Sony Music to a highly sophisticated business like Boeing, W3 Total Cache helps millions of websites become faster through its optimization. The main reason to install W3 Total Cache on your website is that it can help clear the junk that is hidden. But there are a few other interesting features of this highly sought-after WordPress plugin.

W3 Total Cache licensees are available in three types of plans. One is a single-site license for a straight $99 a year. The other two are multi-site licenses with 5 and 10 sites respectively. All three of these licensing plans come with valuable features as well.

Let’s dive deeper into these plans offered by BoldGrid!

W3 Total Cache Pricing

The W3 Total Cache pricing can be divided into three different license plans. The first one if a 1 site license and the rest of the two are multi-site licenese. Keep reading to find out more details about all three of these plans.

1 Site License – $99 / year

This one is ideal for individuals or small businesses looking to improve their website’s performance. With this plan, you can speed up your WordPress website, improve the user experience, and boost your server’s performance for only $99 a year.

5 Site Licenses – $350 / year

The 5-site license if perfect for those who own multiple websites and want to save money by purchasing more licenses at once. This plan allows you to optimize your website which leads to significant growth in revenue and conversions. W3 Total Cache charges a yearly price of $350 for this plan.

10 Site Licenses – $500 / year

If you’re a developer or come from an agency, this bundle helps you save money while getting more licenses. It’s designed for managing multiple websites and offers the benefits of increasing time spent on your sites, improving server performance, and ranking higher on Google. All of this will cost you $500 every year.

The table below sums up all the licensing plans available for W3 Total Cache.

License Type Price
1 Site License $99/year
5 Site Licenses $350/year ($70 per license)
10 Site Licenses $500/year ($50 per license)

Top W3 Total Cache Use Cases

W3 Total Cache is a plugin with tons of benefits and useful features. You can save website storage, optimize performance, and perform many other tasks right from its functional user interface. Read below about the top W3 Total Cache use cases.

Optimize Website Performance: W3 Total Cache offers a complete suite of caching options including Page Caching, Database Caching, and Fragment Caching. These options accelerate page load times, reduce server load, and improve user experience.

Page Load Time Improvement: Enabling Page Caching with W3 Total Cache results in lightning-fast page load times. This is particularly valuable for websites looking to improve the speed and responsiveness of their pages and content.

Reduce Server Load: W3 Total Cache offers REST API Caching which caches API responses and serves subsequent requests from the cache. This minimizes the load on your server improving website performance and reducing the server’s resource consumption.

Improved Plugin and Theme Performance: W3 Total Cache also imrpves the performance of the themes and plugins on your website through effective cache clearance and other techniques.

W3 Total Cache Coupon FAQs

People ask us different questions regarding our W3 Total Cache discount code. In this section, we will answer some of the more popular questions among these.

What is The Value of The W3 Total Cache Coupon Discount?

The discount that you get through our coupon code is nearly 50% of the original price. In this case, you pay only $50 yearly instead of the regular $99 a year.

When Does The W3 Total Cache Offer Expire?

The offer will expire at the end of this year but we still recommend you try it nevertheless.

Where to Find The Best W3 Total Cache Offers and Discounts?

GrabHosts is the best place to find the latest and greatest deals on W3 Total Cache license plans in 2024!

Top 5 W3 Total Cache Alternatives

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a popular WordPress caching plugin that offers a wide range of features to improve the speed and performance of your website. It can be used to cache pages, minify CSS and JavaScript, lazy load images, and more. WP Rocket is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It is also compatible with most popular WordPress themes and plugins.

2. NitroPack

NitroPack is another popular WordPress caching plugin that offers a similar set of features to WP Rocket. However, NitroPack also includes some additional features, such as server-side optimization and CDN integration. NitroPack is a bit more expensive than WP Rocket, but it can offer better performance results for some websites.

3. FlyingPress

FlyingPress is a newer WordPress caching plugin that is gaining popularity due to its focus on performance. FlyingPress uses a combination of server-side and client-side caching to deliver your pages as quickly as possible. It also includes a number of other features to improve performance, such as minification, lazy loading, and image optimization.


WP Optimize is a WordPress optimization plugin that focuses on improving the speed and performance of your website by optimizing your database, images, and files. WP Optimize can also be used to minify CSS and JavaScript, and lazy load images. WP Optimize is a free plugin, but it also offers a premium version with additional features.

5. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is a content delivery network (CDN) that can be used to improve the performance of your WordPress website by delivering your content from servers closer to your visitors. KeyCDN offers a wide range of features, including caching, compression, and security. KeyCDN is a paid service, but it offers a free trial so you can test it out before you commit.