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What is WPCodeBox?

WPCodeBox is a premium WordPress plugin developed by CodeDROP. It is an all-in-one code snippets manager that aims to make working with custom code highly efficient.

Save Unlimited Code Snippets to the Cloud

One of the standout features of WPCodeBox is the ability to save unlimited code snippets to the cloud. This enables you to access your code snippets from anywhere without having to manually copy-paste code between different sites. Storing code snippets on the cloud is a huge time saver.

Built-in Code Editor with Autocomplete

WPCodeBox comes with a highly optimized built-in code editor. It provides autocomplete suggestions for PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and other languages as you type. This speeds up development work tremendously. The editor also offers syntax highlighting, line numbers, multiple cursors, and other features.

Organize Snippets into Folders

The ability to organize snippets into different folders is a great way to keep your code organized. You can create folders for different projects, clients, or categories and easily manage a large number of code snippets. This also makes it very easy to find the required snippet quickly.

Securely Share Code with API Keys

You can also share code snippets securely with clients and team members using API keys in WPCodeBox. Different levels of access like read-only or read-write access can be provided. The API key manager ensures your code remains secure.

Custom Conditions to Control Snippet Loading

Unlike other code snippet plugins, WPCodeBox allows you to set custom conditions to control exactly where and when a particular snippet loads. This prevents conflicts and ensures snippets load only where you intend them to.

Repository of Ready WordPress Code Snippets

WPCodeBox also offers a repository of ready-made WordPress code snippets you can use instantly. The library covers snippets for WooCommerce, security, SEO, speed optimization, and more. You can simply browse, download and activate snippets based on your needs.

Live Preview for CSS, JS Changes with Autoreload

The live preview feature is another great addition in WPCodeBox. When editing CSS and JavaScript snippets, changes are reflected instantly on the frontend with autoreload enabled. This saves a lot of time compared to manually reloading the page to see changes.

Regular Updates with New Features

WPCodeBox is frequently updated with useful new features added in every major release. Some upcoming additions include a Chrome extension, cron scheduler, and more. The regular updates ensure you get access to latest innovations consistently.

Benefits of Using WPCodeBox

Here are some of the major benefits of using WPCodeBox on your WordPress site:

No Need to Copy/Paste Code Between Sites

One of the biggest advantages of WPCodeBox is that it eliminates the need to manually copy and paste code snippets between different WordPress sites. You can save snippets to the cloud once and access seamlessly across all your sites. This alone can save several hours of redundant work.

Prevents Plugin Bloat by Using Custom Code

WPCodeBox allows you to add functionality precisely using custom code snippets. This prevents the need to install bulky plugins with lots of unused features only for minor tasks. Keeping plugins to a minimum also improves site performance.

Greater Control Over Code Execution

The ability to set custom conditions gives greater control over how and where a particular snippet loads. You can target snippets precisely to avoid any conflicts. This level of control is lacking in other basic snippet plugins.

Optimized Editor Speeds Up Development Work

The autocomplete, pre-made snippets, syntax highlighting and other features of the WPCodeBox editor make development work much faster. The editor suggestions and optimization cuts down the time required compared to regular code editing.

Easy, Secure Way to Share Code with Others

WPCodeBox provides a simple way to share code snippets with your team or clients securely using API keys. Different access levels can be set to ensure your code remains safe. This also makes collaboration much easier.

Live CSS/JS Editing Saves Time

The live preview and autoreload for CSS and JS snippets eliminates the need to manually refresh your site to see changes. Frontend changes are visible instantly as you type code. This can save several hours especially when doing extensive styling work.

Get Regular Access to New Features

With consistent updates being released, WPCodeBox users get access to new features and innovations on a regular basis. The latest additions are always useful tools that enhance the overall code management experience.

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WPCodeBox pricing starts at $59 for a regular license but is totally worth the investment for enhanced productivity.

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Step 1: Visit the WPCodeBox pricing page and select the plan you want. You can choose from multiple options including regular, developer, and agency based on your needs and budget.

Step 2: After selecting the suitable plan, click on the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Purchase’ button to proceed. This will redirect you to the checkout page.

Step 3: On the checkout page, look for the ‘Have a coupon code?’ option and click on it so a text box appears.

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The ConvertDeal coupon code is valid on all WPCodeBox license types including single site, developer, agency, reseller, etc. You can use it to purchase both new licenses as well as renewals and upgrades. But make sure to utilize it before the exclusive offer period ends.

Get it Now!

WPCodeBox is hands down one of the best and most feature-rich code snippet plugins for WordPress. Our exclusive coupon code offers a great chance to purchase it at a 30% discount. The coupon is active only for a short period so claim it right away on your purchase!

Having the ability to efficiently manage code snippets will take your WordPress development workflow to the next level. Invest in WPCodeBox today to enhance your productivity.