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With this exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon, you can grab a massive 39% discount on the purchase of the plugin....More

With this exclusive WP Review Pro Coupon, you can grab a massive 39% discount on the purchase of the plugin. All you need to do is just copy the code from our site & paste it at the checkout to get the plugin with a massive 39% discount.

You can avail the 39% discount on all of the following plans:

  1. Single Site License
  2. 3 Sites License
  3. Unlimited Sites License

With this purchase, you’ll get all the WP Review Pro plugin files such as Demo files, plugin files & other essential documentation & API key.

What important features you’ll get with this purchase?

  1. 19 Different Schema Types
  2. 16 Different In-built Designs & Layouts
  3. Multiple Review & Rating systems
  4. Comparison Table
  5. Advanced cPanel/Easy to Customize Options
  6. Clean & Secure Code
  7. 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support
  8. Exclusive Discount


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With the help of this special code, you can grab the plugin for as low as just $67 instead of...More

With the help of this special code, you can grab the plugin for as low as just $67 instead of paying the full price of $77. All you need to do is copy the code from our site & paste during the checkout. Less

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How To Activate WP Review Pro Coupon?

It is way easier to avail of an exclusive discount on the MyThemeShop WP Review Pro plugin. So without wasting any further time, let’s learn here step by step.

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WP Review Pro Coupon Applied

WP Review Pro is a plugin provided by MyThemeShop, which is an enterprise that provides numerous WordPress plugins to help improve your websites and grant you extremely easy ways to do so.

WP Review Pro is a review plugin that can be used while reviewing any products, be it movies, games, books, or anything else. This marvelous plugin comes with nineteen snippets for you to use.

WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro Plugin & Its Features

We are going to list some of the prominent features of the WP Review Pro plugin but before we do so, I’d recommend you to purchase the plugin with our WP Review Pro Coupon so that you can save some bucks on the plugin purchase.

1. Predefined Designs & Layouts

Once you buy the WP Review Pro, you will have sixteen already established templates at your service.

You can customize each of the templates to suit your needs and your website’s requirements. However, you will only be able to use two of these designs if you opt for the free version.

The “Default” and “Aqua” templates are free. The others are namely: Amazon, Darkside, Dash, Blue, Enterprise, Facebook, Fizzy, Edge, Gravity, Gamer, Tabbed, Tabbed2, Xiaomi, Zine, and Shell.

2. Various Rating Systems

WP Review Pro allows you to use five different rating systems:

  1. Star;
  2. Percentage;
  3. Thumbs;
  4. Point;
  5. Circle.

This fantastic WP Review Pro feature enables you to create appropriate reviews for the relevant products.

3. Lets you get Reviews from Readers & Visitors

The people who will read your reviews can not only comment on it but can also rate the features that you will create, and can mark other users’ comments as “helpful” or “not helpful”

4. Compatible With Other WordPress Themes & Plugins

You can install the WP Review Pro plugin with any WordPress theme you want and can easily review anything.

5. Google Places Reviews are Integrated

An unlimited number of people rely on Google Reviews, you can use this fact to your advantage by using this feature. This way, you can insert any Google Review you want to your website or blog.

6. Yelp Reviews are Also Integrated

Yelp is quite a well-known social media platform that people use to post reviews about numerous products, restaurants, and companies.

Just like Google Reviews, you can also add any of your desired Yelp reviews to your website using this feature.

7. Facebook Reviews Integrated

Similarly, you can easily add Facebook Reviews to your website as well. All you have to do is, you have to enter your Facebook app credentials and start bringing in any Facebook reviews you want.

8. Comparison Tables

WP Review Pro lets you create these comparison tables where you can compare several products and their features.

This makes it easier for your viewers, readers, and customers to make more informed decisions about the products they want to buy or are about to.

9. Popup & Notification Bar

This WP Review Pro feature allows you to get more clicks on your websites and their reviews.

10. WooCommerce Integration

This feature enables you to increase your conversions on your E-commerce stores at a drastic rate. It replaces the default WooCommerce reviews forms with the custom-made review forms that are part of WP Review Pro.

11. Advanced Options Panel

This panel allows you to alter and customize the settings and features in an incredibly easy and hassle-free way.

12. WP Review Pro is Mobile Optimized

This plugin can also easily be used on mobile devices.

13. Optimized For Speed

WP Review Pro’s creators have done everything in their power to confirm that your website will continue to run at tremendously high speeds and load times.

14. Safety & Security

WP Review Pro has a “clean, optimized, and secure code” to shield your site from any potential harm or any intruders, hackers, and unwanted invaders.

So, feel relaxed while running your website using this plugin as it will solely protect your website and all of your hard work.

15. Easily Translatable

You can originate your reviews in any language you want. You and your users can safely and easily translate the reviews into any language needed.

16. Developer Friendly

Are you a developer? Well, you can now create your very own custom templates to go with your reviews. You can also use the filters provided by WP Review Pro to modify your plugin and its features.

17. 24/7 Expert Customer Support

You can contact one of the many experts running this plugin and its program. Get in touch with them at any time of any day, throughout the year!

18. Custom Widgets

With WP Review Pro, you will have access to ten custom-designed widgets. Allow yourself to use them to add numerous reviews to your sidebar, footer, and other areas of your site that let you add widgets to them.

19. Multiple Sites License Available

WP Review Pro will assist you in creating marvelous reviews with flawless designs, descriptions, and details. The maximum number of sites you can run using WP Review Pro is five.

20. Customizable Icons for Rating

You can upload different icons and images for ratings relevant to the review that you are posting.

This allows you to take custom ratings to the next level.

21. Add Texts Underneath or Next to Your Star Rating

Another super feature of this plugin is that it lets you add extra texts with your star ratings.

This text can be implemented for a lot of purposes; you can explain the results and ratings of that specific product, and can also include bits of additional information and your own opinions.

22. Role Manager Options

Use this feature to freely manage your website. Through this, you can monitor and alter every single detail on your website.

23. Thumbnail Selection

Select the most beautiful, attractive, and alluring thumbnails for your reviews. They will show up on different, numerous search engine feeds and will attract more viewers and readers to your website.

24. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

In the unusual case that you are dissatisfied during the first thirty days of your experience using WP Review Pro, you are free to ask for your payment back.

Moving on, once you subscribe to WP Review Pro, you will get the plugin zip file, access to the user manual, documentation, and unlimited access to their tremendously dedicated customer support.

Upload the plugin’s zip file manually to your WordPress website and activate the plugin to start your work with WP Review Pro. You are also free to get help from the user manual or get aid from customer service if any queries, questions, or concerns arise.

Why WP Review Pro Is Better Than Other Review & Rating Plugins?

WP Review Pro’s main mission is to turn difficult problems into much simpler ones and to solve them through supremely easy means.

WP Review Pro is the best review plugin as it has innumerable features that make your review-creating experience easy, fun, and interesting.

These user-friendly features are perfect for anyone or any company that is interested in launching a review website.

WP Review Pro Pricing

There are two total options that you can choose from while buying WP Review Pro to run and manage the best review website ever.

WP Review Pro’s main pricing options:

  1. Single Product
  2. Membership Plan

The single product option has three further license options:

The price for 1 site with WP Review Pro is currently $67 instead of $77.

The price for 3 sites with WP Review Pro is currently $87 instead of $97.

The price for unlimited sites with WP Review Pro is currently $97 instead of $107.

As for the Memberships:

The price for one site is $99.

The price for 3 sites is $197.

The price for unlimited sites is $420.

WP Review Pro Coupon: June 2024

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WP Review Pro Coupon

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